Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 430

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World Gap.

Meng Chuan put away the tables and chairs, and looked up at the dark scene where purple thunder was torn.

“53 days, ten or five paintings. It is much longer than the last painting.” Meng Chuan whispered softly. In the process of painting, primordial spirit has been blooming the rays of light of spirituality. Obviously, the feelings during painting touched the soul and had a great impact Big.

It took 15 days to paint 23 Paintings of Thunder for the first time in that year. That is because when the realm is low, you can see ‘less’. When you see less, the painting becomes more blurred! Just vaguely grasp the charm.

But this time, I see more, and the painting is more complicated and more detailed. The charm of the ten ten phases is closer to the real purple thunder.

“Ten 5 phases, representing different aspects.”

“But it’s all part of the purple thunder.” Meng Chuan knew in his heart, “If one day, all five phases can be incorporated into the ‘blade technique’, my blade technique is like a real purple thunder, and a blade can be torn apart Space-Time River, smash the darkness. Then I am afraid that my achievements will be comparable to Cang Yuan Founder. “

The true purple thunder may be slightly weaker than Cang Yuan Founder? Perhaps slightly stronger?

It cannot be judged with Meng Chuan’s eyes today.

But compared with the concepts in the Building of Stars secret art “Thunder World” and “Blade of Three Eras” inheritance that I have learned, this purple thunder is more subtle.

“Cang Yuan Founder and foreign tribe powerhouse can achieve that kind of realm. I have the same hope as Meng Chuan.” Meng Chuan pulled out the Monster-slaying Blade in an instant, facing the world birth scene, standing on this vast land, slamming Out.


Mo blade does not cut woodworkers by mistake. For Meng Chuan, the second painting ‘2 Paintings of Thunder ‘is’ mo blade’. Deepen his understanding of purple thunder, have a clearer direction, and know where to improve his blade technique.

Time passes, day by day.

The team of Primeval Mountain and the team of Twin World Island Blacksand Paradise are calmly cultivating.

This cultivating is 3 years!

For three years, Monster Race did not send any Monster King into the ‘World Gap’, which also made Meng Chuan more vigilant. Monster race is obviously preparing in secret, the longer it is held, the more terrible the shot may be.

In this regard, human is temporarily unable to help. Meng Chuan They all settle down for cultivating, and their strength improves, the greater their grasp of danger.

“hong long long.”

True Martial King sat cross-legged, forming a Black and White Qi domain with a range of 10 li around him. Black and White Qi pursued the fusion of gray power and gathered at the core of the domain.

Peng Mu, Yun Jianhai, and Meng Chuan occasionally saw the formidable power of True Martial Domain, and they all secretly marveled.

“True Martial lineage is not extreme. But its formidable power is powerful, and it is strong in all aspects.” Meng Chuan secretly admired that it is extremely powerful in all aspects of domain, killing the enemy, and body protection. This is a door Very comprehensive secret art. Of course, because it is too comprehensive … it also limits its formidable power. Like the real terrifying secret art in Space-Time River, Venerable can kill Emperor’s secret art step by step.

Like “Descent of the Golden Lotus”, mysterious is stronger than True Martial lineage, and many mysterious combinations have only one purpose-formidable power! Only use the formidable power to the extreme, and only then can you kill Emperor by stepping up!

True Martial lineage is too comprehensive and can only be regarded as dazzling in human history. Compared with the secret art in Space-Time River, it is still inferior.

“Great.” Meng Chuan, Peng Mu, Yun Jianhai all admire True Martial King. After all, True Martial King is enough to be named in human history. At the present age, it is the strongest Qin Wu, Li Guan, Bai Yaoyue The 3 Venerables are all Senior Secret art.


Standing on the vast ground, Meng Chuan pulled the blade out.


This blade splits naked eyes and can’t see, only hear heaven and earth roar, the world membrane wall is twisted.

In the absence of Magical Power, a blade makes the world’s membrane wall tremble and twist, so you can see the formidable power.

“Law Domain Realm peak.” Meng Chuan whispered to himself, “Finally at this step?”

“As I predicted, the suppression of heaven and earth rules is becoming more terrifying.” Meng Chuan thought.

Three years after coming to World Gap, Meng Chuan’s “Endless Blade” breakthrough reached Law Domain Realm peak.

If it is in Human World, without the second painting of thunder, no time to comprehend the birth scene of the world, it may take 2-5 years.

“I am 55 years old into the titled King Daemon, about 8 years, 63 years old Law Domain Realm peak. Normally, from Law Domain Realm peak to ‘Paradise Realm’ is more difficult. My cultivation speed now costs another ten You should reach Paradise Realm in the rest of the year. “Meng Chuan thought,” But that is the usual cultivation path line. If you follow the extreme path line according to “Endless Blade”, it will be difficult to become a Paradise Realm. “

The speed limit pursued by Endless Blade.

In human history, no one can break the shackles of heaven and earth and achieve ‘Paradise Realm’ in terms of pure speed.

Pursue the limit! Break the shackles of heaven and earth?

The difficulty is very high.

There is a powerhouse in Space-Time River, and some powerful Tribulation Realm Supremes can also do it.

Therefore, the three “Bloodblade Plate” runes, “Thunder World”, “Blade of Three Eras”, and “Thunderwalk”, all three secret arts, have a way to break the shackles of heaven and earth.

“Whether it is Bloodblade Plate or” Thunder World “and three secret arts, there is only one way to break the limit of pure speed.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “Taking Painting of Light as the core, then draw the sub-wave phase, Yin and Yang Painting is integrated into it, and the three are combined to break the shackles of heaven and earth in one fell swoop. “

The more cultivating, the more ‘phases’ need to be integrated.

For example, “Descent of the Golden Lotus”, Meng Chuan estimated that it was ‘Endless Painting of Destruction’ ‘Atavism Painting of Destruction’ ‘Nihility Painting of Destruction’ ‘Painting of Light and Lightning Flash’ ‘Yin and Yang Painting of Life’, 5 Together, we can achieve “Descent of the Golden Lotus”.

The higher the depth, the more so.

“Thunder World” and “Blade of Three Eras”, Meng Chuan feels that they have to be combined thoroughly. The ten-five phases represent only ‘elements’, the same ingredients, different chefs make different.

The same 15 Paintings of Thunder, different fusion methods, and the resulting secret art are also different.

“Purely Painting of Light, I have cultivating to Law Domain Realm peak.”

“Yin and Yang Painting and split-wave phases now have to reach Law Domain Realm peak respectively.”

“Let them combine perfectly again … Only in order to combine 3 and break the shackles of heaven and earth. Endless Blade is also upgraded to Paradise Realm.” Meng Chuan thought, “The combination of 3 in 1 is the most difficult.”

“It’s ‘Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement’ instead, without breaking the heaven and earth shackles.” Meng Chuan thought, “It may reach Paradise Realm earlier.”

Three years and six months after entering World Gap, Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement also reached Law Domain Realm peak.

There is no need to go to extremes to break the shackles of heaven and earth. Meng Chuan estimates that, in more than ten years, no accident, Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement should be able to reach ‘Paradise Realm’. On the contrary, how long the ‘Endless Blade’ will take is unclear, and it is likely that it will be stuck in the bottleneck breakthrough.


Meng Chuan came to World Gap for 3 years and 1 months.


The True Martial King and Peng Mu in cultivation suddenly felt a sense, turning their heads and looking towards one direction. Soon Yun Jianhai gave birth to induction and turned to look. Only Meng Chuan didn’t feel anything, and transformed into a ghost silhouette cultivating the ‘Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement’.

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