Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 423

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In front of these 4 Monster Kings, Sacred Lord Qiansi is the most comprehensive, one-on-one, he must be in the disadvantage.

The mountain monster is as strong as ‘Blood Asura’. True Martial King also had Serenity Sea King affecting Time Flow Speed, and he could instantly burst out ‘World Annihilation of Ten Absolutes’ before killing Blood Asura. Meng Chuan is now erupting to the extreme, which is equivalent to True Martial King. The normal form of the formidable power, the gap from the ‘World Annihilation of Ten Absolutes’ is still quite large.

As for Qianzhao Monster King, which can be turned into black mud, it is almost Undying, and it is also difficult to kill.

From a calculation point of view, only ‘cracked mountain monster king’ is the most promising to kill.

“Be careful.”

After the death of the white-haired mouse monster, the primordial spirit’s strength of Sacred Lord Qiansi suddenly formed a large black lotus, which became the core of Black Lotus formation.

One large, three small, and four Black Lotus.

Although I didn’t deliberately study the illusion technique lineage, but the ‘Black Lotus secret technique’, the 5 demon of the team of Sacred Lord Qiansi, Capital cultivation. White-haired mice have the highest achievements, and Sacred Lord Qiansi. Secondly, both of them can be used as the core to host the formation. The other three companions really only know the fur, and can cooperate with their companions to form ‘Black Lotus’.

“My Primordial Spirit Secret Technique seems to have been exposed. From the beginning of the war to the present, I have been very vigilant about my Demonic Awl.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, he always wanted the Demonic Awl sneak attack primordial spirit to be weak, but unfortunately there was no chance.

The Black Lotus secret technique maintained by Cave Lord Bai Cang, he was not sure.

Sacred Lord Qiansi of Primordial Spirit 6th-layer used Black Lotus secret technique to protect his companions, Meng Chuan is still not sure. ‘Demonic Awl’ is a double-sided blade. Once it can’t be broken, it will shatter. That is, its primordial spirit has been hit hard.

“Crack the mountain monster king.” Meng Chuan didn’t care. With the speed of terror to the extreme, when he came to the crack mountain monster king, the other monster Capital had no time to rescue.

Although it was under siege, but with the horror speed of several hundred li, Meng Chuan can easily deal with the enemies one by one. The enemy cannot form a real siege.

“It’s too fast.” Monster Kings was helpless.


The blade lights up and cuts towards the hunchedback Monster King.

hunchedback Monster King now has 6 arms, and its blade technique also reaches ‘Paradise Realm’, but the Meng Chuan blade technique is already fast, and it is ten times faster under the blessing of Magical Power ‘Quicksand’. This has surpassed the speed of monster strength spreading. When the speed is fast to a certain extent, there is no way to intercept it.

Going to extremes is really terrifying. The secret art of “Descent of the Golden Lotus” like Building of Stars, although it is Venerable-level secret art, can be cultivated to the point of Paradise Realm Perfection, but it is able to kill Emperor step by step! This is where the sky is reached after reaching a certain ‘extreme’.

“Humph.” Hunchedback Monster King can only hum, the golden light on its skin surface emerges, and now it can only be resisted by body protection.


To a certain extent, the speed will be subject to heaven and earth Rule suppression. The faster the suppression, the greater the speed, so the speed also corresponds to formidable power. The Blood Blade was originally very fast. After ‘Thunder-magnetic Domain’ acceleration, the speed was increased by 60%, and the formidable power was increased several times.

The blade of Meng Chuan seems to be ten times faster, but in fact, the blade is still the original speed, and the formidable power not at all of a blade is improved. But in the same time, he was able to split ten blades in a row.

At this moment, the blade light splits on the golden light on the surface of the hunchedback Monster King, and the monster strength combined with the body protection means formed by ‘Paradise Realm’ mysterious, barely resists this blade. Meng Chuan ’s blade formidable power is not improved, but the Blood Drop Realm ’s fleshly body gives him more powerful speed than Blood Asura and mountain monster. This blade still makes the hunchedback Monster King ’s body protection golden light tremor. With.

