Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 438

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Qin Wu said with a cold face: “This war lasts for 8 hundred or so years. Unstable World Gate appears every year. I do n’t know how many 100000000 million people suffered from monster calamity. Many of them who have become Daemons have experienced hardships. Are they colluding with the monster race like him? We have strict regulations time and time again to prohibit collusion with the monster race, that is to betray humans, but he still insists on acting alone. “

“He killed at least several millions of people, and also killed a lot of Daemon.” Qin Wu sneered. “He only believes in himself, not sect, not mortal, or ordinary Daemon. In his view, those weak are all OK Sacrificed. “

“It’s such a temperament, it’s already enchanted.”

“If it is the usual time, it should be executed.” Qin Wu coldly said, “Even now, he can’t let him escape the punishment in the name of ‘wearing for merit’.”

“It should be severely punished.” Luo Tang nodded. “Another difficulty is how to make him make up for humans? His primordial spirit is now flawed and has another consciousness.”

Aside Dharma Protector also said: “Through Mindsea Hall, you can wipe out the new evil consciousness. But his primordial spirit cultivation special secret technique has defects, and after some time, evil consciousness will continue to be born. That evil consciousness will continue grow.”

Li Guan thought about it: “Eliminate his evil consciousness first, and then transform his life to completely melt his primordial spirit! The primordial spirit is gone, so the secret technique is useless.”

“Life transformation?” Meng Chuan finally said, “How to transform?”

“For example, puppets such as Guardian Divine Beast.” Li Guan explained, “People become puppets without primordial spirit, but conscious memory is fully integrated into puppets. The same as realm. But we Primeval Mountain, we are not good at puppet transformation. Today’s Guardian Divine Beast is left by Cang Yuan Founder. “

“There are many kinds of life transformation. With the resources accumulated by our Primeval Mountain, we can carry out more than ten kinds of transformations.” Qin Wu said, “There are only two kinds without primordial spirit. One is the ‘Glacial Guardian’ transformation, one kind It ’s ‘Fireflow Lifeform’, the death rate of Fireflow Lifeform transformation is higher. The mortality rate of Glacial Guardian is lower. “

Although Meng Chuan has the authority to know, he does not at all time to study.

Qin Wu and Li Guan obviously studied more.

“Glacial Guardian, there is a 70% chance of success.” Li Guan said, “Fireflow Lifeform, is too incompatible with our human, hope is too small.”

“Meng Chuan.” Qin Wu looked at Meng Chuan and explained, “Glacial Guardian is completely different from our life essence. They are not flesh and blood life. They are special Glacial Lifeforms generated in Space-Time River. They have Glacial Body. In the process of transformation The primordial spirit will also completely melt away and become the nutrients of the Glacial Body, making the Glacial Body very powerful! The Glacial Body is very powerful, but once the Glacial Body is broken, it will die. “

“And after the transformation, the Glacial Body can no longer be improved, and the primordial spirit is gone. The only thing that can be improved is the skill realm.”

“When lifespan is reached, it will certainly die.”

“But Glacial Guardian is still a very powerful life transformation.” Qin Wu said with emotion, “In the long river of time, many strength breakthroughs are hopeless, all studying the method of life transformation, hoping to get lifespan improvement or strength improvement.”

Meng Chuan slightly nodded.

Life transformation is a double-sided blade.

Severe the cultivation path, consume precious resources, and fail to transform …

But there are various benefits, such as lifespan improvement or strength improvement.

“Being a Dao Protector is also a change in life essence.” Luo Tang said, “As long as you reach Primordial Spirit 5th-layer, you can be the body of Possession Dao Protector. Although most of the time you have to meditate and meditate, only part of the time can be awake. Lifespan is beyond the limit, more than 1000 years of lifespan! The body of Dao Protector is also indestructible. For the titled King Daemon that reaches the limit, it is a great opportunity. “


Meng Chuan They make a decision soon.

