Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 418

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Under the dark red sky, 5 silhouettes emerged from the hole and landed on the ground.

“Come again.” Meng Chuan looked at the gold, silver and various multi-colored gemstones scattered on the ground. When he came here, he was still titled Marquis Daemon. Now 9 years later, World Gap is still slowly growing. The process of this formation is as short as several decades, and as long as 100 years. It is still in the early days of formation.

“Let’s separate here.” True Martial King said, “Be careful.”


Peng Mu, Yun Jianhai, Meng Chuan, Dao Protector Wang Shan are solemnly nodded.

Everyone is fully armed and cultivating the secret art secret technique. That’s all. True Martial King got Tribulation Realm secrets. Peng Mu and Yun Jianhai are now also given Emperor-level weapons. Meng Chuan and Dao Protector Wang Shan don’t need to say more.

This time I came to kill Monster King.

whiz whiz whiz whiz 嗖.

5 people are divided into 3 teams and act quickly.

“Junior brother Meng, my fleshly body is special.” Wang Shan said, “Dao Protector fleshly body is used by Dao Protector Possession in the past and can resist the lifespan limitation of the world rule, which greatly extended the life of the titled King Daemon lifespan. But The flaws are also great. The fleshly body puts too much burden on the primordial spirit and is too oppressive. It can only stay awake part of the time.

“My Primordial Spirit 6th-layer, Possession Dao Protector fleshly body, also maintains up to 100 20 years of sobriety. At other times, I must meditate to sit or sleep.”

“Since Dao Protector, I have been awake for decades, and can remain awake for more than 70 years.”

Wang Shan looked at Meng Chuan, “You have a small paradise, usually let me stay in the small paradise, I will meditate to sit down. You fight in the World Gap, if you encounter an enemy, then wake me up.”

“I understand.” Meng Chuan nodded.

Dao Protector’s sober time is precious!

This battle for World Gap has lasted for decades. If Dao Protector stays awake all the time, this is too expensive.

“Senior brother Wang don’t resist, I will put you in a small paradise first.” Meng Chuan said.

Dao Protector Wang Shan nodded.


Meng Chuan waved Dao Protector Wang Shan into a small paradise.

In the small paradise, Dao Protector Wang Shan sits cross-legged on the ground and closes his eyes with a slight smile.

“Dao Protector fleshly body is indeed extraordinary, which can reach the titled King Daemon of the lifespan limit and greatly extend the lifespan.” Meng Chuan secretly sighed, but the defects are also large, at least Primordial Spirit 5th-layer can be used for Possession, and the time to stay awake is also short . But it is also remarkable to be able to break the lifespan limitation.


Meng Chuan flies alone in the World Gap, wearing a mask, and using Seamless Domain to isolate the light, carefully hiding.

“Monster race in the World Gap will also cut off the light, and it cannot be seen by naked eyes alone.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “by domain detection? When the domain detects the enemy, the enemy will find me.”

Those 5th-layer Monster Kings are extremely sensitive, and there are also some domain means.

“Look slowly.”

Meng Chuan flew while searching.

Most of monster world’s ‘5th-layer Monster King’ has come to World Gap, which is a rare opportunity for cultivation. But it is only a few hundred people, after holding the group is divided into dozens of teams.

The vast World Gap, naked eye can’t see, to find dozens of teams?

It’s hard.

Fortunately, there are skills.

“5th-layer Monster King, came to World Gap, mostly for cultivation. Very few are for treasure.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “Those weaker 5th-layer Monster King have self-knowledge and dare not blend in In the treasure. “

“And cultivation is to watch the various scenes of the birth of the world.”

“I only need to look for these natural phenomena born in the world, and I can hope to find Monster Kings.” Meng Chuan flew, “But also need to be careful, these natural phenomena are generally near foreign territory, if you carelessly, out of the World Gap range, fell Enter the foreign territory, I am afraid that it will be a small life. “

Seek while flying.

