Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 440

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“An’er breakthrough?” Meng Chuan was surprised by 10000 points.

My son was 13 years old and went uphill at Primeval Mountain cultivation that year. The battle with the monster race has been wave after wave in these years. Although he settled down after solving the threat of 1000000 Monster King, he has been fighting in World Gap again, and he met his son too. not enough.

Pinch fingers, my son is 32 years old this year.

“32 years old into a titled Marquis Daemon.” Meng Chuan said with a smile, “It’s much better than me.”

“You’re different from him. You went down the mountain early to fight with the monster race, and when you were on the mountain, you just got a special inheritance of cultivating fleshly body.” Qin Wu illusory shadow said with a smile, “Your son But it was a series of opportunity cultivation left by Cang Yuan Founder, which was 100 times 1000 times better than your original opportunity. “

Meng Chuan smiled.

The better the son, the happier he is. Which father does n’t want to be a Jackie Chan?

“In the past 8 years, in addition to the Serenity Sea King incident, the world has been very peaceful and security.” Qin Wu illusory shadow said, “So the pressure to guard the city is greatly reduced, Meng An became the titled Marquis Daemon, we will also Your wife ‘Liu Qiyue’ summoned to Primeval Mountain, and your family can gather together. “

“Okay, Master Xie.” Meng Chuan also misses his wife and children.

“Thank you, you have been giving.” Qin Wu sighed.

Meng Chuan sighed: “We, this generation Daemon, at least saw the turning point of the war and saw the dawn. Over 800 years ago, more than 10000 Daemons died in the world. That is, the titled King Daemons also slept in order to wake up in the future, Continue fighting. Generations of Daemon, many of them have struggled for life, and they still can’t see hope. They are very happy compared to them. “

Qin Wu slightly nodded, then said with a smile: “Go, your wife and they are at Luminary Peak.”

“Okay.” Meng Chuan nodded and left in a flash.


Luminary Peak.

It was the place where the cave mansion of Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue was when they were cultivating on the mountain, and now the children are here.


Meng Chuan saw Liu Qiyue, Meng An, and Meng You sitting in the courtyard of Cave Mansion at a glance, drinking tea, eating snacks and chatting.

Liu Qiyue’s head looked up, and when he saw Meng Chuan flying in the sky, he couldn’t help showing his joy.

“A’Chuan.” Liu Qiyue got up.

Meng Chuan also landed.

“Dad.” Meng An and Meng You also got up and looked at Meng Chuan excitedly.

“A’Chuan, you have come back.” Liu Qiyue came over and joyfully said, “I thought you didn’t have time to come back.”

“Now World Gap is peace and security, monster race and our titled King Daemon are not fighting again, where we are mainly cultivation and picking up treasures by the way.” Meng Chuan said with a smile while looking at the children and son Meng An has a sharp edge, aura is also much stronger, and daughter Meng You is more restrained and relaxed, and now he is still in the Great Sun Realm Daemon stage.

“All good.” Meng Chuan praised with satisfaction.

“Dad, don’t praise me, Meng An, he is much better than me.” Meng You smiled.

Meng An said modestly: “I’m just some luck.”

“Hahaha, An’er, your titled Marquis title, have you thought about it?” Meng Chuan sat down with a smile, daughter Meng You immediately helped to pour a cup of tea to father, Meng Chuan smiled and squinted at the daughter.

“I have already spoken to Primeval Mountain, it is called Yulonghou.” Meng An said.

“Yu Longhou?” Meng Chuan was surprised. “Anything to say?”

Meng An hesitated and shook his head gently: “Just want this title.”

Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue looked at each other.

Both of them feel that their son should have some secrets, but the son is 32 years old, and they are both named Marquis Daemon. As parents, there is no need to manage too much.


A family of 4 people drinking tea together, eating snacks and chatting.

