Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 420

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The three Monster Kings who were tumbling unconsciously on the ground couldn’t feel the slightest pain, and were killed by one after another blood light. The other three Monster Kings are frightened and desperate, but it is difficult to control the fleshly body, and they can only watch the blood blade streamer attack again and again.

“pēng pēng pēng.”

Exploded again and again.

These 5th-layer Monster Kings fleshly body are too strong, Meng Chuan stood there, and more than ten blood blades flew around for a full 5 breaths before finally stopping.

“It’s all dead.” Meng Chuan looked around. After all, there wasn’t even any slag left to kill, to ensure that they were really dead.

Meng Chuan walked over, and the invisible domain swept up the items left by Monster Kings after death. Meng Chuan looked at these items, slightly nodded: “It’s not bad, there is also a communication token? It is estimated that some Monster King sent for help before death. “


Walked around for a long time, and included all items left by Monster Kings in Paradise Magical Bead.

The closed small paradise is completely isolated from the outside world. The communication token cannot be contacted. Unless, like ‘Blacksand Paradise’, several entrances have been maintained for a long time, and keep in touch with the outside world.

So with a small paradise, you are not afraid of the enemy’s “tracking” treasure.

“In the first batch, I killed 9 5th-layer Monster Kings.” Meng Chuan was quite satisfied. These are all cultivating for many years, unlike the new 5th-layers of Human World! The strength is much stronger.

Get rid of it early.

Monster race can send 5th-layer Monster King of Human World naturally.

“In terms of strength, it belongs to the weaker Monster King team in World Gap.” Meng Chuan thought, “According to the information provided by True Martial King, the Monster Kings in World Gap have all formed a team. . These teams are divided into 2 types. “

“One kind, the strength is weak, came to World Gap cultivation, there is no strength to win the treasure.”

“Another, extremely powerful, and usual cultivation, is also looking for treasure in the World Gap! After several encounters with the human Daemon, the monster race team that has the confidence to win the treasure is very strong.”

Meng Chuan understands this.

“I encountered a weaker team this time. But it was not ‘Star Fluactation’, and it was difficult to deal with. If it was a strong team … it was even more troublesome.” Meng Chuan was cautious, and suddenly the rays of light flashed in his eyes, ” I killed 9 Monster Kings, and there should be several Monster Kings asking for help. Will there be a team of Monster Kings coming? “

“Squat in the dark first.”

“If you find a support team coming … you can fight if you can, you can slip if you can’t fight.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, he and Dao Protector Wang Shan’s team, although not invincible, are enough to protect themselves.


Another place in World Gap, the edge of heaven and earth fracture, has formed a black and white water hole.

The black and white waterhole is distinct from yin and yang.

There are 5 Monster Kings in closed-door cultivation around the waterhole, a bewitching female eyes opened in black tulle, and a burly man not far away is also eyes opened, looking at each other consciously.

“The old lion at Black Lion Mountain, asked me for help.” The burly man’s voice was deep and powerful, “Sacred Lord, also asked for help?”

The voice is out.

It also caused the other Monster Kings each and everyone around them to stop cultivation and looked up towards the bewitching female.

“En.” Bewitching female slightly nodded.

“Sacred Lord, but to rescue? The old lion is still very loyal to you.” Said a white-haired mouse monster with a beard.

The bewitching female stood up, swoosh, and a black, thin young man with scales appeared beside the bewitching female. Bewitching female looked towards the distance, calmly said: “Save.”

“Let’s go.” A hunchedback Monster King laughed and got up.


bewitching female and burly men frowned.

“Dead?” Bewitching female whispered softly.

“The old lion died so fast.” The burly man was surprised, “With its strength, even the new Monster Saint can last a long time.”

“Human Daemon should be a relatively powerful team of human Daemon.” Bewitching female calmly said, “Since there is a fight, it is likely that a treasure has been born.”

According to past experience, this is indeed the case.

