Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 436

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The bloody silhouette floated into the air and did not rush to escape.

Because ‘It’ is very clear that Meng Chuan, who has the fastest speed in the world, is simply impossible to get rid of.

“Meng Chuan, you need at least a few strokes to capture me.” The bloody silhouette is strange with a smile. “If I want, I can kill many mortals below in an instant.”

“You have 2 choices.”

“One, let me go, and I will naturally flee immediately without hurting another mortal.”

“2. You deal with me, and I let these mortals bury me.”

“Choose your own choice.” The bloody silhouette looked at Meng Chuan. “I know that Meng Chuan, who is renowned, is not such a ruthless person.”

Meng Chuan looked at the bloody silhouette in front of him with a smile, and wondered: “I am 90% sure that this mysterious murderer is Serenity Sea King. But when did Serenity Sea King talk so much? And so stupid?”


Primordial Spirit Stars wave ripples forward, and instantly a bloody silhouette.

Meng Chuan knows that Serenity Sea King is outstanding out of the ordinary, and he will be afraid. Even Primordial Spirit 4th-layer, under Star Fluactation, should be able to maintain barely sober.

“En?” The bloody silhouette was impacted by ‘Star Fluactation’, and could not help shaking, then fell directly down.

“What, lost consciousness?” Meng Chuan was also preparing to defeat the opponent with a blood blade. Seeing the opponent’s inability to fall, he was a little puzzled. True yuan quickly flew out and infiltrated into the other party within the body. All its power.

During the ban, Meng Chuan also discovered the ‘true yuan’ of this mysterious person within the body, and also the ‘primordial spirit’ who lost his consciousness.

True yuan aura, primordial spirit aura … are undoubtedly, Serenity Sea King.

Meng Chuan looked at the mysterious murderer suspended in front of his eyes. This mysterious murderer was taller than Serenity Sea King, and had dark red runes on his face. It was ugly and evil.

“The appearance looks completely changed, but true yuan aura and primordial spirit aura are both Serenity Sea King, and their will is also very fragile.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “Bring him back to Primeval Mountain first, tell Master to respect them, and then see how Dispose of him. “

Serenity Sea King is famous in Human World.

He is the Primeval Mountain titled King Daemon most likely to become ‘Manifestation Venerable’. He has been oversee Serenity Sea Pass for many years, beheading many monster races, sheltering humans.

Many Daemons have worshipped Serenity Sea King, and many monster races are afraid of Serenity Sea King.

This time, if it is public … the impact will be too bad! More importantly, Meng Chuan has a lot of doubts inside. He always felt that the style of ‘Blood Silhouette’ was completely different from Serenity Sea King.

“King Dongning.” King Luyue flew from a distance, sound transmission far away.

“I’ve captured this murderer alive.” Meng Chuan said, “I also asked King Luyue to take care of it. I will send this murderer to Primeval Mountain immediately.”

“Okay, this murderer must not be taken lightly,” King Luyue even said, with anger in his eyes. This mysterious murderer came to Yu’an City and killed 1000000 people. How could he not be angry?

“Relax.” Meng Chuan said.


With this mysterious murderer, Meng Chuan quickly rushed to Primeval Mountain.


Primeval Mountain.

Li Guan, Qin Wu illusory shadow and Luo Tang illusory shadow have long been waiting.

“Meng Chuan sent a signal through the token and has successfully resolved the threat.” Luo Tang worried, “I just don’t know if he caught the murderer alive, or killed him.”

“Hope to catch it alive.” Qin Wu frowns saying, “I really want to see who the murderer is, whether it is a person, or a demon.”


Li Guan looked up.

Meng Chuan landed directly in Paradise Pavilion with the mysterious murderer, and threw the person in his hand directly. The tall, ugly man with dark red runes on his face looked a little uneasy at all around.

“He is the murderer?” Qin Wu wondered.

“En?” Li Guan complexion changed, “I see its true yuan aura, primordial spirit aura, is it Serenity Sea King?”

Meng Chuan nodded and said: “When he used the sword technique before, it was ‘Spring and Autumn Tribulation’. I and Serenity Sea King went to the World Gap together and saw Serenity Sea King show this move. This mysterious killer showed this move even more. perfect.”

“Serenity Sea King?” Luo Tang was surprised.

“Xue Ting?” Qin Wu is incredible, “Xue Ting is the murderer, this is impossible.”

Serenity Sea King is also Qin Wu’s discipline and one of the best in the discipline.

“My Primordial Spirit Avatar is going to the city of Serenity Sea King to oversee. I want to see if there is another Serenity Sea King there,” Li Guan said.

“Source treasure ‘Scarlet Cloud Heaven’, what about the identity token?” Luo Tang asked. “It can all determine the location.”

“It’s still in the city he is guarding, no movement.” Li Guan coldly said, “But I have summoned him to come to Primeval Mountain, but the identity token, Scarlet Cloud Heaven treasure position is still motionless in place.”

Qin Wu, Luo Tang complexion slightly changed.

If you are not ordered to come, I’m afraid this is Serenity Sea King.

Everything is getting clearer.

“This murderer’s eyes are not right, unlike Serenity Sea King.” Li Guan looked at the ugly man and suddenly used Primordial Spirit Secret Technique against the ugly man.


The ugly man covered his head in pain, howling for a long time, the primordial spirit was violently stimulated, and finally another consciousness began to wake up.

His body trembles and slowly lifts the head.

Although still suffering, he still persevered and looked towards the surroundings.

Meng Chuan, Li Guan, Qin Wu, Luo Tang were all surprised.

At the moment, the eyes of the ugly men are familiar to them. The cold and arrogant eyes belong to the eyes of Serenity Sea King.

“Chi chi chi.” His skeleton muscles are changing, and his face is also changing. Although true yuan is banned, the title King Daemon’s control of fleshly body is still very strong, and soon returns to the true appearance of Serenity Sea King. .

“Venerable, Master.” Serenity Sea King stood up, bearing the pain and saluting saluted.

“It’s really you.” Qin Wu looked at him.

“That mysterious murderer?” Serenity Sea King brows slightly wrinkle, “Is it me?”

Li Guan, Qin Wu, Meng Chuan, Luo Tang all looked at him.

“I guessed it too.” Serenity Sea King was calm and nodded. “I had lost consciousness twice during the late night cultivation. Even if I wake up later, I still lack the memory of that period of time. And those two times … and mysterious murderer The time of attacking the city happened to be right. “

“Why not report?” Qin Wu unable to bear angrily said.

“I lost my memory twice, and two cities were attacked far away from several thousands li. Will it be me?” Serenity Sea King calmly said, “If I report, what should I say? I have colluded with the monster race, Connected with monster race? “

Qin Wu looked sadly at the discipline.

He was the proudest discipline and hoped that the new Venerable would be born at Primeval Mountain. Who wants to collude with monster race?

“Your primordial spirit has another evil consciousness.” Li Guan said, “In this case, it is rare. Generally, the cultivation technique is taboo secret technique, so that the consciousness of cultivation is split, and the cultivation is crazy. Evil taboo secret technique, my human has long been sealed. “

“I cultivating the secret art method of the monster race.” Serenity Sea King pondered and said, “Maybe it is related to their secret art method.”

Serenity Sea King waved his hand.

A total of 4 books appeared before me.

“This is all the secret art books that the monster race has given me over the years.” Serenity Sea King calmly said, there is no need to hide it by this time.

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