Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 419

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When Meng Chuan released the ‘Blood Blade’, the blood blade was like electricity, and the might of tearing the sky naturally disturbed the surrounding group of 5th-layer Monster Kings.

They each and everyone awakened from the cultivation and turned to look.

The companion who was hit by ‘Star Fluactation’ was penetrated by a blood blade, and the skull instantly turned into powder. xiū xiū xiū 咻, 4 consecutive blood blades passed through the body of the Monster King, making his body completely smashed. A powerful 5th-layer Monster King was killed on the spot.

“Human Daemon.”

“It’s human.”

“Be careful.”

This group of 5th-layer Monster Kings has a total of 9 people. After being slain by Meng Chuan, the remaining 8 Monster Kings quickly approached cautiously alert. According to their experience in World Gap, human daemons who dare to wander in World Gap are not irritating. Even if they have the courage to respond, they dare not carelessly.

“He’s coming, there seems to be only one person.” A three-eyed toad Monster King said lowly, the invisible waves permeated away, and he also detected Meng Chuan flying at a very high speed.

“There are 8 people!”

In fact, Meng Chuan’s flight speed is not very fast, so he is close to 2 1 miles, he is close to the Thunder-magnetic Domain to be able to detect all Monster Kings, “not at all threat is particularly great, there is no need to call out temporarily Wang Shan senior brother. “

“Wait until he gets closer.” A black-haired Lion Monster King said solemnly.

“Dare to rush to kill by just one person, really courting death.”

“There are few human Daemons who can deal with 8 of us against one enemy.” The silver-haired female monster whispered. She looked at the silhouette of the super high-speed flying in the distance, and her eyes were full of killing intent.

Human and monster race are dead enemies.

Maintain distance within World Gap and to live together in harmony.

But once the distance is close, the two sides will not keep their hands, only one word-kill!


The silver-haired female monster suddenly screamed silently. A gray rune appeared on her eyebrows. Primordial spirit’s strength and monster strength cooperated with each other, forming a strange silent wave, which hit Meng Chuan.

Magical Power-Sound of Death, this is the sound that primordial spirit can only hear. Hearing this ‘sound’ in rumors also means the coming of death, it is terrifying Magical Power for primordial spirit.

Regardless of the strength of your skill realm, if you can’t carry this Magical Power, you will have to die.

The ugly Monster King wrapped in black robe grinned abruptly, suddenly his body was much drier, and at the same time a blood shadow flew out of the body surface, and the blood shadow broke through the air very fast. It flew to Meng Chuan with a speed of 40-50 miles.

Magical Power-Blood Avatar.

The enemy can be controlled by blood to become his own avatar. In the process, the enemy will naturally die.


The black hair Lion Monster King opened his mouth, but there was a black wind blowing in the past. This black wind seemed to be cut by countless sharp blades, and the void that was passed was twisted.


Since these 8 5th-layer Monster Kings form a team, they are also carefully selected, and the methods can also complement each other.

Except for the one who died.

Of the remaining 8-bit 5th-layer Monster King, 3 are ‘peak 5th-layer’. Even the slightly inferior 5th-layer Monster Kings have their own powerful Magical Power. In the Monster King system, the ‘5th-layer’ is the final stage to awaken Magical Power, which means they have such innate talent. Magical Power is still their trick.

At this moment, the move that besieged Meng Chuan, there is a primordial spirit, a blood, a poisonous wind, a wind, a domain, and a tail thorn …

Eight 8th-layer Monster Kings move at the same time, even if the strength reaches Manifestation Realm, it may not be able to bear.


Meng Chuan in flight first heard the Sound of Death.

The sharp and sharp fluctuations hit the Sea of ​​Consciousness of Meng Chuan. The Primordial Spirit Stars in the Sea of ​​Consciousness are slowly rotating, exuding the charm of ancient Eternal.

“Boom.” The sharp wave formidable power is extremely strong, but Primordial Spirit Stars spin slowly, crushing all the impact.

Meng Chuan brows slightly wrinkle, as soon as he moved, he sneaked into the deep void, making the subsequent “Blood Avatar” tail thorn “poisonous poison” and other moves all lost.

Nine incarnations were mapped in the outside world, and they rushed to 9 8th-layer Monster King faster.

“Dive into the deep void?”

“Then many of our moves are useless.”

These 5th-layer Monster Kings still do not recognize Meng Chuan as they have been in World Gap for several years, and Meng Chuan’s strength exposure happened a year ago. They are immersed in cultivation and treasure, plus monster world Contacting is not easy, and did not get the latest information about Meng Chuan. Throughout World Gap, overwhelming majority 5th-layer Monster Kings has no Meng Chuan latest information.