Finally flew to the heaven and earth break, there is no Path in front.

“Hua hua hua !!!!”

On one side is the normal World Gap, on the other side is endless darkness.

At the intersection, the purple thunder is furious, and the ‘big tree’ of countless purple thunder and lightning converging appears again in front of me, and Meng Chuan is still shocked. This huge purple thunder splits the black and white airflow, stirring the dark power, the world membrane wall is slowly extending, and the fracture heaven and earth is also continuing.

Last time I came to the titled Marquis Daemon stage, now Meng Chuan has long been Law Domain Realm, and comprehend Bloodblade Plate and Building of Stars secret art. At this moment, I have watched the purple thunder and have a new insight.

“When you are free, you must come and draw a purple thunder again.” Meng Chuan said silently, followed by several dozen li near the heaven and earth rupture, and continued to fly.

Flying one hour.

Seeing the heaven and earth rupture again, the purple thunder was furious and a colorful bubble appeared.

The colored bubbles are about 10 li in the range of heaven and earth.

“According to the information provided by True Martial King, this colored bubble is extremely dangerous. Once it bursts, it will be annihilated within 100 miles. Even the heaven and earth in the range must be annihilated. Daemon Monster King is definitely mortal.” Meng Chuan looked at The bubble felt threatened in a hurry, and immediately kept a distance of 200 li from the colored bubble. In this World Gap campaign, the danger is in two aspects. One is Monster King, and 2 is World Gap itself.

During the birth of World Gap, there are many dangers.

This is also the reason why Meng Chuan fixed their cultivating in a certain place. If you accidentally break into a dangerous place, you may lose your life.

Be careful, be cautious, and prefer to hide away from unknown dangers.


Half a day after Meng Chuan came to World Gap, when Thunder-magnetic Domain carefully probed, it suddenly swept across an area.


Meng Chuan looked towards that area.

In that area, a Monster King’s head also appeared. The ugly black head stared at the masked Meng Chuan, with threats and warnings in his eyes.

Human and monster race are dead enemies!

However, in World Gap, the purpose of both parties is for ‘cultivation’ and ‘robbing treasure’. Therefore, only when the treasure is born, will they fight for the fight. Usually there is little fighting. Otherwise, they will fight if they encounter it, and it is difficult for both parties to cultivate cultivation quietly.

This is a tacit understanding.

Inadvertently encountering the other party, if they do not want to fight, they will immediately retreat and maintain a sufficient distance.

But this time differently, the purpose of human is no longer ‘cultivation’ and ‘capture the treasure’, but becomes ‘kill Monster King’, hurry up and kill all 5th-layer Monster King!

“There is a Monster King team ahead, in this comprehend world birth scene.” Meng Chuan was delighted.

The black head stared at Meng Chuan, the invisible domain expanded and swept over Meng Chuan again and again, apparently waiting for Meng Chuan to retreat, and at the same time sound transmission to 2 companions: “I found a Daemon here, maybe hidden in the dark Daemon. “

“Do you know which Daemon is human?”

“Wear a mask, don’t know.” Black head sound transmission said, “There is no need to wake up other Monster Kings for the time being. If he doesn’t flinch, it won’t be too late.”

This Monster King team, 3 of them are at the same time cultivation, but also distracted alert. Other Monster Kings are dedicated to cultivation.

“No.” The black head’s eyes began to be confused, its primordial spirit was shocked, and the bursts of shock made it primordial spirit confused and difficult to maintain sober.

Primordial Spirit Stars-Star Fluactation.

The impact of Star Fluactation has a great impact on Primordial Spirit 5th-layer. For the 4th-layer Monster King of the ‘Primordial Spirit 5th-layer’, it made it instantly confused, and the thinking became slow and difficult, and the slow thinking finally reacted: “Primordial Spirit Secret Technique?”


A blood blade penetrated its head.

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