Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 422

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Chi! chi! chi!

one after another void The silk thread is sharp and unmatched, but weirdly elusive, striking from all directions.

Meng Chuan cultivating’s ‘Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement’ is good at changing, but it is only Law Domain Realm Great Accomplishment. Sacred Lord Qiansi innate talent is extremely high, primordial spirit innate talent is also high, but its mind is almost used in the manipulation of silk thread. Its secret art is also called “Qian Si Art”, realm is higher than Meng Chuan. More than that, the impact on void is much more brilliant.

The most eager thing in its life is to promote ‘Qian Si Art’ to the theoretically highest realm so that it can recover one’s youthful vigor. In history, some human and monster races were late, and they could not become Manifestation Realm (Monster Saint) because of their age. They were eager to cultivate to recover one’s youthful vigor, refresh the body to the peak moment of vitality, and break through to Manifestation (Monster Saint).

Can recover one’s youthful vigor, too difficult!

First of all, it is generally necessary to achieve ‘Heaven and Earth Realm’, which stops the unknown King Daemon (5th-layer Monster King).

Secondly, it depends on the direction of cultivation, like Guo Ke Sect Founder cultivating ‘Blade of Intent’, although it also reaches Heaven and Earth Realm, but this lineage does not have the effect of recover one’s youthful vigor.

This is also the reason why Sacred Lord Qiansi delves into ‘Qian Si Art’. According to the envisaged direction, the combination of Yin and Yang ‘Qian Si Art’ cultivating to Heaven and Earth Realm can recover one’s youthful vigor. Just to reach Heaven and Earth Realm? too difficult.

“Chi chi chi.” These void silk threads are sharper than blade sharp! But it was feminine to the extreme.

Yin and Yang are just as soft as one.

“Dead.” The black skinny youth, hunchedback Monster King, and the burly Monster King also killed in front of Meng Chuan.

Kill Meng Chuan, they will fly into the sky.


White-haired mouse monster looks at Meng Chuan, there is an invisible Primordial Spirit Secret Technique, aimed at Meng Chuan.

5 Monster Kings move at the same time!

Primordial Spirit Secret Technique is the fastest, first invading into the Meng Chuan Sea of ​​Consciousness, enveloped towards the primordial spirit, but the primordial spirit, which slowly rotates like a star, naturally resists the influence of the illusion technique.

‘Primordial Spirit Stars’, other aspects are not conspicuous, but the stability is highly exaggerated!

Stable to the point of unimaginable.

The primordial spirit of Meng Chuan, only seeing a few unreal images, the consciousness remains absolutely sober, and his strength is not affected by half.

“Take advantage of his primordial spirit being affected, grab him.” The one after another void silk thread manipulated by Sacred Lord Qiansi, which was equally fast and amazing, immediately followed the attack on Meng Chuan after the Primordial Spirit Secret Technique.

A blood blade is flying to be blocked, but in the face of the strange and unpredictable void thread, all are missed and cannot be intercepted at all.

puff puff puff puff pu pu!! ! ! ! !

one after another void silk thread, near Meng Chuan.

Meng Chuan pedals the Bloodblade Plate, 6 blood blades surround and guard around, stimulating the body protection formation rune of the Tribulation Realm treasure ‘Bloodblade Plate’, 6 blood blade forms the formation itself, blocking all attacks of void silk thread.

“He was not affected by Primordial Spirit Secret Technique?” Sacred Lord Qiansi complexion slightly changed.


The black skinny youth also approached the front, a blood blade shot, just shot a hole in its body, it continued to pounce.

“Gu gu gu.” The black skinny youth turned into black slime in the scope ofhundred zhang, enveloped towards Meng Chuan.

5th-layer Monster King ‘Qianzhao Monster King’ is a rare species in the monster ‘Kuruma Earth Dragon’. Its Magical Power can turn the body into black mud. It is mediocre in terms of killing the enemy, but it is almost the body of Undying. Among the 5th-layer Monster King, the “Undying Body” of Old Ancestor Poison Dragon is the most perfect. It has already used foreign territory Foreign Treasure to completely cultivate itself into “Black” Liquid Poisonous Mist ‘.

Life essence has changed, Black Liquid Poisonous Mist is its real body, the dragon shape is just what it is used to maintain.

Qianzhao Monster King relies on innate talent Magical Power. After turning it into black mud, it can pounce directly on the enemy to entangle the enemy. Directly killed when weak. The strong entanglement is also greatly affected, Sacred Lord Qiansi took the opportunity to take another shot, grasping the natural increase. In the face of strong enemies, Qianzhao Monster King can also be entangled and procrastinated.

Qianzhao Monster King, who followed Sacred Lord Qiansi when he first became Monster King, had a deep affection for each other.

“En?” Meng Chuan watched a lot of black mud sticking around. Although the blood blade flew around and formed a system to isolate the outside from the void, the blood blade was continuously stuck by the black mud, and the formation operation was a bit difficult.

“It’s really difficult.”

Meng Chuan a single thought.

The blood blades of the outside world quickly flew back to the part, and the blood blade was firmly supported only by the formation.

