Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 434

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Li Guan seriously said: “In the past few months, two cities in my Great Zhou Dynasty have been attacked by mysterious successively, killing 2 people each time.”

“What? 1000000 people?” Meng Chuan’s face changed.

Since solving the 1000000 Monster King threat, the entire human feels that peace and security is coming, and the remaining Monster Kings hiding in small paradise can’t turn up much. A group of powerful titled King Daemons such as Meng Chuan, True Martial King, King Qianmu and others are now thinking of solving the threat of ‘World Gap’, and humanity will probably win the final victory.

But who thought, Meng Chuan, when they were in World Gap, the Great Zhou Dynasty was attacked twice, and 2 people died each time?

“In the past, although the monster race attacked the city, each city was guarded by Daemon, and it was difficult for a single city to have so many deaths and injuries.” Meng Chuan unable to bear said, “Who is the murderer? Monster Saint?”

“The reason why this thing is weird is that it is weird, and it is unknown who the murderer is.” Li Guan said, “Daemon, who guards the city, finds that there is a terrorist force in the city, swallowing the surrounding dozens of li All mortal creatures, the flesh and blood of countless creatures are turned into blood and qi are swallowed, sins are swallowed, completely disappeared. “

“Swallow blood and qi and sin? Much like my Monster-slaying Blade, but Monster-slaying Blade is also the life of the devouring beheading, and the distance is relatively close.” Meng Chuan frowned, “Swallowing the dozens of li range The creatures inside? Keep the Daemon in the city, do you find out the identity of the murderer? “


Li Guan shook his head, “3 months ago, the first attack, the attacked city was responsible for guarding the Guardian Divine Beast. The Guardian Divine Beast has the strength of the titled King Daemon, and he pursued to kill the mysterious murderer. The mysterious murderer disappeared directly. , Did not catch up at all. “

“In the second attack, it was the three named Marquis Daemons who were responsible for guarding the city. Among them, the fastest to catch up, but seeing the vague silhouette of bloody blood and qi and sin, it was impossible to tell whether it was a monster race or a human. That The mysterious murderer also disappeared, and the titled Marquis Daemons couldn’t track it at all. “

“The two attacks were all sudden, and suddenly disappeared.”

Li Guan frowns saying, “And they are all cities in my Great Zhou. Twin World Island and Blacksand Paradise have not been attacked.”

Meng Chuan listened solemnly.

“Sounds like a lot of evil cultivation methods.” Meng Chuan frowns saying.

There are some very evil cultivation methods in human history. When there were no foreign enemies in the past, the internal fighting was fierce. Some Daemons mortalized them as pigs and dogs, and even some evil means. ‘Monster-slaying Blade’ is a similar evil weapon, but only in the hands of Meng Chuan, it becomes a weapon of monster-slaying.

After the monster race invaded, the three major sects abandoned their previous suspected joint efforts against the enemy, expressly prohibited and fighting inside!

Killing each other and killing Daemon is a felony once the evidence is conclusive. In the past, many ancient evil methods were sealed, and no recipes were transmitted at all. For example, ‘Blood Divine Body’ cultivating is too painful. The younger generation has created an easy but evil method of cultivating. It came to the Foundation Establishment with 1000000 human lives. The Daemon Body that was trained was called the “blood demonic body”, and similar evil methods are better. , But now no one is visible.

Over 800 years …

3 The big sect unites against the enemy, the human Daemon also supports each other, and the evil method studies are nowhere to be learned. The 800-year-old ‘Daemon’ is almost the best-known Daemon in history. Daemons have gone from generation to generation to fight for humans. kill.

Even fighting for humanity, sacrificing for humanity, and handing down from generation to generation, has been incorporated into every newly born Daemon in the bones.

“Human evil cultivation methods are all sealed, and the outside world is almost impossible.” Li Guan said.

“Even if there is a little, it is impossible to devour 1000000 human lives at the same time, even Guardian Divine Beast can’t catch up.” Qin Wu said.

“What do I need to do?” Meng Chuan asked.

“Your speed is the best in the world.” Li Guan looked at Meng Chuan. “As long as you can find the murderer, you can follow him thoroughly, so he can’t escape.”

Meng Chuan nodded.

With its own strength, any powerhouse in the world, including Manifestation Venerable, can’t get rid of its own tracking.

“You can have about 500 miles in one breath.” Li Guan looked at Meng Chuan. “If you use that special time Magical Power, the speed can reach ten times.”

The secret of Magical Power Quicksand, although Meng Chuan kept it secret, told 3 Venerable.

“Magical Power Quicksand, I can only maintain 3 to 5 hours of interest, and stretch to the limit, the burden on the primordial spirit will be very heavy.” Meng Chuan said,

“The mysterious murderer, who swallowed 1000000 people’s lives on a large scale, would be 2 3 breaths time, and will quickly escape.” Li Guan said, “So you must arrive within 2 3 breaths time, the entire Human World, only you Meng Chuan is expected to do it. “

“We need you to catch this murderer.” Qin Wu also said.

Meng Chuan slightly nodded.

At all costs, step on the Bloodblade Plate, and now “Endless Blade” has reached the Law Domain Realm peak, and then rely on Magical Power Quicksand, a flash of 1600 miles. In one breath, it is indeed about 5000 miles.

“Mysterious murderer, the two attacks are just over a month apart,” Qin Wu said. “We suspect that if he is cultivating a special method, he should make another shot in the near future.”

“Meng Chuan, you only need to stay in a major city in the hinterland of the Great Zhou Dynasty. Once he attacked my city in Great Zhou … At your speed, you can arrive within 3 breaths time.” Luo Tang said.

“Okay.” Meng Chuan nodded, “I will live in ‘Nanshui City’ for the time being.”


Great Zhou Dynasty, Nanshui City.

Nanshui City, the city farthest from it in the entire Great Zhou area is the city “Baoyu City” on the northwest border, and overwhelming majority city is within 10,000 taels 1000 miles.

“Who the hell is that?” Meng Chuan was in the small courtyard alone, looking at the slightly frowned file in his hand. “Is it a monster race, or is it my human Daemon?”

His time is precious.

But Li Guan, Qin Wu, Luo Tang and their three Venerables still asked Meng Chuan to stay in Human World temporarily to solve this threat.

In fact, each attack killed 1000000 people, enough for the entire human people to be alarmed, and the Venerables were also very anxious.


Meng Chuan was also anxious.

Only when the other party starts to do it can they catch it.

And once the opponent starts, another 1000000 people will die … This makes the killing intent in Meng Chuan’s chest even stronger.

Every day passed.

In an instant, Meng Chuan returned to Human World and had a big half a month.


At night, the sky above Yu’an City in the hinterland of Great Zhou.


void is slightly twisted, and a silhouette of a dark red mist appears at high altitude, overlooking this huge city.

“So many fresh lives, more than 1000 and 10000 people.” The dark red misty silhouette whispered softly, and then landed. Although Yu’an City is prosperous, it also guards Daemon, but no one noticed the arrival of a terrifying existence.

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