Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 425

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Demonic Awl penetrated each and everyone ‘stone villain’ one after another, and those stone villains collapsed into metal blocks and rock blocks. However, only one Demonic Awl only penetrated more than 100 stone figurines, and other stone figurines fled away, and many of them even burrowed underground.

“Boom.” Meng Chuan glanced.

Thunder-magnetic Domain broke out!

One after another lightning appeared in the Thunder-magnetic Domain, striking a lot of stone villains, nearly half of them were struck by strikes! The ‘rock layer’ on the surface of the stone villain was all shattered, revealing many ‘metal villains’ on the villain. The metal villain is obviously much tenacious, and the lightning under Thunder-magnetic Domain is not damaged, and it is still flying.

“Mountain monster will smash his body and attack the enemy when he is in the Great Sun Realm.” Meng Chuan saw secretly thought, “This mountain monster that reaches ‘Paradise Realm’ can be transformed into 10000 avatars to escape?”

Mountain monster is a special kind of monster.

It is not a living creature that produces spiritual wisdom. Cultivating Realm like lion, ox monster, spider demon, flood dragon, etc. are getting higher and higher, but they were originally living creatures.

Mountain monster, this is a mountain! It is dead.

With the Manifestation of heaven and earth, spirituality was born under the chance, and then the cultivation path was set. It is too special, just because of its special body, it stands almost at the highest level on the same level. How difficult is Blood Drop Realm fleshly body cultivating by Meng Chuan? It’s just a little stronger than 5th-layer mountain monster that’s all. This mountain monster that reached ‘Paradise Realm’, although it is still a 5th-layer, has been transformed, and its life-saving ability has been greatly improved.

“How did the two of you stop your hands?” The cold voice sounded, and Sacred Lord Qiansi, standing in the air, put down his hands covering his head. The robe collar was still high, and he could keep his head at any time.

It looked at Meng Chuan and Dao Protector Wang Shan coldly.

Meng Chuan pedaled the disc, and 2 6 blood blades wrapped around his body. The 1 blood blade that originally attacked Sacred Lord Qiansi was still flying around.

“What about your Demonic Awl, why don’t you continue?” Sacred Lord Qiansi looked towards Dao Protector Wang Shan. “If there is a crack, stop it?”

“Sacred Lord Qiansi means indeed brilliant.” Meng Chuan said with a slight smile, “Admire admiration!”

After that, he took Dao Protector Wang Shan and flew away quickly.

While flying away, Path also passed the body of Qianzhao Monster King and wanted to put away the body.

“Chi chi chi.” But there was void spider silk that wrapped Qianzhao Monster King’s body and was dragging back quickly.

“Void Spider-thread Domain is really powerful.” Meng Chuan saw secretly thought that Dao Protector was first included in Paradise Magical Bead, and then in a flash, several hundred li quickly moved away, far away from the range of Void Spider-thread Domain.

Void Spider-thread Domain, the entire domain barely has Peak Manifestation formidable power, the important thing is that it has a wide range, at least 300 li.

Sacred Lord Qiansi, if he uses real spider silk, within one mile of himself, his strength can be increased!

This strength is enough to defeat many ordinary Monster Saints.

of course……

It is also because of breakthrough in World Gap. Before coming to World Gap, its strength is also inferior.

“hua hua.”

The spider silk cocoon wrapped Qianzhao Monster King and flew in front of him, the void spider silk scattered all over, revealing the scaly black thin young body.

“Qianzhao.” Sacred Lord Qiansi looked at the suspended body with a trace of pain in his eyes. It stretched his hand and stroked the face of the black skinny youth, whispering softly, “You have followed me for many years, but now you are in the hands of humans. It ’s getting bigger, I ’m at World Gap strength breakthrough, and I did n’t put human titled King Daemon in my eyes. Whoever wants to encounter this King Dongning Meng Chuan after a breakthrough will make you lose your life. ”

“I will avenge you, and will use more human Daemon to bury you.” Sacred Lord Qiansi said softly.