“let’s go.”

“He hides in a deep void and can shoot at will. Our methods are useless, don’t get entangled with him, hurry and go.”

The 8th 5th-layer Monster Kings will make a decision immediately, and at the same time use their own means to protect the surroundings and keep the water from dripping.


Meng Chuan came from the deep void, suddenly came to the outermost void, and also came to the middle of the 8 5th-layer Monster King.

“Kill.” 8 5th-layer Monster King saw Meng Chuan suddenly reached the center of them, but surprised and angry 10000 points, all made moves.

“hua hua 哗~~~”

But the moment Meng Chuan appeared, he immediately performed Star Fluactation.

The waves fluctuated and hit all directions.

primordial spirit attack speed is too fast, these 5th-layer Monster Kings haven’t had time to move, all primordial spirits were impacted, three muddleheaded lost their consciousness in the impact in an instant, and three felt confused and changed their thinking Very slowly. Only the silver-haired female monster and the black-haired Lion Monster King can stay awake. The silver-haired female monster and the black-haired Lion Monster King are both surprised and angry 3 points: “It is Primordial Spirit Secret Technique.”

“It’s a large-scale Primordial Spirit Secret Technique! Hurriedly escape.” Silver-haired female monster anxiously said.

Star Fluactation is different from Demonic Awl.

It is the only mysterious inheritance “Primordial Spirit Stars” that is restricted by Space-Time River rules and has no side effects. The formable power is much weaker than Demonic Awl, and it only affects the strength of the enemy at the same level. But it can impact all the enemies around it and is a ranged attack. Demonic Awl is aimed at an enemy.

So when Meng Chuan sneaked into the vicinity of 8 5th-layer Monster King through deep void, Star Fluactation swept out …

Six people lost their resistance.

There are only 2 remaining ones. Although the silver-haired female monster is Primordial Spirit 4th-layer, it has primordial spirit Magical Power. It is extremely successful and highly resistant in Primordial Spirit Secret Technique. Another Lion Monster King is Primordial Spirit 5th-layer.

“Puff puff puff.” A blood blade attacked the silver-haired female monster and the black-haired Lion Monster King who were able to maintain their sobriety.

“Do not.”

The silver-haired female monster wanted to dig into the ground, but was quickly penetrated by the blood light, and the body began to turn into powder.

“Go away.” The black fur Lion Monster King roared, and there was a black wind around it. It also rushed directly into the ground.

puff puff puff …

Full of 3 blood blades, madly surrounding the siege of the black hair Lion Monster King, the black wind on its surface is very tenacious, the black wind layer by layer weakens the blood blade by 30% formidable power, and the hair muscles and bones hinder stronger . The blood blade barely pierced the body of the black-haired Lion Monster King, and it only penetrated through the small hole of each and everyone. Lion Monster King recovers instantly.

“Huhuhu.” There are 3 blood blades accelerating within the Thunder-magnetic Domain, accelerating circle after circle.

Around 100 miles from Meng Chuan, these 3 blood blades flew 8 times around! The speed has also become more terrifying.

“Hurry up.”

The black hair Lion Monster King is wrapped in a black wind and escapes at a very high speed underground.

“go with.”

The three stems accelerated to the extreme blood blade lowered.

After the Thunder-magnetic Domain is accelerated to the extreme, the blood blade speed is 60% faster, and the formidable power is several times stronger.

“Not good.” The black-haired Lion Monster King’s heart was cold, and a blood blade penetrated it, penetrating its chest, making it burst and split its body into two.

Bang bang!! !

The residual fleshly body exploded in succession, and after the resistance was reduced, 2 pieces of fleshly body were directly exploded into powder in front of the 2 blood blade, extinct.

“If you are more powerful, I will use Demonic Awl.” Meng Chuan looked at the remaining 6 Monster Kings, 3 of them fell to the ground unconsciously, and 3 of them were rolling unconsciously. Shaky and confused, there are still surprised and angry in his eyes: “It is Primordial Spirit Secret Technique!” Even if they wake up, they are difficult to control the fleshly body, and they are unstable.

The positive meet force with force is comparable to the strength of Manifestation Realm, and it may be planted in the face of a group of 5th-layer Monster King moves.

But first, ‘Star Fluactation’ swept the floor, the enemy’s strength went to 80-90% all of a sudden, it was naturally much easier.

“You are the first batch.”

Meng Chuan whispered, a blood blade flying around.

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