Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 431

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Ten or eight Meng Chuan silhouettes appeared between heaven and earth.

And Meng Chuan is really stealth in the deep void. Because Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement reaches ‘Law Domain Realm peak’, he can dive deeper in void and reflect more incarnation in the outside world.

“Junior brother Meng.” Peng Mu shouted.


After many silhouettes dissipated, Meng Chuan stopped and saw that the three senior brothers of True Martial King, Peng Mu, and Yun Jianhai had come together.

“What happened?” Meng Chuan flashed over, a little nervous, “The world’s membrane wall was punctured, Monster King came to World Gap?”

“No.” Peng Mu laughed. “It’s because we sensed a very special fluctuation. It should be that World Gap has a treasure. It may be a source treasure.”

“Chongbao is born?” Meng Chuan was very happy, came to World Gap for more than 3 years in this cultivating, and occasionally ordinary treasure landing, not at all ‘Space-Time Ice Floe’ ‘Lifesource treasure’ this level.

World Gap is completely formed, ranging from decades to 100 years.

The source treasure generally does not exceed ten pieces! It’s good luck to find one in a few years.

“It’s about 8000 li or so from here.” True Martial King said. “We hurried over to see.”


No one hesitated.

Meng Chuan released Seamless Domain with everyone, and the speed is also extremely fast. During the flight, I also picked up 2 or so ordinary treasures, which should be the treasures that landed in more than 3 years. No Monster King came in, and human Daemons have been In cultivating, so they have been on the ground, they were picked up by Meng Chuan.

“Wait a little while in World Gap for a while, maybe you can find some treasures.” True Martial King said with a smile, “ordinary treasures are also useful. The less is more.”

“Blood Soul Stone is more common, more collection points, can be used as Daemon Blood Pond raw materials.” Peng Mu also said.

3 big sect, plus several times the outer disciple, there are hundreds of people in the Life and Death Trial every year.

Daemon Blood Pond is consumed every year, and it is naturally amazing in the long run. Even Venerables have to worry about collecting the raw materials of Daemon Blood Pond.


Four people flew the tea time, and finally came to the source of the fluctuation. At this time, Dao Protector Wang Shan was also called, and five people looked at the distance.

“hong long long.”

azure The wind screamed, destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth-like scene, the earth shattered, and the void was distorted.

With Meng Chuan’s vision, they barely saw the core of the windy area, which is the position of the ‘wind eye’, and there is an azure egg faintly.

“These winds …” Meng Chuan discovered that these screaming winds were full of azure light, which was almost the same as the ‘azure light’, one of the five-color forces at the heaven and earth fractures that Meng Chuan had seen. , “Is it Source Power?”

Meng Chuan knows that the five light and color powers in the heaven and earth fracture are all Source Power, which is the power to create the world, and the formable power is terrifying.

Source Power gathers here, there is only one possibility.

“Source treasure.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “And it’s a source treasure like the wind.”

“Source Treasure of Wind breeds here.” True Martial King exclaimed, “Source treasure, only appears when the world is born, it is very precious. And ‘Source Treasure of Wind’ is more unique, they generally have spirituality, once After it is completely formed, it will break open the eggshell and fly away. Its fast speed is unimaginable. They like freedom. They generally fly out of the world that was born and fly freely in foreign territory. “

“In the Space-Time River, it is difficult for Emperor to capture them.” True Martial King said, “As for us? We must capture it before it is formed. Once the shell is broken, we can easily capture it.”

Meng Chuan and the others are nodded.

“This violent wind contains Source Power of World Gap.” True Martial King said, “I will try it.”

He stretched his hands away.

The gray power converged into a ball, spinning and flying into the wind.

“I used the power of the Tribulation Realm treasure to form this sphere. The body protection formidable power is extremely strong.” True Martial King said.

chi chi chi ——

The wind screamed, destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth, and blowing through the gray sphere. There were many cracks on the surface of the gray sphere, but it was also resisted by tenacious and healed quickly. It continued to fly in.