There is still very little fighting in World Gap, otherwise you will kill when you meet, and both sides can’t feel at ease to cultivate.

Fighting is generally for treasure.

“But be careful, you can kill the old lion so quickly. The human Daemon team will never be weak.” Said bewitching female.

“In front of us, the human Daemon team is not worth mentioning.” Hunchedback Monster King hehe said with a smile.

The bewitching female glanced indifferently: “Blood Asura, died in human hands.”

“According to the information of the Old Ancestor Poison Dragon, Blood Asura is a human” True Martial King “and” Serenity Sea King “teamed up to kill. Serenity Sea King can affect the time and make True Martial King explode several times in an instant.” King blamed said with a smile, “Blood Asura is also just relying on the ‘Asura lineage’ fleshly body to be arrogant, and the realm is not as good as me, let alone the Sacred Lord.”

“Blood Asura just came to World Gap at that time, there was no breakthrough in strength, really on fleshly body, I am no worse than Blood Asura now.” The burly man smiled modestly.

It is a mountain monster.

Cultivation in World Gap, from Law Domain peak breakthrough to Paradise Realm in one fell swoop. The mountain monster of Paradise Realm … the fleshly body is more perfect, and its frontal strength is stronger than Blood Asura, so that it is invited by a bewitching female to become a teammate.

“5th-layer Monster King, on realm respecting the Sacred Lord.” The white-haired mouse monster touted, “Old Ancestor Poison Dragon just turned into a poisonous black liquid by Foreign Treasure, and became Undying. It is a positive fight. It ’s not as good as Sacred Lord. It ’s the peacock who devoured a foreign beast. The fleshly body became stronger than many Monster Saints. Really speaking about realm, moving, and Magical Power comprehend. Sacred Lord. Sacred Lord can recover one’s youthful vigor and become Monster Saint by taking one step further. Peacock and Old Ancestor Poison Dragon are both hopeless Monster Saints, how can they compare with Sacred Lord. “

“Peacock is very strong.”

bewitching female calmly said, “At that time, I was in monster world, and I only lost to it. Even if comprehend world is born with a natural phenomenon, its strength has improved. But I still have no confidence in dealing with it. If I can reach Primordial Spirit 7th-layer, with Primordial Spirit Secret Technique Combine it, maybe you can beat it. “She and Peacock played many times and knew how powerful Peacock Monarch was.

Peacock Monarch and Old Ancestor Poison Dragon are all created by special opportunities.

But this woman has such strength by her own realm. At that time, it was only inferior to Peacock Monarch. With the increase of realm, she also comprehend her own Magical Power and created the Monster Saint-class secret art.

This woman is the ‘Sacred Lord Qiansi’ of monster race.

World Gap, which is extremely high for her such perception, is simply the chance of yearn for something even in dreams.


Sacred Lord Qiansi 5 of them rushed Path to go.

void ripples, affecting Sacred Lord Qiansi 100 miles around them.

After a while, I rushed to Path 3000 li or so.

“The front is the area where the old lion is dead. No matter what kind of opponents he faces, he must be careful.” Bewitching female said indifferently.

“Yes.” The 4 companions were extremely submissive. With their pride, among the 5th-layer Monster King, only Peacock Monarch and Sacred Lord Qiansi could make them so convinced.


void Rippling ripples, sweeping over the corner of the edge, touched with Meng Chuan’s Thunder-magnetic Domain.

Meng Chuan has been squatting secretly, wanting to see the strength of supporting Daemon, can not afford to offend just slip, try it if you can.

“Thunder?” The bewitching female turned her head and looked at it. The void ripple immediately spread in the direction of Meng Chuan, revealing the silhouette of the hidden Meng Chuan.

“Sacred Lord Qiansi?” Meng Chuan saw this bewitching female, eyes shrank.

Follow the information.

Today, the monster race’s 5th-layer Monster King ranks in terms of threat, first: Peacock Monarch, second, Sacred Lord Qiansi.

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