“Although he is loyal to humans now and hates the monster race. But in the future? No one can say for sure. Our punishment, he may produce resentment, even betray humans.” Li Guan said, “So before life transformation He set up Heart Oath in Mindsea Hall. “

Meng Chuan, Qin Wu, Luo Tang are all nodded.

“After being transformed into a Glacial Guardian, he was exiled to World Gap. For 300 years, he was forbidden to return to Human World.” Li Guan continued, “Forever in World Gap patrolling, to hunt down the monster race. Wait until the end of 300 years, He was allowed to come back. “

“it is good.”


“This can be considered his atonement.”

Qin Wu, Luo Tang and Meng Chuan all agree.

If it is a time of peace, it would have been executed. It’s just that a ‘Venerable’ battle strength is too precious now, and it’s too wasteful to execute directly.

If Serenity Sea King is patrolling for 300 years, the remaining lifespan is very short, and only then is allowed to go back to Human World.


“Xue Ting, you also heard about your disposal.” Li Guan looked at him. “Do you have an opinion?”

“It’s my wish to kill the monster race. I naturally want to.” Serenity Sea King rarely smiles. “If I die in the transformation of life, I have no complaints.”

Meng Chuan was watching.

“Before that, I want to write a letter first.” Serenity Sea King looked towards Meng Chuan, “I hope King Dongning will help me hand it over to Yan Zhu.”

“If the content of the letter is ok, you can forward it.” Meng Chuan said.

If Serenity Sea King has any other tricks to deal with Yan Zhu, he will not pass it on.

“A very simple letter.”

Serenity Sea King smiled slightly, looked towards left and right, “Can there be pen and paper?”

With a wave of his hand, Meng Chuan prepared a table and pen and paper. As a regular painter, he naturally had these.

Serenity Sea King put the paper on the strip table and began to write it carefully.

“I go to World Gap, if you want to see me, get the qualification to enter World Gap first.” Serenity Sea King finished writing three sentences, and then handed the letter to Meng Chuan, said with a slight smile, “He will come I will definitely trace my whereabouts, it is better to tell him in advance. “

“Now it’s the ordinary titled King Daemon, and it is forbidden to enter the World Gap.” Qin Wu frowned.


Serenity Sea King smiled, “If you want to see me, he will be stronger.”

“You treat your son like this?” Meng Chuan frowns saying.

“I have my way of teaching children.” Serenity Sea King said with a slight smile. “Even if you don’t give him this letter, he will look for me crazy in the future.”

Meng Chuan said indifferently: “I will give it to him when it suits me.”

Meng Chuan also understands the obsession of his friend Yan Zhu.

“Follow you.” Serenity Sea King took a closer look at Meng Chuan, “I cultivate hundred or so years, I have never seen the hope of winning, I just feel that I have been groping in the dark, but didn’t expect because of you Meng Chuan, completely changed In the direction of war, I really saw the light. “

“I can be happy to see a Meng Chuan.”

“I always thought that I couldn’t pin my hopes on others, only trust myself.” Serenity Sea King looked at Meng Chuan, “It seems that I can trust others.”

Followed by Serenity Sea King to set up Heart Oath, and then carried out life transformation.


In the huge pool, Serenity Sea King sit cross-legged in which the whole person’s body gradually became transparent, and there was endless coldness converging towards him within the body. He also couldn’t bear to hum low, obviously painful.

Meng Chuan A few people were watching.

“I used to see 2 screens in Space-Time Ice Floe.” Meng Chuan thought, gray-haired himself holding the Monster-slaying Blade, angry at Serenity Sea King, Serenity Sea King was laughing wildly.

“In that picture, I am more powerful than now. Serenity Sea King is also more powerful. He had become Manifestation Venerable at that time.”

“Now, regardless of the success or failure of the transformation, he has become a Manifestation Venerable impossible.” Meng Chuan thought, “This picture will not appear again.”

Space-Time Ice Floe only shows the possibility of different space-time trends.

If the follow-up of Serenity Sea King cultivating Meditation Method may not be exposed, it can become Manifestation Venerable.

“That space-time may be changed. Will I still have gray hair in the future?” Meng Chuan thought.

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