But the wind is bursting, the wind is bursting, some strong, some weak. The further in, the wind is generally stronger and denser.

After flying more then 200 li, under the stronger wind, the gray sphere directly shattered and completely dissipated.

“Can’t stop it.” True Martial King saw the scene and shook his head. “It’s not working hard against Wind Source.”

After the strength breakthrough, he also has the Tribulation Realm treasure. His strength is close to Meng Tiange and Xu Yingwu.

In other words, Qin Wu, Bai Yaoyue, and Li Guan defeated True Martial King by three sure tricks.

His body protection means can’t carry Wind Source … other titled King Daemon has no hope at all.

“I can’t bear it head-on.” Meng Chuan also perceives the gust of wind that formsidable power, destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth, distorting the void and failing to dive into the deep void. fleshly body positive resistance? It will only be strangled.

“Let me try.”

Peng Mu said with a slight smile.

He waved his hand away, and an azure vine flew out of his hand and flew into the violent wind: “I am an Emperor-level treasure, this Wind Source, and I want to destroy it. It is not difficult to spread to 1000 miles.

The azure vine grows longer and longer, and when it extends into the gust of wind 30 li or so, the gust of wind inside becomes more and more violent, and the azure vine that is blowing swayed, unable to go deeper.

“The wind’s formidable power is too large, and it repulses all foreign objects, so it can’t be approached anymore.” Peng Mu’s face flushed red, causing the azure vines to shorten quickly.

“I won’t try it. My sword technique is good at killing enemies head-on, which takes treasure? I can’t.” Yun Jianhai calmly said.

“I have no choice.” Dao Protector Wang Shan shook his head.

“Junior brother Meng, do you have a way?” True Martial King looked at Meng Chuan.

“I’ll take a look first.” Meng Chuan had a bold idea in his mind, and he carefully observed the gust of wind, and carefully looked at the gust of wind through Thunder-magnetic Domain and Seamless Domain.

At this time, there were 5 silhouettes flying in the distance. It was the joint team of Twin World Island Blacksand Paradise. King Qianmu, King Ronghuo and other each and everyone flew down together.

“It’s Source Treasure of Wind.”

“The range of the gusty wind is so large, 1000 miles?”

King Qianmu and King Ronghuo looked at them in awe.

“You guys are one step faster than us.” King Ronghuo said with a smile, “It seems that I failed to take out this source treasure.”

“You can give it a try.” True Martial King said with a slight smile.

3 The big sect is still very closely related, no matter which sect gets, it is helpful to human strength.

“I’ll come first.” Nether King Tong coldly said, a shadow suddenly flew out of his body, and the shadow got into the gusty wind, destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth, but the shadow was not touched. However, as he approached, the dark shadow began to distort after going deep into the strong wind or more li, the dark shadow quickly began to retreat, and then returned to Nether King Tong within the body.

Nether King Tong look pale, his eyes dim.

King Ronghuo and King Beimu frowned at the sight. They both felt that their companion ‘Nether King Tong’ had great hopes, and didn’t expect that.

“I also try.” King Gutong said, a wave of tens of thousands of poisonous insects flew out densely packed, these poisonous insects fly extremely fast, one after another gusty wind is still away from each other, just because Wind Source is too fast, difficult Drill through the gap.

But these poisonous insects each and everyone flew flexibly, drilling through the gap between the violent winds.

Also keep going deeper.

But the deeper the wind, the more encrypted the set. Once swept by Wind Source, the poisonous insect turns into a powder.

“No.” King Gutong also found it was not good. The poisonous insects went deep into hundred or more li, and they all retreated. After the retreat, there were more than 3000 poisonous insects left.

Everyone who tried the means tried, but failed.

“It’s too windy formidable power.” King Ronghuo shook his head, all helpless.

Although World Gap will give birth to source treasure, it is sometimes difficult to succeed in front of you.

Meng Chuan watched carefully, thinking about it.

“There is 20-30% hope, you can try it.” Meng Chuan thought secretly.

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