Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 424

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After a blade cut off the head of the hunchedback Monster King, one after another blade lighted down one after another, cast Magical Power ‘Quicksand’ and Meng Chuan came out of the blade too fast. With 6 blades in a row, the hunchedback Monster King was completely turned into powder. The weapons it left behind were also included in Paradise Magical Bead by Meng Chuan.

“Crack Mountain is dead?”

“Another one?”

Sacred Lord Qiansi, mountain monster, Qianzhao, three of them saw Meng Chuan against the hunchedback Monster King, but they were too late to rescue.

The speed of terror makes Meng Chuan completely break one by one.

“This Meng Chuan, when he found us five, he took the initiative to meet! In the face of our siege, first a thunder directly bombarded Bai Cang. Then he attacked me on the surface, but actually killed the cracked mountain monster King. “Sacred Lord Qiansi faintly noticed that” the information was wrong, and Meng Chuan beheaded my team’s Monster King one after another. We were all led by him. “

Mountain monster and Qianzhao, two Monster Kings, were both shocked and angry.

If it is in the past and encounters such terrifying opponents, they may choose to retreat temporarily. But the opponent is ‘Meng Chuan’! 50 billion credit for the reward! The nine human Venerable credits add up to only 9 100 million.

The huge rewards made Sacred Lord Qiansi all three of them unwilling to give up.

And they also have confidence.

They have the Black Lotus secret technique to protect the primordial spirit, and the body protection methods are extremely strong, confident that they can withstand Meng Chuan’s attack and killing methods.

“Meet me, as long as he attacked, he had to face three of us at the same time.” Sacred Lord Qiansi sound transmission.

“Yes.” Qianzhao and mountain monster immediately moved towards Sacred Lord Qiansi.

“Want to meet?”

However, Meng Chuan grinned and rushed to Sacred Lord Qiansi.

In terms of speed, he is faster than monster strength spreading void. Qianzhao and mountain monster have just moved, and Meng Chuan rushed to the nearby Sacred Lord Qiansi.

“Senior brother Wang, shot!” Meng Chuan sound transmission.


Inside a small paradise.

Dao Protector Wang Shan has already woken up, ready to shoot.

“Senior brother Wang, your Primordial Spirit Secret Technique too terrifying, they will frighten them once they are shot. They will immediately flee.” Meng Chuan has long reminded the sound transmission, “First I will shoot, my strength, Sacred Lord Qiansi is I do n’t feel much threat. I ’ll get rid of the weaker Cave Lord Bai Cang and the mountain monster king. The remaining three … I ca n’t solve it alone. ”

Black Lotus secret technique takes shelter, and any of the remaining three dare to resist Meng Chuan’s attack.

Qianzhao’s Undying body, mountain monster’s body, Sacred Lord Qiansi’s body protection means? It will make Meng Chuan desperate.

“You can call me anytime.” Wang Shan said with a slight smile.

“Senior brother Wang, once I call you out, you directly use ‘Demonic Awl’ to deal with Sacred Lord Qiansi.” Meng Chuan sound transmission said, “Your Primordial Spirit Secret Technique will definitely break the Black Lotus secret technique and make them 3 Fear. The other two threats to me are not too big, Sacred Lord Qiansi’s threat is too much. “

One Sacred Lord Qiansi is more threatening than the other four Monster Kings combined.

This 5th-layer Monster King has the highest realm in existence, and once the Tribulation Realm treasure weapon is obtained, its strength can be increased again. But ‘Peacock Monarch’ is different. Peacock Monarch is able to run invincibly because it possesses an extremely powerful fleshly body. The fleshly body is the root of its invincibility. The fleshly body is the best weapon of Peacock Monarch. The help of Tribulation Realm’s treasure weapon is not too obvious.

Like Sacred Lord Qiansi and True Martial King, the realm high, Tribulation Realm treasure weapon, formidable power is even more amazing.

“Relax, as soon as I show up, I will deal with Sacred Lord Qiansi with Demonic Awl.” Wang Shan channeled himself.

Suddenly, invisible power enveloped Dao Protector Wang Shan.

“Going out?” Wang Shan’s eyes flashed sharply.


He was moved out and appeared on Meng Chuan’s side, and a primordial spirit sound transmission sounded: “senior brother Wang, shot.”

“it is good.”

Wang Shan looked at the Sacred Lord Qiansi in front, and the surrounding one after another void silk thread also quickly encircled. When Sacred Lord Qiansi dealt with Meng Chuan with ‘Void Spider-thread Domain’, he looked at the black clothed decadent man appearing out of thin air in amazement.

This somewhat decadent man, Sacred Lord Qiansi didn’t even know.

“Who is he?” Sacred Lord Qiansi was puzzled and alert.

monster race, there is no information about Dao Protector Wang Shan.

But Sacred Lord Qiansi understands that before Meng Chuan dealt with five of them alone, and now suddenly a human Daemon is called out, or it has never been recorded in the monster race information. This human Daemon must be very special.

“Not good.”

Sacred Lord Qiansi’s Primordial Spirit Domain sensed it.

A peculiar awl made of black paint flew out of Dao Protector Wang Shan’s location in the Primordial Spirit Domain induction, making it feel a great threat in the dark.