Following the 2nd blade split in the same position, the golden light of the body was broken and the wound was cleaved. When the 3rd blade was split again, the golden light of the body of the hunchedback Monster King healed again.

“You are too weak for the formidable power.” The hunchedback Monster King sighed in relief, and at the same time the 6 handle blades split at the same time.

Meng Chuan silhouette is blurred, easily avoiding the blade light.


Suddenly Meng Chuan’s body burst into a dazzling thunder.

Magical Power-Heaven’s Wrath!

“Be careful.” The four demon capitals were tight-hearted. Just now, Lord Lord Bai Cang died under a thunder. The mountain monster king closest to Meng Chuan is even more nervous.

The dazzling thunder instantly slammed into Sacred Lord Qiansi in the distance.

At the speed of thunder, the 4 Monster Kings are all within 3 10 li from Meng Chuan at the moment, no one is attacking, it is too late to react. Can only resist by its own means.


When thunder slammed into the vicinity of Sacred Lord Qiansi, there were huge ‘silkworm cocoons’ woven from countless void silk threads around Sacred Lord Qiansi’s body. The huge void silkworm cocoon, about 3 zhang high, has always protected Sacred Lord Qiansi and is an important means of body protection. Thunder is invisible, and a ray of lightning passes through the small gaps in the silk thread of the cocoon, still split on Sacred Lord Qiansi.

Sacred Lord Qiansi has a white light protector on the surface of the skin, which seems to resist the thunder perfectly, but in fact there is a sense of paralysis.

“Make my body feel paralyzed, the control of the body, the control of the monster strength, are a bit slow?” Sacred Lord Qiansi was shocked. At this level, it is dangerous to slow down the control.


Sacred Lord Qiansi also saw it.

In the distance, the speed has soared to the extreme 6 blood blade!

From the beginning of the fight, the blood blade released by Meng Chuan has been accelerating in the Thunder-magnetic Domain, lap after lap, because 8 laps is very far away, even if the blood blade is fast … The blade is accelerated to the extreme, each handle has the power of Peak Manifestation Realm.

While performing Magical Power ‘Heaven’s Wrath’, the 6 blood blade immediately followed, and it was the moment when Sacred Lord Qiansi’s control of the body and monster strength became slower.

When the powerhouse meets, it’s the key moment.

“Boom ~ boom ~ boom ~ Boom.”

Meng Chuan maintains the Magical Power Quicksand, although this Magical Power cannot change the blood blade flight speed.

However, Meng Chuan’s thinking is relatively ten times faster. When Blood Blade is flying, Meng Chuan’s thinking is faster, and it is more delicate to manipulate, avoiding the interception of the one after another void silk thread. There are also reasons why the void thread interception becomes slow.

6 consecutive strikes.

The strikes are on the huge void silkworm cocoons on the surface of Sacred Lord Qiansi. The silk threads of the void silkworm are woven too densely. After a lot of silk blades cut a lot of silk threads, the formidable power is exhausted, and a continuous 6 blood blade bursts into a big hole. But the void cocoon flows, and other silk threads also flow to block it.

“The peacock failed to kill me, with your 6-blade blade?” The sense of paralysis disappeared instantly, and Sacred Lord Qiansi manipulated the void cocoon to resist easily.


Another dazzling thunder erupted, and he angered the hunchedback Monster King at close range. The blood on the corner of the hunchedback Monster King’s chopped mouth appeared, and the body had a sense of paralysis.

A blade light that made it palpitate came to the front.

Too fast, too fierce!


hunchedback Monster King head flies up!

Magical Power ‘controls heaven and earth’ with ‘Quicksand’ to explode with all strength! Use Magical Power ‘Heaven’s Wrath’ first sneak attack.

Move out, be sure to succeed!

As for dealing with Sacred Lord Qiansi before, one is to touch the opponent’s details before the attack, and the second is to let Sacred Lord Qiansi focus on body protection and reduce the protection of hunchedback Monster King. The moment you let yourself show your fangs, you can successfully grasp it!

“The second one, there are three left.” Meng Chuan is like a hunter, patiently searching for the prey’s weakness.

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