“In the past 8 years, there has been more peace and security in the world, and many mortals in the wild have moved out of the city of major city and lived near the major city.” Liu Qiyue said, “So every major city has appeared around Many gathering places, without the threat of monster race, people’s lives are much better. “

Meng Chuan slightly nodded: “This is only a short-term. To fully obtain peace and security, you need to resolve some threats.”

The threat of World Gap is imminent.

After solving this threat … there is only the “World Gate” threat. World Gate is gradually expanding with time. In the future, there will be more and more large-scale entrances and super large-scale entrances, and the pressure will also increase. But as long as the ‘Monster Saint World Gate’ does not appear, then Human World is sure to hold it! By holding the World Gate, Human World can maintain peace and security. When the two worlds begin to move away, the pressure will continue to ease.

Whether there will be a ‘Monster Saint World Gate’ in the future, no one knows, only luck.

The monster race is not willing to give everything up to luck, so the ‘World Gap Battle’ will definitely be at any cost.

“A’Chuan.” Liu Qiyue said with a slight smile, “An’er finds it difficult to find opponents now, looking for a monster race? Monster race is not found in the world. Looking for a titled King Daemon? Which one is the titled King Daemon? The city is a secret. My archery ca n’t fight him close, nor is he suitable for pointing him. ”

“Oh?” Meng Chuan looked at him.

Meng An looked at father with anticipation in his eyes, got up and arched his hand, “Please also ask father to give me a pointer. 2”

“An’er has just become the titled Marquis Daemon, but it has enough strength to match the titled King.” Liu Qiyue said, “A’Chuan you also pay attention.”

“No wonder it is difficult to find a suitable opponent.” Meng Chuan got up, “Go, training ground.”

“Yes.” Meng An was very excited.


On the training ground of the cave mansion, Liu Qiyue and Meng You stood and watched.

“Dad, you’re careful.” Meng An held a silver long spear in an imposing manner.

“Come on.” Meng Chuan stood opposite, very relaxed.


When Meng An silhouette moved, the whole person seemed to be integrated with long spear. A dazzling spear glow caused the void distortion to directly pierce Meng Chuan. Meng Chuan stood there slightly nodded: “As soon as it became titled Marquis Daemon, it has the title King strength. It’s really amazing. I was also cultivating to become ‘Undying Realm fleshly body’ at the beginning, and I barely had the titled King Daemon battle strength. After cultivating the cold, I had enough strong means. “

The terrifying spear glow pierced Meng Chuan, but the closer it was to Meng Chuan, the stronger the repulsion.

Meng Chuan was faintly dark.

The closer to Meng Chuan, the greater the repulsive force.

When the long spear reached 3 feet from Meng Chuan, the long spear stopped completely, unable to get close at all.

“En?” Meng An froze.

“This is Seamless Domain,” Meng Chuan said. “Every titled King Daemon has its own means. Of course, different titled King Daemons have different strengths for Seamless Domain.”

Meng Chuan’s Blood Drop Realm fleshly body makes his dantian space the ultimate.

Primordial Spirit 5th-layer and Law Domain Realm peak make Meng Chuan’s true yuan extremely pure.

On “Seamless Domain”, Meng Chuan is one-times twice as strong as the normal titled King peak Daemon. Only on the topic of Seamless Domain and titled King peak level attacks can Meng Chuan touch Meng Chuan! But formidable power is also greatly reduced. Of course, when fighting against opponents at the level of ‘Monster Saint Jiuyan’ ‘Sacred Lord Qiansi’, Seamless Domain’s body protection is not worth mentioning.

“Seamless Domain is so strong.” Meng An was surprised.

“You this spear is just the strength of the ordinary titled King Daemon. The normal titled King peak Daemon can be resisted by Seamless Domain alone.” Meng Chuan said with a smile, “Well, I will now remove the resistance of Seamless Domain, you Go all out and let me see what you have cultivated over the years. “

“Yes.” Meng An is still very confident. He feels that cultivating is less than father for more than 30 years and can still give father some ‘surprise’.

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