In the distance, Meng Chuan stopped to fly, and the Seamless Domain was isolated and explored.

“I played Magical Power ‘Quicksand’ for a short time, and I can’t fight for too long.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “Without this Magical Power, I’m afraid I can’t get rid of Void Spider-thread Domain.”

Relying on this Magical Power, he can flash several hundred li in a flash, flying faster than void spider silk spreading, plus thinking is ten times faster, and the flight trajectory is also flexible and changeable, naturally easily get rid of.

But without Magical Power …

Then it is troublesome.

Although relying on Magical Power ‘Heaven’s Wrath’, it can also escape into thunder particle flow. But in that state, a lot of Magical Power cannot be used. The thinking is not ten times faster, but the speed reaches a single hundred li, which will make the flight change less. Meng Chuan is not sure to avoid the ‘Void Spider-thread Domain’ early intercept.

“I use the ‘Quicksand’ limit time, which is 5 breathing time.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “Fight in the future, try to keep it within 3 breaths time. Leave 2 breathing time to respond.”

Before fighting, it was long.

In fact, the powerhouse is engaged, it is fast as lightning.

Meng Chuan’s backhand move ‘Heaven’s Wrath’ bombed Cave Lord Bai Cang and the mountain monster king. Then Dao Protector Wang Shan was summoned to attack Sacred Lord Qiansi directly … about 3 breaths time.

That’s why Meng Chuan hurried away without staying.

“Senior brother Wang.” Meng Chuan summoned Dao Protector Wang Shan and even asked, “Are you all right now?”

“Demonic Awl only has cracks, not broken, the problem is not big.” Dao Protector Wang Shan said, “If broken, I lost 1% of the primordial spirit source, my staying sober time and lifespan will be greatly reduced.”

Meng Chuan was relieved.

Dao Protector is different from the normal titled King Daemon. The fleshly body of the titled King Daemons can conceive primordial spirit, which is helpful to primordial spirit.

But Dao Protector ’s fleshly body is very special and can break the lifespan rules and restrictions, but the pressure on primordial spirit is very great. Wang Shan senior brother Primordial Spirit 6th-layer can only maintain sober for more than 70 years and have to sit and meditate for more than 1000 years. , Relieve the oppression of fleshly body on primordial spirit. Therefore, Dao Protector Wang Shan has not separated ‘Primordial Spirit Avatar’ for many years, just to keep the complete primordial spirit to fight against the oppression of fleshly body.

If his Demonic Awl shatters, he loses 1% of the primordial spirit. Under the pressure of such a fleshly body, it cannot be recovered at all. It is a permanent loss. Sober time and lifespan are greatly reduced.

This time cultivating ‘Demonic Awl’, only used 1% of the primordial spirit source, and it didn’t make much noise to the primordial spirit silhouette, that’s fine.

If you use 20% or 30% of primordial spirit, go to cultivating Demonic Awl! Too much impact on primordial spirit, sober time and lifespan will be greatly reduced. Once broken? 20-30% primordial spirit’s lack of origin will cause Dao Protector Wang Shan primordial spirit to have huge defects. In just a few days under the pressure of fleshly body, primordial spirit will completely dissipate and die.

“Senior brother Wang, how long will it take for Demonic Awl to recover?” Meng Chuan asked.

“It’s just a few cracks.” Wang Shan said with a smile, “I believe it can be restored in half a month, and you can do it in half a month, as long as you don’t deal with Primordial Spirit 6th-layer.”

Meng Chuan nodded: “Understood.”


Another place in World Gap.

With the communication token, Sacred Lord Qiansi and the mountain monster once again converged.

“Sacred Lord.” The burly mountain monster respectfully said.

“It was only you and me who survived a fight.” Sacred Lord Qiansi said, the burly mountain monster was silent and nodded.

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