Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 426

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This battle was a terrible defeat. Five Monster Kings died in three battles, leaving only two of them alive.

Sacred Lord Qiansi pondered and said: “This time the defeat was so miserable. First, because of the ‘Demonic Awl’ of the mysterious Daemon, Qianzhao died in his hand, and I was seriously injured. 2 It was because of Meng Chuan himself, that we besieged this time Failure … The core reason is that Meng Chuan’s speed is far beyond our expectations. My Void Spider-thread Domain is completely useless, and we are even more unable to form a siege. “

“Yes.” The burly mountain monster is also unable to bear. “His speed is terrifying, faster than many Monster Saints. How can he be a titled King Daemon?”

Sacred Lord Qiansi said a little bit: “Heaven and earth rules will suppress the speed, he should not have such a fast speed.”

“Did he break the shackles of heaven and earth?” The burly mountain monster doubted.

“Impossible.” Sacred Lord Qiansi shook his head, “By breaking the shackles of heaven and earth with speed, such a blade technique, formidable power is far beyond your imagination. It is you and I can’t carry a blade! The peacock’s fleshly body is special, It is estimated that a few more blades will be killed. “

The burly mountain monster was surprised.

Sacred Lord Qiansi didn’t elaborate on it in detail, the speed broke the shackles of heaven and earth …

Although Sacred Lord Qiansi has never seen it, it is recorded on the secret of the monster race. Sacred Lord Qiansi is valued by the Emperor and still understands this secret.

“He didn’t break the shackles of heaven and earth. Why is it so fast?” Said the burly mountain monster.

Sacred Lord Qiansi thought about it: “When I besieged him with Void Spider-thread Domain, I could perceive the Time Flow Speed ​​in his own area a little bit special. I guess … he changed Time Flow Speed ​​to appear so fast. . “

As the 5th-layer Monster King with the highest present age realm, it is higher than some Monster Saint Realm circles, and it has begun to contact the “time” discovered mystery.

“Time lineage?” The burly mountain monster was surprised.

“It shows no traces, more like Magical Power. According to his age, it should also be Magical Power.” Sacred Lord Qiansi said.

As they reflected on the battle and summarized the information, they suddenly felt a sense.

“En?” Sacred Lord Qiansi and the burly mountain monster turned over and took out the token.

“Emperor calls us back?” Sacred Lord Qiansi and the burly mountain monster looked at each other, both puzzled.

They did not dare to delay, and immediately rushed to the connection point of World Gap and Monster World.


Sacred Lord Qiansi brought the burly mountain monster to the nearest junction, directly blasted the double world membrane wall, returned to the monster world, and rushed to the Emperor palace. This time it was called by ‘Empress Xuanyue’, and naturally went to Empress Xuanyue. palace.

“Sacred Lord.” A 5th-layer Monster King was encountered during the flight, and Lion Monster King laughed. “Sacred Lord also went to Emperor?”

Sacred Lord Qiansi slightly nodded glanced at it: “Are you acting alone? Didn’t you go to World Gap?”

“No.” Lion Monster King said with a smile. “Recently, my old friend is being contacted to prepare for a team to enter World Gap.”

“Emperor did not call World Gap, too?” Sacred Lord Qiansi slightly frowned.

Emperor called them, why?

Attacking Human World?


Soon, Sacred Lord Qiansi, the burly mountain monster, and Lion Monster King came to the Ice Palace.

The square in front of the Ice Palace has gathered a crowd of 100 5th-layer Monster Kings, and occasionally 5th-layer Monster King came.

“We rushed at full speed, and there are 100 Monster Kings arriving first?” The burly mountain monster saw this scene, sound transmission said, “It seems that this time it is to call all the 5th-layer Monster Kings in the entire monster world.”

“En.” Sacred Lord Qiansi nodded.

“Sacred Lord.”

Three monster kings including Sheep Monster King quickly approached, which is also close to Sacred Lord Qiansi.

“Jiaoshan, there are only three of you left in your team?” Sacred Lord Qiansi saw three Monster Kings.

