Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 427

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Despite doubts, Meng Chuan quickly flew towards True Martial King.

Just a moment.

Meng Chuan saw a hill in the distance, and True Martial King was standing there alone. He looked up and saw it.

“Junior brother Meng.” True Martial King said with a slight smile.

“Senior brother.” Meng Chuan landed.

“You call Dao Protector too.” True Martial King said.

Meng Chuan is a little surprised. Dao Protector’s secret is little known to the outside world. But True Martial King has a very high status in Primeval Mountain. Knowing the secret and “controller” is not far away, and it is the next Dao Protector. It is natural to know that Dao Protector usually needs to meditate and meditate. defect. ‘Sober time’ is very precious.

“Hu.” Meng Chuan first awakened Dao Protector and then moved out of Paradise Magical Bead.

“Dao Protector.” True Martial King politely said.

“True Martial King, why wake me up?” Dao Protector asked.

“When Peng senior brother and Yun senior brother arrive, I will talk about it together.” True Martial King explained that in a few words of chat, two silhouettes flew in the distance, it was the chubby old man ‘Peng Mu’ and goatee-old man ‘Yun Jianhai’, they also fell on the hills.

“People are here.”

True Martial King looked at the crowd and said, “Have you not met Monster King in the last 2 days?”

Meng Chuan, Dao Protector, Peng Mu, Yun Jianhai all shook their heads.

Didn’t everybody touch it? Meng Chuan immediately guessed. Monster race was scared? Have you escaped?

“As early as 2 days ago, Monster Kings have left World Gap.” True Martial King explained.

Peng Mu nodded and said: “I can see that in 2 days ago, in many parts of the World Gap, the wall of the world was bombed again and again. At that time, I suspected that … Monster King should have left the World Gap. I also suspected , Is there a strong Great Monster King sent in. “

“I also sensed it, and it was bombed again and again, all connected to the monster world.” True Martial King said.

Monster World and Human World are divided into 2 sides.

World Gap, the two are completely connected, and the connection area is naturally different.

From the area where the world’s membrane wall is bombed, you can judge whether to go to Human World or Monster World.

“The world’s membrane wall was broken?” Meng Chuan murmured secretly.

I didn’t feel it at all.

Generally, you must reach ‘Paradise Realm’ to watch the Space-Time River and sense that the world’s membrane wall in the distance is bombed.

“The most important thing is that Primeval Mountain sent Daemon to come in and send me the news.” True Martial King said, “It is confirmed that 2 days ago, all 5th-layer Monster King of monster world was summoned by Emperor. The message is ‘Blacksand Paradise’ Detected and informed Primeval Mountain and Twin World Island. “

“Monster world all 5th-layer Monster King was called?” Meng Chuan, Dao Protector, Peng Mu, Yun Jianhai are clear.

“I now convene Blacksand Paradise and Twin World Island, and we will gather together to make the next plan.” True Martial King said.


After another one hour.

Three Daemons of Blacksand Paradise and two Daemons of Twin World Island also came.

“All Daemons are together.” True Martial King said with a slight smile, ten Daemons on the scene. It is human who is responsible for all the forces of World Gap, and all of them have been cultivated by human sect.

“Hahaha, there are a lot of Daemons here, but this is the first time I saw them.” Fiery red-haired old man said with a laugh, he is the leader of the team of Blacksand Paradise this time, ‘King Ronghuo’, there is a black clothed on his side Nether King Tong, and middle-aged man ‘King Beimu’ wearing silver armor.

King Ronghuo said with a smile, “All 5th-layer Monster Kings of monster races have been summoned, and they are now in the palace of Monster World Emperor ‘Empress Xuanyue’. This news was discovered by me at Blacksand Paradise. We are at World Gap, even if we are looking for it again , Also impossible to find a Monster King. “

Everyone was listening.

“Because we have attacked Monster King before, those who survived from us also know about our intelligence.” King Ronghuo said, “Monster world Emperor, let all Monster King write intelligence. Now we have ten intelligences , They’re afraid they know almost. “

“It’s troublesome now.” True Martial King seriously said, “Know yourself and know your enemy, the odds are even greater. The monster race didn’t know our strength before, and we only have that result if we take the initiative to attack. Now we know our strength … … Never let us succeed easily. “


King Ronghuo nodded, “Let me first talk about the news known from the monster world side. Monster Kings communicated with each other and identified the three most threatened by our human Daemon.”

“The first one is naturally True Martial King you.” King Ronghuo’s eyes shined and he looked at True Martial King. “Your domain terrifying to the extreme, as long as it is enveloped by the domain, Monster Kings will almost die. As for melee? No one Can block your move. I believe that your current strength is one level with Peacock Monarch, which is above all other titled King Daemon and all 5th-layer Monster King. You and Peacock Monarch are the most invincible on both sides. “

“With one enemy, I still couldn’t kill them all. With a fish that escaped the net.” True Martial King shook his head gently. Without a fish that escaped the net, his information would not be leaked.

“The second one is the ‘King Qianmu’ of Twin World Island.” King Ronghuo looked at the simple and daunting Daemon. “King Qianmu’s Primordial Spirit Secret Technique. Once a black awl is released, Monster King will definitely die. . I believe you should have reached Primordial Spirit 2th-layer. “

King Qianmu is a Daemon who has been sleeping for 100 years.

Before he slept, he was only Primordial Spirit 5th-layer, and after waking up this time, he faced the grief and indignation of the war, and later created a move. When he created it, he asked his heart and broke through to Primordial Spirit 6th-layer.

Human’s titled King Daemon, counted as Dao Protector, counted as sleepy, although there are dozens of people … a total of 2 Primordial Spirit 6th-layer. Dao Protector Wang Shan is a breakthrough Primordial Spirit 300th-layer in his 6s, and King Qianmu is a Primordial Spirit 450th-layer in his 6s.

After breakthrough, Twin World Island paid great attention to it, and let King Qianmu fall asleep again.

This time, in order to fight for World Gap, I woke it up again.

After King Qianmu learned the Demonic Awl Secret Technique … because he is a normal fleshly body, plus it is close to the lifespan limit, without the slightest hesitation cultivating Demonic Awl with ‘30% primordial spirit source ‘! He can deal with the ordinary Monster King, just use the ordinary Primordial Spirit Secret Technique. Dealing with the powerful Monster King … It is also a Demonic Awl, directly primordial spirit to kill.

“The third place is King Dongning.” King Ronghuo looked towards Meng Chuan again.

Meng Chuan was surprised.

Can the top 3 threats rank themselves? None of these are not to be trifled with.

“King Dongning’s speed is unimaginable, and it’s 500 miles in a flash.” King Ronghuo looked at Meng Chuan. “One-on-one, overwhelming majority demon Capital can’t escape your chase.”

Faced with other Daemons, a little bit of a bit drilled towards the ground can escape.

In front of Meng Chuan?

Except for very few, Meng Chuan can’t escape.

At the beginning, ‘Monster Saint Jiuyan’ was forced to escape to foreign territory because he could not escape.

“In a flash of 500 miles?” Many Daemons were present to look towards Meng Chuan.

This speed is almost abnormal.

To escape, no one can catch up! To chase, 99% cannot escape.

“As for the information of our other Daemons, they all know it, and they all guess that humans must use a lot of treasures on us.” King Ronghuo said.

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