Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 428

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“After all, from the point of view of battle, monster race judges that we have all improved a lot,” King Ronghuo said.

Fighting for World Gap is the most critical step in the war.

If 5th-layer Monster Kings can’t come in from World Gap, humans will get peace and security for a long time, maybe even peace and security forever! 3 Large sect cultivated naturally.

On the Primeval Mountain side, Meng Chuan and True Martial King both have Tribulation Realm treasure weapons, and Peng Mu and Yun Jianhai are also assisted by ‘Emperor-level’ treasure weapons. In fact, for a few people who are just named King Daemon, the difference between Emperor-level Treasure Weapon and Tribulation Realm Treasure Weapon is not that big. Because they simply can’t fully exert the treasure formidable power.

Peng Mu and Yun Jianhai were originally ordinary Manifestation Realm battle strength. Although there has been progress in World Gap cultivating for many years, it has not improved much. This time in sect, according to their abilities, they are given the most suitable Emperor-level treasure weapon. Suddenly reached ‘Peak Manifestation Realm’ battle strength.

Although Twin World Island and Blacksand Paradise support are not as strong as Primeval Mountain, of course, there are gaps in the background, but they are also very hard.

Twin World Island attaches great importance to ‘King Qianmu’, so King Qianmu is given 2 pieces of Emperor-level treasure weapon, with Primordial Spirit 6th-layer means, it is simply walk unhindered.

King Qianmu’s companion ‘King Gutong’, Twin World Island even used Foreign Treasure to transform King Gutong’s fleshly body. As the limit of lifespan is only 40 or so years of titled King Daemon, King Gutong also cooperated with the fleshly body Remodel. There are many flaws in the ‘fleshly body transformation’. From then on, it is no longer a human. Since then, the fleshly body cannot be improved, and it may even fail. The fleshly body will collapse and die … but once it succeeds, it will make great progress.

The monster race’s ‘Old Ancestor Poison Dragon’ is because the body of Foreign Treasure was transformed and got the body of Undying.

The heritage of Blacksand Paradise can be much deeper than that of Twin World Island. Blacksand lineage, Taiyin lineage, Blade and Spear lineage are all unique. Under the vigorous cultivation, King Ronghuo, Nether King Tong, King Beimu all have their own strengths, and the combination is not at all. Inferior to the team of Twin World Island.

“We all get sect cultivation, and our strength is great.” King Ronghuo continued, “Monster race used to be at World Gap cultivating, but now we are chased. Monster race over there will definitely vigorously cultivate those Monster Kings, Monster Kings. The average strength is not equal to me Daemon, but they are too many, and they have been in World Gap cultivating for many years. The strength of Manifestation Realm is also more than ours. Once monster race Emperor is vigorously cultivated, all will increase their strength. “

“En.” Meng Chuan nodded.

Sacred Lord Qiansi, not to mention the Tribulation Realm treasure weapon, even if it has the ‘Emperor-level treasure weapon’ suitable for it, Sacred Lord Qiansi will greatly improve its strength.

In that case, facing Sacred Lord Qiansi yourself, you can only escape quickly at the speed of a flash of several hundred li, and you dare not fight head to head.

“Monster race is more profound than ours,” King Ronghuo said. “There are more treasures.”

There was a lot of pressure on the scene.

Meng Chuan knows that Primeval Mountain has the deepest heritage, but the treasure left by Cang Yuan Founder is used by generations of Daemon. Nowadays, ‘secret art’ ‘secret technique’ also dominates the monster race! Many other aspects are at a disadvantage. Especially for the treasure of ordinary Daemon and Manifestation Realm, human is really rare.

This is also the most recent of thousands of years, human beings are getting weaker.

Monster race is long-term strong! Emperor has several of each generation, and there are many Tribulation Realm Supreme in history. The accumulation of long years, the territory of monster world is nearly ten times larger than that of Human World, which is the extreme of the middle world.

