Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 432

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“Wind Source, surrounded by around 1000 miles.” King Qianmu looked at it from a distance, “formidable power is extremely large, the closer to the core Wind Source, the more encrypted sets, and the stronger formidable power, and we, the titled King Daemon, are simply not close.”

“The wind forms a vortex, repelling all foreign objects, and our weapons cannot be accessed.” Peng Mu also said that powerful weapons can resist the ‘Wind Source’. If the vortex does not repel, you can remotely manipulate the weapons to get close treasure.

True Martial King, King Ronghuo, etc. each and everyone are watching and thinking.

After all, it is a source treasure, there are too many uses.

Source treasure is the formation of World Source, which can be used as the power of ‘Daemon Blood Pond’.

It can also be directly integrated into the ‘World Source’ of its own world to strengthen the World Source. If the world faces the danger of ‘degrading’ in the future, source treasure can continue life for the world and maintain the ‘medium world’ without degrading.

Can be used to refine treasure.

Can be used for cultivating.


Source treasure, there are too many uses, and the number is very small. It is difficult for Tribulation Realm Supreme to find, because only when “world is born” will be accompanied.

“I’ll try it.” A voice sounded.

The people turned around and looked at Meng Chuan. Meng Chuan watched the vast vortex of the wind and walked forward.

“Junior brother be careful.” Yun Jianhai unable to bear said.

Meng Chuan reached out his right hand, his finger touched the gusty wind of the peripheral zone, which made other Daemons a little puzzled, and his finger touched Wind Source?

“Pu.” A ray of blue wind cut at the tip of Meng Chuan’s finger, barely breaking the light film formed by ‘Indestructable Divine Armor’, and cut a very small wound at the tip of Meng Chuan’s finger.

Meng Chuan withdrew his finger, secretly thought: “It’s almost what I expected. Only a ray of Wind Source has such a formidable power. If it is swept by a lot of wind … On the periphery, I may be able to escape under the serious injury. I can reach the depths of vortex, afraid It ’s because the body was crushed and could n’t escape. ”

“But Wind Source is only powerful and destructive. There is no consciousness, and I don’t know how to kill the enemy through ’cause and effect’.” Meng Chuan said, “I only need to leave the blood to regenerate the Blood Drop and bet on it.”

At Primeval Mountain, Meng Chuan has a drop of blood.

Now Meng Chuan has also left some blood in his Paradise Magical Bead.

“Senior brother Wang, this Paradise Magical Bead is in your custody for the time being.” Meng Chuan turned over and handed the Paradise Magical Bead to Dao Protector Wang Shan. Dao Protector took some doubts, Wind Source formidable power was too big, Paradise Magical Bead Meng Chuan is not sure whether he can carry the strangulation. But he can be sure that the Tribulation Realm treasure can certainly be carried.

Meng Chuan said to True Martial King with a smile again: “senior brother, if I fail, please ask senior brother to help me take back the Bloodblade Plate.”

If your body is strangled, the Bloodblade Plate will also be rejected.

“Are you going in?” True Martial King guessed, shocked. Other Daemons around looked at Meng Chuan in surprise?

“King Dongning, your life is related to the entire war, and it should not be reckless.” King Ronghuo even said.

“King Dongning, don’t take risks.” King Qianmu also said worriedly.

Meng Chuan solves 1000000 Monster King alone.

Without Meng Chuan, Monster Race can spend years to gradually send Monster King in and 1000000 Monster King in. Human World will re-enter the “nightmare”.

“I have absolute life-saving assurance.” Meng Chuan opened the mouth and said, “You don’t need to worry.”


Listening to all of them on the spot, absolutely life-saving grasp?

“Since King Dongning has life-saving assurance, we will not discourage. But King Dongning must remember … your life is the most important,” King Ronghuo reminded.

Meng Chuan smiled nodded.

Immediately suspended, pedaling the Bloodblade Plate.


Meng Chuan turned into a residual image and flew directly into the vortex.

