Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 433

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“hua hua 哗.”

With the help of Bloodblade Plate, the faster the Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement becomes, the more weird it becomes.

Magical Power Quicksand gives Meng Chuan primordial spirit enough time to exhibit unimaginable body style.

He left countless afterimages, deeper and deeper in the vortex, and the titled King Daemons who watched from the side, couldn’t see this kind of body.

“There are 3 10 li and 20 li left.” Meng Chuan has seen the huge azure egg at the core of the entire Wind Source vortex, but at the final distance, the gusty wind is more encrypted, and even the gap is so small that it can be ignored.

“The wind is too dense.”

Even with Magical Power Quicksand, the outside world in Meng Chuan’s induction is slowed down to 1/4 of the original one, but the strong wind at the wind eye still makes Meng Chuan’s heart intensive, even near the ‘azure egg’, there is simply no gap.

“As long as the wind is blowing, there are strong points and thin points.”


Meng Chuan hesitated outside the “azure egg” ten li or so, and changed 1000 phantoms around him. The density of Wind Source here could not threaten him.

“Chong.” Meng Chuan a single thought, Magical Power ‘control heaven and earth’ burst! And ten eight blood blades also surround the body.

When Magical Power ‘Quicksand’ only affects its own fleshly body, it consumes the least amount of energy and can maintain 5 breaths. Meng Chuan feels like 5 ten breaths.

If it is placed outside, the farther away it is, the faster it will consume.

So it was only at the last moment that Meng Chuan released the bleeding blade, and the invisible power of Magical Power ‘Quicksand’ also touched these 8 blood blades.


In a flash, 127 times of body changes, especially at the final distance, there was no gap. Meng Chuan chose the most ‘thin’ place to pass by. This final sprint completely reached the speed of Meng Chuan’s Sword Immortal.


Even the thinnest part is terrifying than the outermost wind!

Meng Chuan rushed through the moment, and the 8 1 blood blade body was shattered and dispersed under a slight shock. However, just “crushed” for a moment, so that Meng Chuan rushed to the front of the azure egg.

“Close.” Meng Chuan touched the azure egg with his palm and forced it into the void treasure.

The moment the azure egg entered the void treasure, the surrounding Wind Source seemed to lose its source, quickly weakened, and dissipated.

Meng Chuan’s 2 legs have been strangled and smashed, and a scarlet spreads everywhere. Just now Wind Source swept his legs.


The crushed flesh, the scarlet flew back quickly, Meng Chuan’s legs quickly grew back and recovered, and the Bloodblade Plate flew back.

After reaching Blood Drop Realm, as long as the particles are intact, there is no loss of body. If the particle space is destroyed … it means that a particle is completely destroyed. Wind Source is unconscious, as if countless blades have been cut through. Although the crushing of Meng Chuan’s legs is turned into blood mist, in fact only 0.1% of the particles are crushed, and the other particle spaces are intact.

Meng Chuan a single thought, all particles returned, and a little breath lost was recovered.

“Successful.” Meng Chuan looked at the void bracelet and sensed the ‘azure egg’ in the bracelet. Source Treasure of Wind had not yet been born.


In the distance, King Ronghuo, King Gutong, True Martial King, and many other titled King Daemons who saw this scene in the distance, saw the legs of Meng Chuan strangled into blood mist, and recovered completely in a blink of an eye.

“This kind of resilience is really amazing.” King Ronghuo They were a little shocked.

In the process of winning the treasure, Meng Chuan’s body style and Daemon Body’s life force shocked them. Meng Chuan doesn’t care, because the monster race knows his intelligence, and there is no need to hide it from humans.

Whether it’s a hard fight against Monster Saint Jiuyan or their fight with Sacred Lord Qiansi, monster race can speculate that Meng Chuan’s fleshly body is strong and should have more than one Magical Power.


Meng Chuan flew back to the Daemon.

“King Dongning’s method really opened my eyes.” King Beimu exclaimed.

“With the strength of King Dongning, the monster race is a threat to get it.” King Qianmu also smiled, and with that body style alone, the monster race could not be cracked in the ‘Human World’ ‘World Gap’.

The strength of Meng Chuan makes these titled King Daemons feel at ease. After all, Meng Chuan had too much influence on the war.

“Congratulations to you Primeval Mountain has obtained the source treasure, we have to leave first.” King Ronghuo said.


King Gutong and each and everyone also said.

Soon the Twin World Island Blacksand Paradise team also left, and Dao Protector Wang Shan first returned to the Paradise Magical Bead, followed by Meng Chuan and the four of them also began to wander in the World Gap.


After 5 days of shopping, Meng Chuan picked up some ordinary treasures in World Gap.

Only then did the wall of the world blast open and return to Primeval Mountain.

‘Source Treasure of Wind’ is too precious, so naturally it must be sent back to the sect as soon as possible.

“hong long long ~~~”

After the True Martial King blasted out of the channel, the four of them also flew into the hole and returned to Human World.

Come back.

Meng Chuan The four of them landed on the unnamed hill of Primeval Mountain. Now Human World is late at night, the sky is bright and the moon is high, and it is very cold.

“How did you all come back?” Li Guan brought Qin Wu illusory shadow and Luo Tang illusory shadow to the teleportation, looking at Meng Chuan and 4 of them in surprise.

“We encountered ‘Source Treasure of Wind’ in World Gap.” True Martial King said with a smile, “We tried with many of the titled King Daemon one after another of Twin World Island Blacksand Paradise, and we couldn’t win the treasure. Finally It was junior brother Meng’s shot … I won this source treasure in one fell swoop. “

“Source Treasure of Wind?”

Li Guan, Qin Wu, and Luo Tang all showed joy.

“This source treasure was sheltered by Source Power before it was born. Once born, Source Treasure of Wind is extremely flexible, and Emperor is difficult to capture. You even got it?” Li Guan was very excited.

“You did good.” Qin Wu smiled at Meng Chuan.

“I know it’s Source Treasure of Wind, so I put it together and had good luck.” Meng Chuan said with a smile. As a controller, Meng Chuan knew that Primeval Mountain’s sect protecting treasure ‘Heaven and Earth Hall’ really lacking now ‘ Source Treasure of Wind ‘.

In the original Cang Yuan Founder status, when collecting source treasures, many foreign tribe powerhouses offered source treasures in their hometowns in exchange for benefits. But ‘Source Treasure of Wind’ will slip away during the birth of the world, and it will be much more difficult to find. Cang Yuan Founder found 6 pieces in his lifetime, some of which were used to promote the world. After a long time, one piece has disappeared.

“There is Source Treasure of Wind and other ordinary treasures found in World Gap.” Meng Chuan handed the void bracelet to Li Guan.

“Okay.” Li Guan took it.

“Then we will go back.” True Martial King said, they need to stay in World Gap for a long time.

“You go back first, Meng Chuan stays.” Li Guan said.

Meng Chuan is puzzled.

True Martial King and the others are still nodded, blasting the opening of the world ’s membrane wall back to World Gap.

“What’s the matter?” Meng Chuan looked at the three Venerables doubtfully, and now it’s the most important to fight in World Gap. Nothing important, Venerables won’t stop themselves.

Li Guan, Qin Wu, Luo Tang looked at each other.

“It’s troublesome.” Li Guan looked at Meng Chuan. “This is a bit weird.”

“Strange?” Meng Chuan listened carefully.

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