Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 429

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True Martial King releases the domain to affect the surroundings and is naturally alert.

Meng Chuan The four of them naturally released Seamless Domain. When they were powerhouse cultivation, they did not like to be disturbed.

Especially immersed in comprehend, the interference of others may affect the key breakthrough, so everyone releases Seamless Domain, and each other will not cross the boundary.

“This lake, mysterious is unspeakable.” True Martial King watched with a smile, and True Martial Domain began to appear around him, which also comprehend the found mystery of Yin Yang Lake.

In the Yin-Yang Lake, countless black and white air currents chase each other, but the formidable power is terrifying, smashing the darkness and making the world born.

If it falls into this lake, it will be smashed instantly.

“Life is limited, the avenue is unlimited.” Peng Mu said to the world as a natural phenomenon, and said to himself. The closer you get to the limit of lifespan, the more you feel small.

Peng Mu glanced at his old friend ‘Yun Jianhai’ next to him. Yun Jianhai had drawn his sword and began to use the secret technique of sword. The sword light bursts, as if surrounded by water waves.


Peng Mu looked at Meng Chuan in the distance with some surprise.

Meng Chuan summoned tables, chairs, paint trays, paint brushes and other objects from the Paradise Magical Bead. Sitting there, he started to adjust the paint.

“What is he doing?” Peng Mu secretly wondered.


Meng Chuan is sitting at the desk, the whole World Gap is his own bookstore, and the purple thunder tearing the dark scene is the object he wants to draw.

“I finally came to paint for the second time.” Meng Chuan was very excited. “Last time, I had a lower realm, and still stayed in the titled Marquis Daemon stage. Now I have reached ‘Law Domain Realm Great Accomplishment’, and come to watch … I feel obvious different.”

Different stages of cultivation, watching purple thunder, natural harvest is also different.

“Still painting 15 Paintings of Thunder.”

This is something Meng Chuan had longed for. He paved the paper, pressed the ruler well, and drew a pen for a moment to paint.

With the experience of painting last time, plus the creation of two secret arts, Meng Chuan also had an idea of ​​the order of painting this time. First, he painted thunder’s ‘Void lineage’.

Nine Heavenly Painting of the Void! This is quite deep in Meng Chuan comprehend. The self-created “Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement” contains many of the found mystery. Meng Chuan’s pen is “Nine Heavens Painting”, immersed in it.

“Miao Miao Miao.” When painting this ‘Nine Heavens Painting’, combined with her comprehend, she has a deeper understanding, and Meng Chuan was very excited.

As you hear the news, you can die in the evening.

It is the joy of smelling the Tao!

When Meng Chuan was painting, when he felt the deeper background of Painting of Light, he seemed to see Dao ‘, seeing’ reality ‘, excited blood boiling, tears in his eyes, primordial spirit all blooming spirituality rays of light.

This is also common for powerful Daemons. When there is a breakthrough, when there is a deeper understanding, the joy from the heart will also ask the heart, causing primordial spirit to metamorphose.

This time Meng Chuan’s painting, first Void lineage, Nine Heavens Painting, Thunder Field Phase, Virtual Reality Phase, and Selfless Phase, followed by painting.

I was so immersed in painting that I forgot my time. From the cultivation to the titled King Daemon stage, I did not eat, drink or sleep for a month.

Void lineage, Lightning lineage, Destruction lineage, Life lineage.

Thunder is divided into everywhere to paint, a total of ten 5 paintings.

Whether it is Daemon or Monster Kings, watching the shocking scene of the birth of the world at World Gap, you will feel that there is no limit to the world. You will never expect to incorporate all the found mystery born in the world into your own learning, because it is too vast. You can only choose one of them, choose the one that suits you best, comprehend it, integrate it, and improve yourself.

Meng Chuan would be the same if cultivating blade technique.

But it is painting now!

Painting is to draw the charm of ‘purple thunder’ and present all aspects of the charm of purple thunder in a painting. Seeing a painting is like seeing a real purple thunder, that is perfect. However, limited to the ability to paint, Meng Chuan was divided into ten or five.

The process of painting is Meng Chuan’s deeper understanding of purple thunder.

Others are cultivating, just watching a little.

Meng Chuan’s cognition is the entire purple thunder, and grasps the essence of its charm with the eyes of the master painter. This also affects the Meng Chuan cultivation path virtually.


monster world, Ice Palace.

Great hall.

Three Emperor sat on the throne, the unreal scene in front of them disappeared.

“The screening is over.” Empress Xuanyue said, “I must have a clear understanding of the strength of all 5th-layer Monster King.”

The test lasted for more than ten days and was aimed at each 5th-layer Monster King.

“En.” Emperor Xinghe gently nodded, “From the performance point of view, Monster King Qiansi is the 5nd and 2rd level among all 3th-layer Monster King. But the skill realm is the highest, it is the most qualified to get one Tribulation Realm treasure. “

“it is good.”

“Agree.” Both Peng Sovereign and Empress Xuanyue are nodded.

monster race Because there are many Tribulation Realm Supreme in history, there are also a lot of Tribulation Realm treasure weapons. But each of the Tribulation Realm’s secret weapon is very demanding, because it is arbitrarily squandered … No matter how deep the background is, it will be lavished. Especially given 5th-layer Monster King ‘Tribulation Realm treasure weapon’, in the past is fundamentally impossible.