“Demonic Awl.” Sacred Lord Qiansi immediately guessed.

Meng Chuan’s Demonic Awl Secret Technique, but it’s a monster Saint Monster Jiuyan.

This time, Meng Chuan did not show Demonic Awl, but mysterious strange Daemon did it to deal with it.

Demonic Awl is too fast!


The huge Black Lotus formed by primordial spirit’s strength was broken by the awl.

The primordial spirit of Sacred Lord Qiansi has also become a more real Black Lotus, which was also raided by black Demonic Awl at the moment.

“Ahhhh !!!” Sacred Lord Qiansi primordial spirit innate talent is very high, but in order to become Monster Saint, the energy is mainly used in skill realm. Primordial Spirit Secret Technique is mainly cultivating ‘Black Lotus secret technique’, and got the guidance of Cave Lord Bai Cang, but cultivating is not too brilliant.

This real Black Lotus was forcibly pierced, and the layers of lotus leaves completely penetrated.

Demonic Awl also destroys the origin of primordial spirit when it penetrates.

Primordial Spirit 6th-layer, primordial spirit becomes more and more amazing, can differentiate a ‘Primordial Spirit Avatar’, gathering and dispersing is more heart, it stands to reason that even if the primordial spirit is disintegrating, primordial spirit can instantly merge into one. But Demonic Awl is extremely destructive, destroying the origin of primordial spirit.

This made Sacred Lord Qiansi make a painful howl, just as the highest realm in monster race 5th-layer Monster King, its temperament will be extraordinary, and it can still maintain basic soberness, but it is difficult to perform mysterious move.

It saw at a glance that Meng Chuan had been killed and immediately screamed: “Run!”

The sound has just been exported, boom ~ boom ~ boom ~ bang!! ! ! ! !

A handle of blood blade crazy strikes on the cocoon of void. The severe pain of primordial spirit prevents it from perfectly manipulating the operation of the cocoon of the cobweb silk cocoon. It can only resist by the cocoon of the void.

With the roar, the void cocoon was crushed directly.

“Pu poo.”

The blood blade hacked on it one after another.

Sacred Lord Qiansi is a woman, and the robe is also quite gorgeous. At the moment, these robes extend naturally, protecting every point. Despite the bloodsword strikes, the robe is still unbroken.

Spider Monster King, naturally can produce the silk. Void Spider-thread Domain …… is the monster strength of Sacred Lord Qiansi combined with Qian Si Art profound mystery of ‘Paradise Realm late stage’, which can be spread across the range of several hundred li. The robe worn by Sacred Lord Qiansi is the robe woven by the true spider silk that he contained within the body! This robe is its strongest means of body protection.

On body protection, this spider silk robe is several times stronger than void spider silk cocoons.

Controlling these real spider silk, it can also kill the enemy, the offensive is also a lot stronger, but the real spider silk has a limited length and a limited number, and the most suitable combat distance is one mile around.

This is the real reliance on the peacock Sacred Lord.

“Boom ~ boom ~.”

Blood blade strikes On Sacred Lord Qiansi’s robe, Meng Chuan Monster-slaying Blade furiously splits, and can’t split the robe. The neck of the robe is extended to protect the head and can’t hurt it at all.

“What?” Meng Chuan thought that under the attack of Primordial Spirit Secret Technique, the strength of Sacred Lord Qiansi was greatly impaired. Many methods could not be used, and he was expected to kill it at close range.

Who wants to kill Undying like this?

“Pu.” Demonic Awl pierced the primordial spirit of Sacred Lord Qiansi for the second time, and Sacred Lord Qiansi wailed with pain.

Qianzhao and mountain monster have begun to escape separately at this moment.

Sacred Lord Qiansi, as the Primordial Spirit 6th-layer, both wailing in pain, where can they carry it?

‘Controlling heaven and earth’ with the ‘Quicksand’ melee, as well as the blood blade’s attack, can’t help Sacred Lord Qiansi. Let Meng Chuan feel cold. He understands that after all, his realm is low, even if he is relying on a fleshly body that is more tyrannical than mountain monster and Blood Asura, and is relying on the Bloodblade Plate of Tribulation Realm, he can’t help Sacred Lord Qiansi.

“Demonic Awl has a crack.” Dao Protector Wang Shan sound transmission.

Demonic Awl formidable power is so high that it is too brittle. Each time it penetrates the primordial spirit of Sacred Lord Qiansi, it damages itself as well as destroying it.

“Kill the other 2 Monster Kings.” Meng Chuan immediately sound transmission.

“Good.” Dao Protector Wang Shan also understood the situation, and Demonic Awl flew out instantly.

Qianzhao Monster King has turned into black mud and sneaked into the ground to escape, Demonic Awl instantly caught up and penetrated! The black mud suddenly stopped flowing, and turned into a scaly black skinny youth, lying quietly on the ground, and there was no more noise.

Qianzhao Monster King died.

puff puff puff …

Black Demonic Awl attacked the mountain monster again.

Only the mountain monster of the towering thousand zhang has been decomposed into densely packed numbers of 10000 ‘stone villains’ flying escape, some flying in the air, some running on the ground, and some drilling into the ground.

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