“Yes.” This Sheep Monster King was a little embarrassed and whispered sound transmission, “Just one hour ago, our team of 9 Monster King was in the World Gap, comprehend world birth scene cultivation. Who wants to meet human Daemon ‘Peng Mu ” Yun Jianhai ‘, the two of them started working as soon as they discovered us, and they also have Primordial Spirit Secret Technique, which is a black awl that can penetrate the primordial spirit and destroy the primordial spirit. The strength of the two of them is very strong, and we will collapse when we meet Now, 4 scattered and escaped. Sacred Lord also saw it and escaped 3 of us, and the other 6 demon Capital died. “

“6 dead?”

Sacred Lord Qiansi frowns saying, “All of the old lion’s team was killed, our team also killed 3 Monster Kings, and your team also lost 6 in Jiaoshan … and all happened within half a day.”

“All the Black Lions are gone?” Sheep Monster King surprised all three of them.

Sacred Lord Qiansi slightly nodded.

They all feel that something is wrong. In World Gap, it is not surprising that there is an occasional war. In order to win the treasure, human Daemon and Monster King will also fight. Can fight for a short period of time, and they are all monster races. This is a fiasco … it is not normal.

“Sister Qiansi.” Black robe Longshou old man came over.

“Poison Dragon.” Sacred Lord Qiansi looked at it.

In the 5th-layer Monster King, both of them stand on the cream of the crop.

“I heard that more than one team was attacked by human Daemon.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon looked at Sacred Lord Qiansi. “You have also been attacked on your side?”

Sacred Lord Qiansi nodded.

“Human comers are not good.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon said, it is full of enthusiasm, it is the ‘Undying Body’, life essence has changed. The more lively the war, the happier it feels.

After another one hour.

All 5th layer Monster King has arrived!

A woman with a green snaketail came from a distance, and all the Monster Kings were quiet. They all recognized … The woman with a green snaketail was Empress Xuanyue’s personal maid and a messenger of the moon.

“By Emperor’s order,” said the green-tailed snaketail woman, “in World Gap, you have dealt with human Daemon. Write down all the details and submit them to Emperor.”


All Monster Kings are respectfully ordered.


“In just half a day, in World Gap, 43 5th-layer Monster Kings were killed.” Emperor Xinghe said, “World Gap was born more than 9 years ago. In the past 9 years, 3 eleven Monster King was also killed, in order to fight for treasure. It ’s normal to lose some battles. But you can lose 43 Monster Kings in just half a day … more than the loss in the past 9 years. Blind can see that it ’s not normal. ”

“Human knows that we will try our best to send 5th-layer Monster King to Human World through the connection point of World Gap and Human World.” Empress Xuanyue said, “They don’t want to watch us prepare, so start with, Go to World Gap to kill our 5th-layer Monster King first. “

“Why do you fight to one side? You die so much in just half a day?” Peng Sovereign unable to bear said, “Did humans hand out several Tribulation Realm treasures to the titled King Daemon?”

“When you see the information reported by Monster Kings, you are understood.” Emperor Xinghe said.

Dispatch 5th-layer Monster King from World Gap into Human World, as early as in the 3 Emperor plan.

For every 5th-layer Monster King’s life, 3 Emperor take it seriously.

Cultivating in World Gap for a long time … 5th-layer Monster Kings are slowly improving, as powerful as True Martial King ‘True Martial lineage’, the more difficult it is to upgrade to the late stage, they are still breaking through to the paradise late stage.

For ordinary 5th-layer Monster Kings, promotion is more common.

Emperor are happy to see Monster Kings slowly improve, because of the treasure, occasionally a small loss? 3 Emperor can also tolerate.

But the loss was 43 places at once, and the Emperor were frightened and immediately recalled them all.


“En? Why can’t I find Monster King?”

Dao Protector Wang Shan is still retreating in Paradise Magical Bead, Meng Chuan is flying alone in World Gap, and Thunder-magnetic Domain sweeps everywhere again and again.

After the battle with Sacred Lord Qiansi, he searched for a rug for more than 2 days, and even a Monster King team was not found, which was obviously very abnormal.

“True Martial King calls me over?” Meng Chuan turned over and took out the token. At World Gap, it is relatively simple to ask for help. The token also shows the position of True Martial King.

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