This time also to defeat human.

Peng Sovereign said: “My monster race is the best for Monster King Qiansi’s Tribulation Realm. There are 3 pieces. Let it choose.”

Empress Xuanyue nodded.


Sacred Lord Qiansi came to the hall and looked at the three Emperors sitting there in the great hall, and saluted saluted: “greetings Emperor.”

No matter how proud it is, it is also extremely respectful to Emperor.

“Look at it.” Empress Xuanyue waved a book, and a booklet flew in. It recorded information on 3 Tribulation Realm treasure weapons.

Sacred Lord Qiansi took a look and couldn’t help eyes shined.

The introduction of Tribulation Realm’s treasure weapon is really too tempting, and after he turned it over, it also hesitated.

“Emperor.” Sacred Lord Qiansi respectfully said, “Human Primordial Spirit Secret Technique ‘Demonic Awl’, formidable power is great, our monster race can have Primordial Spirit Secret Technique to protect the primordial spirit, resist the Demonic Awl? Or similar to Demonic Awl Yes, means of attack? “

It has tasted Dao Protector Wang Shan’s Demonic Awl formidable power.

Under the pain, he barely remained sober, and his strength was greatly damaged. In other words, Meng Chuan was not destructive enough to break through his robe. If you burst your robe, it will be gone.

Meng Chuan cannot be broken, but True Martial King and the others can do it.

Sacred Lord Qiansi desperately needs the means to protect the primordial spirit.

“None.” Peng Sovereign coldly said, “The usual Primordial Spirit Secret Technique is similar to the Black Lotus secret technique you have built. To have a powerful Primordial Spirit Secret Technique, you must cultivate illusion technique lineage, and to achieve extremely high achievements. “

“Human Demonic Awl should not require illusion technique lineage.” Sacred Lord Qiansi said, “Human King Dongning, King Qianmu and many other Daemons can perform it.”

“That’s a secret technique unique to humans.”

Peng Sovereign said, “It is in the foreign territory that the powerful Primordial Spirit Secret Technique is almost always implemented by the illusion technique lineage. For non-illusion technique lineage, the formidable power is even greater? There is very little, monster world not at all.”

Demonic Awl forbidden move has been praised by human powerhouses of all generations, is almost a compulsory, and is the representative ‘killing move’ of Cang Yuan World. ‘Demonic Awl’ was originally placed in Mindsea Hall, but outside secret agents cannot see this secret technique.

“That subordinate chose Tribulation Realm’s” Cacoon of Nine Lifes “.” Sacred Lord Qiansi made his choice.

“Cacoon of Nine Lifes is a primordial spirit Fifth Tribulation Realm Supreme’s life secret. When the key is secret, the secret can be transformed into a” cocoon “. After the cocoon is counted, a complete fleshly body and a complete primordial spirit can be re-breeded after a few interest time, which is almost equal to a life. “Empress Xuanyue’s voice is cold,” but this’ Cacoon-breaking Rebirth ‘secret technique must be matched with the Tribulation Realm Supreme’s own Bloodline. Our monster race gets’ Cacoon of Nine Lifes’, and we can’t do’ Cacoon- breaking Rebirth ‘. “

“Subordinate understand.”

Sacred Lord Qiansi respectfully said, “subordinate value is the tenacious and sharp of Cacoon of Nine Lifes ‘silk thread’, and it is good at protecting fleshly body primordial spirit.”

Most of the Tribulation Realm treasures have a blocking effect on primordial spirit attacks.

The effect is strong or weak.

Some Tribulation Realm treasures … mainly for killing the enemy, but weak in supporting primordial spirit.

And some are for life-saving purposes, such as ‘Bloodblade Plate’, which is very strong in supporting primordial spirit. ‘Cacoon of Nine Lifes’ is also based on body protection, and the primordial spirit is also very strong.

“Cacoon of Nine Lifes, it’s” Qian Si Art “for you.” Empress Xuanyue waved his hand, and a large squashing white egg with a crystal white light flew to Sacred Lord Qiansi. “Need to use Lifesource Weapon Refinement Technique Go to refining, hurry up and go to ‘Cry 9’ quiet room cultivating. “

“Yes, subordinate quits.”

Sacred Lord Qiansi endured the excitement to take this ‘egg’ and exited the palace.

“Human Primordial Spirit Secret Technique is really troublesome.” Emperor Xinghe said, “My monster race’s 5th-layer Monster King is in a weak position in this respect.”

“Cang Yuan Founder is Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme. He can find the ‘Demonic Awl’ secret technique inheritance. We are envious.” Peng Sovereign said indifferently. After all, the strongest in monster race history is Sixth Tribulation Realm Supreme. Although there is more than one, the difference between 6 Tribulation Realm and Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme is too big.

Where Cang Yuan Founder can go, Sixth Tribulation Realm Supreme is difficult to go.

Although monster race has more treasure and more volume.

But human ‘quality’ is higher.

The inheritance of primordial spirit lineage, “Primordial Spirit Stars” and “Demonic Awl forbidden move” are ranked first and second in the Human Mindsea Hall, all of which let monster race drooling. Monster race obviously has no such inheritance. Of course, monster races also have their own unique accumulation.

“How do peacocks cultivate it?” Empress Xuanyue said, “This peacock, but awakened Space-Time River ‘Darkness Peacock’ Bloodline, is our killing move against humans.”

It’s even more today.

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