“Just go by this method?” King Gutong said, unable to bear, “He has the highest speed in the world, his body is definitely much stronger than my poisonous insect, but this Wind Source is irregular, and goes inward. The denser. The tinyness of poisonous insect … the penetration of hundred or more li is the limit. “

“Look at it,” Nether King Tong said.

Most of the Daemons present were nervous.


Meng Chuan stepped on the Bloodblade Plate and flew flexibly. Wind Source formidable power too terrifying has long distorted shallow void.

Perhaps reaching the achievements of Venerable Ye Hong and diving into the void deep enough, these Wind Sources cannot be threatened. As for today, Meng Chuan and Venerable Ye Hong still have a huge gap.

“Whiz whiz whiz.”

The Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement of the Law Domain Realm peak, and the Bloodblade Plate help, making Meng Chuan unpredictable, passing through the gap of one after another wind and deepening inward.

The huge vortex, the more the wind, the more encrypted the set.

“Good speed.”

“King Dongning’s body style is indeed powerful, unpredictable, and extremely fast.” The titled King Daemons watching from the side were all amazed. Meng Chuan stepped on the Bloodblade Plate and could shine or more li in a flash! Of course, the environment of vortex is not allowed to be arrogant. Changing body style is more important. Meng Chuan has changed body style 100 times in the blink of an eye, passing through the gaps in countless winds.

“The wind is getting denser.” Meng Chuan also felt great pressure when crossing 150 miles.

a single thought.

On the side of Meng Chuan’s forehead, there are silver mysterious lines, a sliver of silver lightning flashes around the skull, and within both eyes also has silver lightning. .

Magical Power ‘Quicksand’.

When these Wind Sources became ‘10% ‘speed, Meng Chuan suddenly relaxed too much. He stepped on the Bloodblade Plate and whiz whiz whiz quickly drilled in.

200 li, 300 li, 400 miles …

Quickly approach the core of the entire vortex.

“This this……”

“This way?”

The titled King Daemons watching from the side looked at this scene in shock, and True Martial King couldn’t believe it.

The original body style of Meng Chuan is still within the scope of their understanding. After the Magical Power is displayed, the body style of Meng Chuan is unimaginable. They only see countless afterimages, and they pass through the seemingly dense wind.

“There must be a speed of 700-800 within a flash.” King Beimu looked at it, and whispered, “The most terrifying thing is that he can control such a speed. At such a terrifying speed, in just a blink of an eye, the change has changed at least 100 times. As for how many times it changes, I ca n’t see at all. “

“I can’t see clearly either,” Nether King Tong said. “In the face of this body style, my attack can’t touch him at all, but he can shoot me at will.”

King Ronghuo nodded: “At this speed, you can blink and change at least a few hundred times. Can his primordial spirit thinking react?”

Even the titled King Daemon feels that it has gone beyond the primordial spirit thinking reaction.


Meng Chuan stepped on the Bloodblade Plate, flashing a hundred or more li. Under Magical Power ‘Quicksand’, extreme speed is 1000 li or so! The endless body method can reach 1500 miles in one flash, and Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement can reach 1000 taels 100 miles in one flash on the Bloodblade Plate.

But the speed is too fast, not necessarily manageable.

Just like the “Void Spider-thread Domain” faced by Sacred Lord Qiansi, in the several hundred li domain, countless void spiders intercepted. If you pass at the most extreme speed in an instant … it is easy to hit too many void spider silk. Just like a mortal, running too fast can easily run out of control and hit obstacles. For Meng Chuan, a similar problem was encountered.

He stepped on the Bloodblade Plate, too fast.

It’s okay to probe underground. When fighting powerful opponents like ‘Sacred Lord Qiansi’, you need to control your own speed perfectly.

Previously, under Magical Power ‘Quicksand’, a flash of 500 miles was the limit of his perfect control. At this speed, densely packed void spider interception, he can flexibly avoid.

And now Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement breakthrough, after reaching Law Domain Realm peak, within a flash of 900 miles is his perfect control limit. It will get out of control no matter how fast, the speed of out of control … in the dense wind vortex, it will only die.

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