Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 421

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“Sacred Lord Qiansi?” Although Meng Chuan’s heart tightened, the fighting intent was rising. “According to the information of the True Martial King and their strength as a team of Dao Protector, they met Peacock Monarch, ‘Demonic Awl’. In order to make a move, if you fail, you have to flee immediately, and you must not fight. As for other Monster Kings, including Sacred Lord Qiansi, I have not had the strength to let me escape without a fight. “

Sacred Lord Qiansi, in the intelligence records, realm is extremely high, and the means are very comprehensive.

Melee, long-range attack, domain, Primordial Spirit Secret Technique, everything is quite strong, but the threat is still much lower than Peacock Monarch.

“Human Daemon.”

Five Monster Kings including Sacred Lord Qiansi also saw Meng Chuan.

“Don’t let him escape.” Sacred Lord Qiansi whispered that the five Monster King teams quickly chased towards Meng Chuan, one after another ‘silk thread’ appeared in the void and surrounded by 5 li apart, the void silk thread interweaved , Forming a three-dimensional ‘spider web’, Sacred Lord Qiansi remotely controlled the spider web to trap Meng Chuan.

“What a spider monster.” Meng Chuan looked at it.

Sacred Lord Qiansi, the spider Monster King, her comprehend herself Magical Power, greatly enhanced the domain, its ‘void cobweb’ can cover 300 li around itself, once it is wrapped up and wants to escape.


Beside Sacred Lord Qiansi, the thin black youth with scales suddenly emerged, turned into a black light, and went straight to Meng Chuan at a speed of 20 li. This speed is absolutely remarkable in 5th-layer Monster King.

It ’s just that they do n’t know. With Meng Chuan ’s Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement, it ’s easy to get rid of the Monster King team.

“Lest I run away.” Meng Chuan calmly watched the spider’s web hang over, and the five Monster King led by the black light came after him, and suddenly moved.

call out.

Meng Chuan instantly lurks deep void, and 9 incarnations mapped in the outside world are rushing towards 5 Monster Kings.


The 5 demon Capitals were startled.

Not only did this human Daemon not flee, but he greeted him on his own initiative?

“Can you dive into deep void, pedal disc weapons, wear masks, and thunder domain?” Sacred Lord Qiansi eyes shined, sound transmission, “He is Meng Chuan! King Dongning Meng Chuan!”

“Meng Chuan?” The other 4 Monster Kings also recognized it.

Although Monster Kings at World Gap, most of them have not got the latest information from Meng Chuan. But the team of ‘Sacred Lord Qiansi’ is an exception.

3 Emperor, now attaches great importance to 5th-layer Monster King. After all, to change the war situation, it is necessary to rely on this group of 5th-layer Monster Kings. Among them, 15 ‘5th-layer Monster King’ are the three Emperor’s special care, and now they are working hard to cultivate them and let them grow. The latest information of human Daemon will also notify the 3 Monster King as soon as possible.

Sacred Lord Qiansi knew the detailed information of Meng Chuan, and this team also knew.

“Meng Chuan, one person solves 1000000 Monster King, Emperor hates him! If you kill him, this credit is too much.”

“Even after entering the Ancestral Cave of Monster, the three Emperor will agree.”

“King Dongning Meng Chuan.”

These Monster Kings are all fiery, even if they are calm like Sacred Lord Qiansi, they are also hot, and their looks towards Meng Chuan are full of endless killing intent.

Monster race’s latest reward, the first is Meng Chuan, killing Meng Chuan, you can get 50 billion credit!

Ranked second is Qin Wu and Bai Yaoyue, both rewarding 100 100000000 million credits.

4th, Li Guan, reward 80 100000000 credit.

The fifth, Jing Fei, rewards 5 70 million credits.

The sixth, Xu Yingwu, rewarded 6 60 million credits.


On exchange for treasure, the monster race’s ten 100000000 million credits can be exchanged for an Emperor-level weapon treasure. 5,000,000,000 credits can be exchanged for Tribulation Realm treasure weapon. monster race legendary ‘Ancestral Cave of Monster’, 100 100000000 credit can be exchanged for a chance.

Killing Meng Chuan is 50 billion credits!

Who doesn’t wink?

In Human World, monster race has failed by all means. But at World Gap, these 5th-layer Monster Kings are still thinking.

Monster Saint Jiuyan failed? Sacred Lord Qiansi is not convinced, on primordial spirit realm it is higher, even its own skill realm after cultivating in World Gap, it is not inferior to Monster Saint Jiuyan, and it is good at more means.

“Remove him at all costs.” Sacred Lord Qiansi sound transmission.

“Monster Saint Jiuyan possesses the Tribulation Realm treasure, but he has never been able to kill him.” The white-haired old mouse monster sound transmission said, “We are afraid to kill Undying him by our means.”

The sound transmission of the burly man said: “In the human titled King Daemon, his life-saving ability may be the strongest.”

“As long as it is slightly contained, I will imprison him.” Sacred Lord Qiansi sound transmission said.

