Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 435

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A dark red misty silhouette landed on the surface of a lake in a city, and Scarlet’s eyes looked around: “It’s delicious.”


With it as the center, there is a dark red mist coming quietly within the range of 3 10 li. The overwhelming majority of people in this range are already asleep, and of course there are people who linger in the land of fireworks brothel, soldiers patrolling the streets, and they are working The dao academy disciple of cultivating … but at the moment they were all frightened by 10000 points, their skin flesh and blood began to decompose into blood and qi, making the dark red in this domain more intense.

Awake, you can still be shocked to see this scene of your body breaking down.

While sleeping, the whole body was so painful and full of fear that he would not understood at all.

The murderer chose the southeast corner of ‘Yu’an City’, and the most common commoners are at the outermost edge, but the density of living here is high, and more than 1000000 people have decomposed into blood and qi. Their anger and resentment when they died, The resulting sin resentment qi is also swallowed.

Blood and qi sins resentment qi, which turns into an endless dark red wave, all converge towards the center of the domain.


The sudden arrival of the blood and qi domain and the appearance of the monstrous resentment qi naturally alarmed the Daemon who guarded Yu’an City.

“That mysterious murderer, has come to Yu’an City?” In a common courtyard, King Luyue complexion changed.

As the war situation changed and the threat of monster race was greatly weakened, many ancient titled King Daemon slept again. The city in the Great Zhou … titled King Daemon has guarded much less than in the past, but King Luyue is the one who guards the city.

Prior to the two mysterious attacks, Primeval Mountain naturally gave the file to the town guard Daemon, and all town guard Daemons were also vigilant.

King Luyue immediately asked for help immediately through the token.

“I want to see who the mysterious murderer is.”

“That blood and qi domain is 50 li away from me.”

“Only by speed, I can’t catch 2 3 breaths time at all, but my poison insect can get there.” King Luyue instantly turned into a streamer to chase him. He belongs to the speed of the ordinary titled King Daemon, which is slower than True Martial King. With a long cut, a black shadow flew out of his sleeve.

This group of black shadows is made up of more than 70 poison insects.

These poison insects are much faster, and the fastest one has a speed of nearly 20 li, and is rushing towards the blood and qi domain.


Nanshui City, the night sinks like water, Meng Chuan sit cross-legged In the yard, there is a blood blade flying around and practicing move.

Covered by Seamless Domain, people around can’t find any movement at all.


Meng Chuan suddenly opened his eyes and took out the token with a flip of his hand. The ‘Yu’an City’ in the token lights up and the blood light is dazzling.

“Yu’an City?” Cold light flashed in Meng Chuan’s eyes.

After waiting for more than half a month, finally came!


The blood blade flew back quickly, and Meng Chuan’s entire body had already broken away.

Foot on the Bloodblade Plate, using the endless method, Meng Chuan flew between heaven and earth at extreme speed, and the mysterious lines of silver also appeared on the side of his forehead. A line of silver lightning flashed around the head, while both eyes also flashed silver Lightning, the outside Time Flow Speed ​​is still normal, but Meng Chuan’s Time Flow Speed ​​has changed.

Magical Power ‘Quicksand’!


The surrounding scenery was completely blurred, and the weak Daemon would feel fear at such a speed. Because I can’t see clearly around.

In a flash time of 1600, this is an unimaginable speed. Under normal circumstances, Emperor can easily exceed this speed.

Emperor’s one teleport is 1000 miles, and the flash time can be shifted 2 or 3 times, which is 2,000-3,000 miles. This is only the slowest speed among Emperor. If the Emperor’s manipulation of time is counted, and the powerful treasure that Emperor has, the speed is much faster.

But Meng Chuan’s speed can at least be proud of many Manifestation Venerable.

“Whiz whiz whiz.”

The surrounding scene is blurred, and Meng Chuan keeps moving forward at super high speed.

A total of 6000 li or so from Nanshui City to Yu’an City, a little more time to breathe, Meng Chuan has arrived.


When Meng Chuan reached the sky above Yu’an City, he saw the Dong’an area in Yu’an City at one glance, where there were dense dozen blood and qi rolling in the range of several dozen li, and there was more relief qi monstrous, with a head of poison insect impacting blood and qi domain, these poison insects are quite advanced in the blood and qi domain, but the blood and qi domain are blocked by a lot, and the flight speed of the poison insect also slows down.

“It’s King Luyue.” Meng Chuan also saw King Luyue, King Luyue is only the speed of the ordinary titled King Daemon, the breathing time is only about 10 li, and has not yet reached the blood and qi domain.

The moment Meng Chuan arrived, his eyebrows were opened, and Thunder-magnetic Domain shrouded below.

Thunder-magnetic wave sweeps everywhere, and the silhouette of the core of the domain is locked. The silhouette has a power shield and it is difficult to ‘see’ the appearance.


The silhouette shrouded in dark red mist was startled, “Not good.”

“I found you.” Meng Chuan stared into the distance, Bloodblade Plate one after another blood blade flew out, and killed him.

“It’s King Dongning.”

King Luyue, who was approaching, also found Meng Chuan, and he couldn’t help showing his joy. “King Dongning is the fastest in the world. With him in, the murderer cannot escape.”

After the blood blade attacked and killed, Meng Chuan was full of murderous intention, but Primeval Mountain told him to try to catch it alive!

So these blood blades besieged the past, wanting to amputate their four limbs and ban their power.


There are violent blood and qi to block, but it is difficult to block the blood blade attack.

Even without going through a lap of ‘Thunder-magnetic Domain’ acceleration, after reaching ‘Law Domain Realm peak’, the blood blade formidable power released by the Tribulation Realm treasure is amazing enough, along with rumbling sound, blood and qi can be easily shredded , The mysterious murderer also tried his best to resist, with bright dazzling sword light lit up.

“hong long long.”

sword light mysterious, blood and qi fled in embarrassment.

“What?” Meng Chuan complexion changed.

Although the power used by the opponent is very strange, the sword technique Meng Chuan is too familiar! Once he and the other party went through the World Gap together, and watched the other party fight against the ‘Blood Asura’ with their own eyes. Even if the sword secret technique is much more than the brilliant in the past, but Meng Chuan can still see that the mysterious sword technique that just blocked the blood blade , Is ‘Spring and Autumn Tribulation’.

Strictly speaking, more perfect than the original ‘Spring and Autumn Tribulation’. But obviously it is the same origin, Meng Chuan can’t believe there is another powerhouse in this world that can exhibit this move.

“King Dongning, don’t let him escape.” King Luyue chased behind, eagerly.

The bloody silhouette flickered through the void to the outside of several li, several flashes quickly escaped.

“He can’t escape.” Meng Chuan’s voice echoed around King Luyue, and the silhouette was approaching the mysterious bloody silhouette in a flash.

Meng Chuan looked at the bloody silhouette in front of him and stared at each other, one after another blood blade also suspended around.

“Serenity Sea King, is it you?” Meng Chuan said solemnly.

“He he he he … It’s worthy of the speed of the world.” Bloody silhouette hehe smiled strangely.

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