Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 437

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Meng Chuan They all looked at them, but Li Guan watched these books carefully. 4 books were carefully read.

“Three secret arts of Venerable-level, and one secret art of Emperor-level half.” Li Guan selected two books after reading, “Among them, this Venerable-level secret art” Four Absolute Swords “and Emperor -level “Blade of Time” of common origins, and there are so-called ‘Meditation Method’, “Four Absolute Swords” has the basic article of Meditation Method, “Blade of Time” has a follow-up of Meditation Method … I doubt you The split of consciousness should be related to this Meditation Method. “

After all, Li Guan is Paradise Realm Perfection, and his vision is much more poisonous.

“That part of the secret art, I didn’t cultivating.” Serenity Sea King said, “Because I got a stronger inheritance in Building of Stars, then the monster race sent this part of Emperor-level secret art.”

Li Guan slightly nodded.

As he expected …

If cultivating the follow-up Meditation Method, Serenity Sea King will not be exposed so early.

Qin Wu looked sadly at Serenity Sea King: “Xue Ting, Primeval Mountain has long told every Daemon, monster race is skeptical, and must not believe their promise. The treasure they give may be poison, the secret art they give, maybe There is a big flaw. “

“Yeah, you said that. But how many letters do Daemons in the world have?” Serenity Sea King calmly said, “Everyone should only be intimidated by you. And many Daemons think that if the treasure given is poison, give My secret art is flawed and I do n’t have the most basic credibility. Will Daemons continue to collude with the monster race? Monster race will not be so short-sighted. “

“Monster race will not be so short-sighted, but you are expected to become Manifestation Venerable. Monster race is likely to be aimed at you.” Qin Wu frowns saying, “And I don’t understand, why do you collude with monster race?”

“Learn their secret art to make yourself stronger.” Serenity Sea King looked at the four people in front of him. “Then to cut the monster race again, isn’t it good? Monster race is abominable, but their secret art can still be learned. . “

“Monster race secret art, if the move that contains the rule found mystery can be comprehend one 2. But some special secret techniques, do not understand the root of the secret technique, can not be cultivating.” Li Guan said, “cultivating the unknown secret technique, just Going to the unknown. All the monster race secret art we have collected is checked by our Venerable. We can determine and understand, and then let Daemons learn. “

Serenity Sea King wondered: “Monster race drives me crazy to kill humans? Although the death of millions of people is very painful, in fact, for the entire war, it is not detrimental to human fundamentals.”

“Because you didn’t continue cultivating, you continue cultivating, you won’t be exposed so early.” Li Guan pointed at the half of the secret art, “I guess, monster race is very planned. From the birth of a new consciousness, you don’t know it …… It is very likely that this particular method is to let the new consciousness eventually devour your main consciousness and completely replace you. And the monster race should have a method of control. “

“If you become a Manifestation Venerable and absolutely loyal to the monster race, that would be too much a threat to my human.” Li Guan said.

Serenity Sea King is silent.

Meng Chuan They all looked at Serenity Sea King.

Over the years, Serenity Sea King has indeed made great contributions to humanity, and even all his children have fought for humanity. Who would have thought Serenity Sea King would collude with the monster race?

“You shouldn’t collude with the monster race. Is the benefit of the monster race so easy to take?” Qin Wu looked at him.

“I never thought to betray human.” Serenity Sea King looked at the person before him, “I know, my Xue Ting is unforgivable and should be executed. But this death is just cheaper monster race, I hope my death is more valuable So that I can try my best to atone. Over the years, in order to collude with the monster race, I betrayed some intelligence and caused some Daemon to die. I owe too much. “

“We can’t believe what you said.” Li Guan coldly said.

“Now you need to go to Mindsea Hall, and then we can decide what to do with you,” Qin Wu said.

“Good.” Serenity Sea King nodded.


With the help of Mindsea Hall, you can set up Heart Oath without breaking it.

You can also use ‘Mindsea Hall’ to verify everything the powerful Daemon said.


Serenity Sea King sit cross-legged in Mindsea Hall, immersed in Mindsea Hall’s illusion technique control.

Meng Chuan, Qin Wu, Luo Tang and Li Guan were on the side, Dharma Protector ‘black robed old man’ also appeared on the side, black robed old man said: “Now I will reveal his memory, you can all be careful View. “

“You look at his memory carefully and finally decide together how to dispose of Serenity Sea King.” Li Guan said, Meng Chuan, Qin Wu and Luo Tang were all nodded.

Mindsea Hall in midair began to show pictures and sounds, which are the memories of Serenity Sea King.

When Serenity Sea King was a child, his home city was invaded by a monster race. Immediately, his parents died. As a child, he and countless people fled in panic. A large number of monster races hunted down. When the monster race left, only 4-20% of the humans who escaped survived, and he became a wandering little beggar.

“Orphan beggar?” Meng Chuan looked at the scene.

There were many monster race invasions in the whole Human World, and I have encountered them myself, but the parents protected themselves at that time.

Serenity Sea King is an orphan beggar.


The memory keeps appearing in the air.

Serenity Sea King As a child, in the time of becoming a small beggar, he suffered many hardships and experienced the darkest side of the secular world.

It’s getting colder.

In the cold winter twelfth lunar month, when this little beggar was about to freeze to death, she finally became a little servant of a Great Family. The life of the little servant is also very difficult, but at least Undying is hungry, he was really in contact with cultivation in this Great Family …

As a little servant, without good master instruction, he could only secretly cultivate himself and be cruel enough to himself.

“He doesn’t care about mortal.” Li Guan looked at it and said softly, “In his heart, mortal faced monster race and there’s no resistance at all.

“It’s Daemon. He still values ​​it. Every Daemon dies when he dies. He feels that he has lost his strength against the monster race.”

Meng Chuan, Qin Wu and Luo Tang are slightly nodded.

Looking at the growth trajectory of Serenity Sea King, his thoughts and thoughts are fully revealed.

“He believes most in himself, he is thinking about dealing with monster race.” Qin Wu said.

“He really hates the monster race.” Luo Tang whispered, “Because the powerful Daemon’s children are generally very strong. So he married a lot of wives and concubines and had a bunch of children. His children experienced more when they were young Suffering was actually guided by him in secret. He believes that suffering and setback can sharpen the mind. “

Meng Chuan frowned.

My friend ‘Yan Zhu’ tragic young age turned out to be secretly guided by Serenity Sea King?

While leaving a ‘sword mark’ on his son, he suffered various kinds of torture. As for Yan Zhu’s mother, in Serenity Sea King’s eyes is just a ‘tool’, a tool for fertility, a tool to hone Yan Zhu.

Serenity Sea King didn’t care about other loved ones in his heart, so he valued his children. In fact, he “cultivated” his children in another way. Obviously, his children did not like this kind of cultivation method, including the best and most demon ‘Xue Feng’, and could not understand his father.

Memory image dissipated.

Meng Chuan and the others all watched sit cross-legged at the Serenity Sea King who was controlled there.

“It’s finished.” Li Guan said, “You guys talk about how to deal with him.”

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