“It’s easy to defeat him, and the prisoner depends on the Sacred Lord.” The hunchedback Monster King’s eyes lit up, and they beat the young titled King Daemon. They were all confident. After all, from the intelligence point of view, Meng Chuan was completely suppressed by Monster Saint Jiuyan. Rely on the wife, rely on Primordial Spirit Secret Technique to escape.

Knowing Meng Chuan’s identity and how fast he is. These Monster Kings wait patiently for the rabbits.


The other party knew Meng Chuan information.

Meng Chuan also knows the information of Monster Kings, he is still not afraid!

“Bring him closer, the closer you are, the better.” Sacred Lord Qiansi looked at. “The closer to me, the more he can’t escape my cobweb.”

Five Monster Kings approached together.

Meng Chuan ushered in super high speed.

Getting closer and closer!

“Without taking action, the Monster King system is better at close combat. Do they want to attack more closely at close range?” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “As you wish.”


The distance between the two sides was shortened to severe li quickly. Meng Chuan suddenly went from the deep void to the surface void. At the moment of exposure, ‘Star Fluactation’ was exhibited.

With Meng Chuan as the center, drive towards all directions.

In the Primordial Spirit Domain induction …

Star Fluactation seems as if the turbulent waves swept everywhere, but the primordial spirit’s strength of the white-haired old mouse monster turned into a huge black lotus, and it also attracted the primordial spirit’s strength of 4 companions, so that the primordial spirit’s strength of 4 companions Condensed into a smaller black lotus.

One big, four small, and five black lotus flowers form a formation with each other.

Sacred Lord Qiansi The team’s white-haired mouse monster, named ‘Cave Lord Bai Cang’, was the Great Accomplishment illusion technique lineage, and cultivated the illusion technique lineage to ‘Law Domain Realm peak’. Its manipulation and utilization of primordial spirit’s strength is much more brilliant than Meng Chuan, Wang Shan, and Sacred Lord Qiansi. The so-called secret technique is specialized. Even in Primeval Mountain, the highest achievement of illusion technique is King Duyu, which is more powerful than Li Guan of Primordial Spirit 6th-layer.

Meng Chuan Their cultivating ‘Demonic Awl’ is also an application of primordial spirit’s strength, using Void lineage skills. Almost all powerhouses started to contact void mysterious in the titled King Daemon stage, and contacted the time mysterious in the Manifestation stage.

So the ‘Demonic Awl’ secret technique, Primordial Spirit 5th-layer can generally be cultivating.

But in fact, the use of primordial spirit’s strength is still respected by the ‘illusion technique’ lineage. The illusion technique delves into the late stage, which is to control the primordial spirit in a deeper level, and turn it into a world in one thought. This is the illusion technique expert.

The first team that Meng Chuan destroyed in World Gap, although the silver-haired female monster is Primordial Spirit 4th-layer, is also quite good at the illusion technique. Primordial spirit can also resist ‘Star Fluactation’, as can be seen. And this mouse monster … is Primordial Spirit 5th-layer, and the illusion technique realm is also higher.

“Right now.” Meng Chuan’s eyes flashed sharply, and a blood blade flew towards the white-haired mouse monster king 3 miles away. Just 3 miles away, the blood blade had arrived in a flash.

I knew the information of Monster King.

Primordial Spirit Secret Technique is to deliberately distract the mind of this old white-haired mouse monster. Want to use “Blood Blade” unexpectedly to kill. On fleshly body, among the 5 Monster Kings, this old mouse monster fleshly body is the weakest.

“Puff puff puff.”

One after another void silk thread exquisitely intercepted a blood blade, white-haired mouse monster grinned at Meng Chuan, it obviously believed in the protection of Sacred Lord Qiansi.

“All blocked?” Meng Chuan complexion slightly changed, how fast is the Blood Blade? It was all intercepted.

“Swoosh.” Meng Chuan silhouette dived into the deep void.

“Since you’re here, don’t leave.” Sacred Lord Qiansi’s voice was cold, ringing everywhere in the void, and the surrounding voids were rippling, affecting the deep void. Within 100 miles around Sacred Lord Qiansi, deep void and surface shock were mixed, and Meng Chuan was also forced to show his true body. He complexed slightly changed and looked at the Sacred Lord Qiansi: “This Sacred Lord Qiansi, strength breakthrough? “

The Sacred Lord Qiansi recorded in the intelligence, although the void cobweb domain is very strong, but also impossible 100 mile range affects deep void.

It is now clear that realm has increased significantly.

“I have been in World Gap comprehend Magical Power for many years, and I have created a secret art. Please ask King Dongning Meng Chuan Tasting 2 1.” Sacred Lord Qiansi looked at Meng Chuan with a slight smile, one after another void silk thread surrounded from all directions to Meng Chuan , Meng Chuan cannot hide into the deep void and can only deal with it head-on. On her side, the black skinny youth, hunchedback Monster King and burly Monster King also killed Meng Chuan at the same time.

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