“Boom.” The hunchedback Monster King also arrived. It grew out of 6 arms and held a 6-blade blade. It was angered. At this moment, the void was split out after one crack.

Originally, there was a lot of black mud adhered, and there were also a lot of void silk threads under constant siege. Nowadays, the 6 blades of the hunchedback Monster King are even more terrifying. Under spare no effort, Sacred Lord Qiansi is more powerful than just controlling the void silk thread.

Successive strikes were on the blood blade, so that there was a loophole in the protection of the 2 1 blood blade, and immediately a void silk thread penetrated through the gap and stabbed the head of Meng Chuan.

The burly mountain monster running at the end has revealed his true body, turned into a giant of 1000 zhang high, raised a rock arm, and struggling to split it.

The joint attack of 5 Monster Kings is indeed terrifying.

“Magical Power, Quicksand.” Meng Chuan’s forehead on both sides of the forehead has silver mysterious lines, a sliver of silver lightning flashes around the head, and silver lightning also appears in the eyes.

At this moment, the outside world is slowing down.

The amazingly fast silk thread was only 10% of the speed! Meng Chuan shook his head slightly, and the void thread crossed his face.


Meng Chuan stepped on the Bloodblade Plate and his speed soared.

Ten 2 blood blade body super high-speed flight, the flight speed is faster, faster than the speed of void silk spread!

“What’s the matter.” Sacred Lord Qiansi and their five Monster Kings only felt that the Meng Chuan silhouette was vague, so they got rid of their siege and were so fast that they were dumbfounded. What does the speed of several hundred li mean in a flash? It means that these Monster Kings move a lot, not as fast as Meng Chuan.

Just out of siege.

Meng Chuan looked towards the white-haired mouse monster king in the distance, with a void wire surrounding the white-haired mouse monster king, Sacred Lord Qiansi realized that the situation was beyond its control and wanted to protect the weakest white-haired mouse monster king.

“Kill.” Meng Chuan thought.


Sacred Lord Qiansi and other 5 Monster Kings only saw the dazzling thunder electro-optical appear on Meng Chuan, and this thick thunder electro-optic blasted instantly through the distance of severe li, splitting on the white-haired mouse monster Body. It’s fast … Any Monster King present is too late to react. The old white-haired mouse monster was turned into powder by the thunder rage in panic.

Magical Power ‘Heaven’s Wrath’.

This is one of the 5 Magical Powers of Meng Chuan. Among the many moves of Meng Chuan, this move formidable power is not strong, just ordinary Manifestation Realm formidable power. But it is better than ‘super speed’, it is the real lightning speed! As soon as any demon Capital can’t make any response, it can only resist hard, and the split has a paralysis effect on the body.

In the face of strong fleshly body, it’s just tickling. For example, against Monster Saint Jiuyan, Meng Chuan has never shown it.

At the stage of titled Marquis Daemon … he once played against Blood Asura, which made Blood Asura move a little slower, Serenity Sea King escaped his life. But to Blood Asura did not hurt a hair, monster race not at all realized how strong this move is on offense.

Now it reaches Blood Drop Realm, this Magical Power formidable power has greatly increased to reach the level of ordinary Manifestation Realm. Under strike, those extremely strong 5th-layer Monster Kings in fleshly body may also be seriously injured. But ‘Cave Lord Bai Cang’ is good at illusion technique, fleshly body is mediocre in 5th-layer Monster King. Under the strike, it was turned into powder and killed on the spot.

“I thought it was going to be 2 3 consecutive shots.” Meng Chuan saw the white-haired mouse monster turned into powder, and could not help raising his eyebrows.

“How is it possible?” Sacred Lord Qiansi’s eyes were shocked.

“Bai Cang is dead.” Mountain monster and hunchedback Monster King couldn’t believe it.

They believe that 5 joint teams have an absolute advantage, and anyone who wants 5 joint teams can escape! And the backhand strike … Cave Lord Bai Cang is dead, they are too late to help.

They have long realized that ’50 billion credit ‘is not so easy to get.

But Meng Chuan’s strength exceeded their expectations.

“Incomplete information.” Hunchedback Monster King sound transmission, “Thunder released by King Dongning Meng Chuan already has the power of Monster Saint.”

“His speed is also recorded in the far surpasses intelligence. The speed of my monster strength spread can’t keep up with the speed of his flight. Then I simply adhere to him.” The black mud also condensed into a black thin young man with a severe expression.

Sacred Lord Qiansi also solemnly scores 10000 points.

That thunder, it doesn’t care.

But the speed of several hundred li flashed a bit, it was a bit scary.

“It forced me to use Magical Power ‘Quicksand’.” Meng Chuan couldn’t help it. Without this Magical Power, he couldn’t get rid of the encirclement and suppression of the void silk thread. blade ‘all used for body protection. But there is no way to fight back.

“Magical Power Quicksand, the maintenance time is short, do it quickly.” Under this Magical Power, Meng Chuan’s fast terrifying, blurry silhouette immediately reached the hunchedback Monster King, “The second one is you.”

It is difficult to kill Sacred Lord Qiansi, and it is necessary to cut off its wings to achieve success.

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