Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 439

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In the pool, the body of Serenity Sea King, sit cross-legged, became more and more transparent, and the endless cold converged. Serenity Sea King’s expression was somewhat distorted, and his eyes were also crazy.

Li Guan, Qin Wu, Luo Tang and Meng Chuan all watched nervously.

“The most dangerous thing is the first day. On the first day, his life essence will be completely transformed, and the remaining 2 days are the birth of Glacial Lifeform.” Li Guan said nervously, “As long as the first day is over, it will be successful. . “

“Although Serenity Sea King is enchanted, his will is amazing.” Luo Tang said, “It should be able to survive.”

Life transformation is too painful.

Even the primordial spirit will completely melt into the nutrients of the Glacial Body. If the consciousness collapses in this process, it will completely die.

Time passed slowly.

Meng Chuan They waited for a full day beside them, they still hope that Human World will have a strong battle strength again.

Finally, the terrifying coldness in the pond completely merged into the body of Serenity Sea King, a huge ice cube appeared, and the human figure sit sit-legged faintly inside, and the human eyes gradually recovered.

“Come over, the next step is to give birth to Glacial Body.” Li Guan breathed a sigh of relief.

“Xue Ting can live another 100 years. I hope he will be atonement in World Gap in the future.” Qin Wu said. Qin Wu was also a little bit angry about Serenity Sea King’s discipline.

“You guys, about Xue Ting, I don’t think it’s suitable for public disclosure.” Li Guan looked towards 3 people around, Luo Tang nodded and said: “I also agree not to disclose, the impact of this matter is too bad. But Xue Ting is going to World soon Gap, several titled King Daemons in World Gap, do you have to tell? “

“They may cooperate with Serenity Sea King in the future, let us know. True Martial King and Dao Protector, they know nothing,” Li Guan said.

“It’s time to inform.” Qin Wu also said.

“I told them.” Meng Chuan said.

Li Guan slightly nodded, followed by looking at Chi Chi Zi and said: “He still needs 2 days here, let’s go first, there are Dharma Protector guards here, no need to worry.”

Soon they all left Meng Chuan and returned to their cultivation.

2 days later.

Li Guan, Qin Wu, Luo Tang, and Meng Chuan came again, watching the huge ice in the pool begin to melt.


The ice on the body surface completely melted and was absorbed into the body by Serenity Sea King.

At this moment, Serenity Sea King is like a deep azure cold ice sculpture. He stood up and closed his eyes to feel the power of completely different from the past. Finally, his eyes were slowly opened, and there was excitement in his eyes.

Very powerful!

“Thank Venerable, Master Xie, King Dongning.” Serenity Sea King walked out of the pool and bowed, “Can give me a chance to continue monster-slaying.”

“Humph.” Qin Wu exclaimed angrily, “If it weren’t for the war, you would have been killed long ago. After that, you should atone for it.”


Serenity Sea King responded obediently, not annoying at all.

“I can feel that my physical strength is much faster than before.” Serenity Sea King said again. “Please also Venerable and Master carefully give pointers to one 2, how can I fully exert the power of this body.”

“There are pros and cons to transforming life. Although you can’t be promoted to Manifestation-stage, you have a Glacial Body.” Li Guan said, “You don’t have a primordial spirit, you are not afraid of any Primordial Spirit Secret Technique. Primordial Spirit Secret Technique is for you Completely useless. “

Meng Chuan listened.

He knows a lot of secrets, so he also understands that the life of foreign territory is all kinds of strange things.

Some lives are completely afraid of Primordial Spirit Secret Technique.

There are some weird special lives that are diametrically opposed. The most feared is that the bombardment of Primordial Spirit Secret Technique, destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth may be completely ineffective.

One thing, one thing, if you want to run invincibly, you have to cultivating to unimaginable realm, such as ‘Sixth Tribulation Realm Supreme’ ‘Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme’ and so on … Only then can it be said to kill countless strange lives easily.

“Your Glacial Body is powerful, and a little damage can be recovered, but once it is smashed, you will die.” Li Guan said, “Don’t rely on the body to resist the enemy move, as for how to fight? This Glacial Lifeform is good at At 2 o’clock, one is the speed of the body’s strength, and the second is to use the strength of Cold Ice. After going to World Gap, you can figure it out yourself. “

“Yes.” Serenity Sea King had an excited look in his eyes, and he could feel himself transformed.

Source treasure ‘Scarlet Cloud Heaven’ and other items were recovered by Primeval Mountain, but part of the item was also returned to Serenity Sea King, who also needed patrolling for World Gap 300 years.


On the same day, Meng Chuan took Serenity Sea King to World Gap.

“In the next 300 years, I will fight for this place.” Serenity Sea King landed on the ground of World Gap, but fighting intent was monstrous, and the endless cold naturally released, causing the surroundings to freeze.

Serenity Sea King instantly wielded the sword, and the sword was fiercely cut on the palm of the sword. The palm formed by the deep azure ice was extremely hard. This terrifying sword only split a white crack, and soon the cold gathered and repaired.

“Serenity Sea King’s sword, the speed of power has greatly increased.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “He used to be the strength of the ordinary Manifestation Realm, but now it has been upgraded to the Peak Manifestation Realm. This sword … but just splits the palm of the hand. Crack. Glacial Lifeform’s body is indeed strong. “

The body is its biggest advantage and its only fatal weakness.


Serenity Sea King felt the formidable power of that sword and looked at his palm again, becoming more satisfied.

He colluded with the monster race to learn the powerful method to improve his strength. Today, transforming life is like improving his strength, making him more confident to kill the demon.

“Patrolling for World Gap 300 years, during which you can not return to Human World.” Serenity Sea King looked towards side Meng Chuan, “It is a punishment for others, but a reward for me.”

“Then enjoy it.” Meng Chuan took Serenity Sea King to meet True Martial King.


Serenity Sea King is looking forward to monster-slaying, and Meng Chuan and True Martial King are all ready to deal with the monster race. But the monster race’s 5th-layer Monster Kings has never entered the World Gap.

In a blink of an eye, from Meng Chuan they entered the World Gap campaign, it has been 8 years.

Except for cutting the 5th-layer Monster King on the first day, the following days are very calm, almost all in cultivation.


Meng Chuan took the token from his arms and looked around, and looked towards the surroundings. True Martial King, Peng Mu, Yun Jianhai and Serenity Sea King were all immersed in cultivation.


Dao Protector was called out from paradise treasure.

“Senior brother Wang.” Meng Chuan said, “Primeval Mountain summoned, I will go back first.”


Dao Protector was surprised and looked around, said with a smile, “It seems that I have called you alone. Go, True Martial King. If they ask, I will tell them.”

Meng Chuan nodded, and did not disturb other companions, quietly returned.


After blasting the world’s membrane wall, Meng Chuan returned to Primeval Mountain along the membrane wall opening, and only Qin Wu illusory shadow was waiting at the top of the mountain.

“Master, call me suddenly, is there anything important?” Meng Chuan asked.

Qin Wu said with a slight smile: “Your son Meng An breakthrough has reached the titled Marquis Daemon.”

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