“So we need to be more careful next.” King Ronghuo said, “Monster race knows that we are thin, it is very possible. When cultivating other Monster Kings, we should focus on cultivating several Monster Kings. Send them to World Gap to kill us. For example, let Peacock Monarch and Digital Monster King form a team and come to us actively. “

“En.” Nodded all present.

“According to the plans set in advance by the three major sects,” True Martial King said, “The attack is over, and then we will patiently cultivate in the World Gap. World Gap for us is cultivating Holy Land. But when cultivating … As originally planned, Twin World Island and Blacksand Paradise ’s Daemon will temporarily merge, and you can complement each other. Our Primeval Mountain team will also merge. “

“Good.” King Ronghuo nodded.

“With King Ronghuo, their cooperation is enough to deal with all kinds of dangers.” King Qianmu nodded, he and his companions are best at Primordial Spirit Secret Technique, secret insect secret technique And Blacksand Paradise is better at fighting head to head. The cooperation between the two sides is also a qualitative change, and the strength of the team has greatly increased.

The convergence of Primeval Mountain teams has also greatly increased their strength.

True Martial King, Meng Chuan, Dao Protector, Peng Mu, Yun Jianhai … each have their own strengths. Together, the monster race sent them to the strongest team.

“We will patiently cultivate 20 years.” King Ronghuo continued, “After 20 years, several of us need to fall asleep.”

“Yes, our lifespan is limited and we can’t keep dragging it all the time.” King Qianmu nodded.

“Monster race It shouldn’t be procrastinated for more than 20 years, the longer it is delayed, they will also be afraid of variables.” True Martial King said with a slight smile and glanced at Meng Chuan.

This junior brother Meng is a monster.

In another 20 years?

I am afraid that the strength will make further progress.

“Even if the monster race is really delayed for more than 20 years, you are asleep. When the monster race attacks, it is not too late to wake up.” True Martial King said with a smile.

King Ronghuo and King Qianmu are nodded.

They are all over 400 years old, of which the oldest King Ronghuo is only 31 years from lifespan. King Qianmu has only 39 years left. Time is tight.

“Then leave.”


The two sides soon separated.

Twin World Island and the five Daemons of Blacksand Paradise departed together. Although two of them had a grudge, but in the face of this war, the two also worked together to meet the enemy.


Dao Protector Wang Shan entered a small paradise to meditate and meditate, slowly recovering the scars on the ‘Demonic Awl’. Those scars, if it is Meng Chuan …… can be recovered in one hour. Dao Protector Wang Shan takes almost half a month.


Meng Chuan 4 of them flew to heaven and earth fracture.

“hong long long ~~~”

The incomparably thick purple thunder tears the Space-Time River. The huge purple thunder is so amazing that even naked eye can’t see the end.

It is terrible and terrifying, making True Martial King and Meng Chuan all of them feel threatened.

“The thunder here is almost the strongest in World Gap.” True Martial King said, “We are here to cultivating.”

“En.” Peng Mu, Yun Jianhai, and Meng Chuan all watched in shock.

The black and white airflow split by the purple thunder has formed a large-scale black and white lake. Half of this lake is in the World Gap and half is in endless darkness.

The lake has a range of 500 miles.

The lake is formed by ‘black and white air currents’. They chase each other and shatter the darkness, and the power of 5 colors is surging like a wave.

“You can’t get closer,” True Martial King said. “Once it is affected, we may die.”

“This is the true formidable power that destroys the world.” Peng Mu exclaimed. “It also creates the world.”

Meng Chuan appreciates it carefully.

The purple thunder this time is different from what I have seen in the past.

Maybe because of the larger range, naked eye can’t see the end of purple thunder. Make all aspects feel stronger. Especially the kind of ‘destroying sense’ made Meng Chuan palpitate. It can really destroy everything. If you approach it by yourself, it will surely turn into powder.

Comprehend it, master this terrifying power, Meng Chuan has a longing in his eyes.

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