Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 441

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A sudden shot hit Meng Chuan without warning.

“Pu.” Meng Chuan stood with his fingertips standing on the spot and pointed at the spearpoint. The strange force on the gunpoint was completely cracked.

Meng An without the slightest hesitation.

For a while, Meng An went crazy, spear technique was ghostly and fast.

Some gun shadows seem to come from the wind! Fast and erratic.

Some gun shadows seem to come from the fire! Violent and fierce.

Some gun shadows seem to come from the water! Feminine and strange …

These spear techniques complement each other, move and move, endlessly, vividly and thoroughly to play ‘fast’ and ‘change’. Although each shot is an ordinary titled King Daemon level formidable power, the ordinary titled King Daemon with a slightly less defensive means may really suffer. Meng Chuan was easily blocked by one finger every time.

On change? Meng An, who just became Dao Realm, can compare with Law Cloud Peak’s ‘Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Blade Technique’?

On fast? Can you compare with the fastest Meng Chuan in the world?

So Meng Chuan used his fingertips very easily, then came first, and clicked the tip of the gun every time.

“Just one finger blocked my spear technique?” Meng An felt the huge gap, and his proud spear technique was too weak in front of father.


Meng An is also very proud of his heart. He wants to allow father to admit his strength, and immediately shows a trick.

The long spear is soaring in momentum and increasing in speed.

Meng Chuan is still easily blocked by one finger, but a little surprised: “This move has Peak-formed King Daemon’s formidable power, it is rare!”

I had become the titled Marquis Daemon for many years, cultivating into Undying Realm fleshly body, with Han Sha domain and ‘Heaven’s Wrath’Magical Power …… The overall is barely considered Peak titled King battle strength.

As soon as his son became titled Marquis Daemon, such a formidable power broke out in one shot, which is indeed much stronger than he was then.


Meng An withdrew the long spear, looked at father, and said, “My dad can easily crack, there is no need to continue to move. Dad, my spear technique is quite good at body protection. Please also dad to come and move, I Come to defend. “

Speaking of void distortion around Meng An, 5 colored lights permeate in this domain, Meng An holds long spear and looks at father.

“Okay, I’m out, you defend.” Meng Chuan smiled and gently tapped his fingers.

A burst of air burst from his fingertips, which was quite terrifying.

The 5-color domain distortion hinders the ‘air man’, and the air man is gradually weakened during the flight. Meng An also uses the spear technique. Long spear swings with rotation, sweeping over the air mane like a wave, and completely blocked it. Bang’s sound, the air and the collision made Meng An stagger back 3 steps, but he was absolutely unharmed.

“Peak titled King Daemon’s strike, you can block it from the front, good.” Meng Chuan applauded, “Next move will be comparable to peak titled King Daemon’s move.”

Meng Chuan’s fingertips burst out again.

This gas is powerful and terrifying.

The five-color domain has already penetrated in an instant. “It’s so fast.” Meng An used the spear technique to resist, but this was quick and crossed a mysterious track, and even wiped Meng An’s gun barrel and went straight to Meng An’s head.

“What.” Meng An panicked.

When Qi Mang approached Meng An, he turned and flew past his ears, leaving a blood stain.

Meng An was relieved.

“Peak titled King, and peak titled King. Not only the difference between formidable power, but also the difference of move realm.” Meng Chuan said, “The move of titled King peak is more mysterious. With An’er your current spear technique … … It is naturally more than enough to fight against the ordinary titled King Daemon, and even have the upper hand. If you meet Peak titled King Daemon, you will lose a bit. If you encounter peak titled King Daemon, you will have no power to fight back. “

“Child understands.” Meng An respectfully said, and then looked forward to looking at Meng Chuan, “Daddy, what about Manifestation Realm?”

“Manifestation Realm?” Meng Chuan smiled.


In the distance, Meng Chuan appeared in front of Meng An out of thin air, with his finger point at Meng An’s brow.

“Ah.” Meng An was startled.

“You just met Manifestation Realm.” Meng Chuan said with a smile, “You don’t even know how to die.”

Without using Tribulation Realm treasures, Magical Power ‘Quicksand’ ‘control heaven and earth’, Meng Chuan is the ordinary Manifestation Realm battle strength.

Meng An is a little unbelievable: “Dad, my Reincarnation domain and Dark Star Domain haven’t seen it clearly. Daddy, you’re in front of me, it’s too fast.”

“For Manifestation Realm, this speed can only be slightly dominant.” Meng Chuan said, in front of his son, he is the speed in the flash-sixty, which can only be counted for Manifestation Realm Slightly dominant. Of course, his true speed is 1000 li or so, which is also his biggest battle for World Gap.

A flash of 1000 li or so, there is no need to cast in front of his son.

“I have been fighting with Primeval Mountain Lord and Elder Yi once in the mountains all these years.” Meng An looked at father with some excitement, “but it just fell a little bit.”

“None of the mountain lord has reached the titled King peak.” Meng Chuan explained, “Also, their business is busy, don’t always bother.”

“I understand.”

Meng An nodded.

Liu Qiyue and Meng You also came over, Liu Qiyue said with a smile: “An’er, now you know what you lack.”

“En.” Meng An nodded, “The spear technique I am proud of, I thought that body protection was great, and now I find too many defects.”

“Your father is the number one body protection in the titled King Daemon.” Liu Qiyue said with a smile.

“Dad, how can I perfect body protection now?” Meng An also asked.

Meng Chuan smiled and looked at his son: “There are mainly two aspects. One is to improve your spear technique realm. The higher your realm, the more powerful the natural body protection. 2 are some special body protection methods, such as domain? Such as body method ? For example, some special secret techniques? “

“For example, your father and me.” Meng Chuan explained, “I’m the fastest in the world. If I want to escape, Manifestation Venerable and Monster Saints can’t catch up. This is the first aspect of life-saving. Let the enemy attack, the enemy has to smash the void to meet me, I also have body protection Magical Power, powerful fleshly body. In addition, primordial spirit is also very important. Life and death battle …… The enemy is looking for your weak spot If your primordial spirit is weak, the enemy directly kills you with Primordial Spirit Secret Technique. It is useless if your skill realm is high. “

“Primordial spirit?” Meng An slightly nodded.

“Learning is one thing, life and death battle is another.” Meng Chuan said, “Either let yourself have no shortcomings. Or you must be careful to keep secret. Once the exposure is targeted, it will be killed.”

Meng Chuan smiled and looked at his son: “You just named Marquis, and now Human World is also peace and security, take good training, make up for the shortcomings, and make yourself stronger.”

“En.” Meng An nodded.

Some of the original pride was completely defeated by father.

He also felt a huge gap, father only cultivating 30 or so years more than himself, the distance would be so great.

“Cultivating well.” Meng Chuan looked at his son. “Even my father and I are weak in the cultivation path. Even the minimum threshold for entering the Space-Time River has not been reached. Come on, World Gate in the future More and more, you need to come together to guard. “

Even if the World Gap threat is resolved, as the World Gate grows more and more, enough Daemon will be needed to guard it.

“I’m like father and mother, guarding one side.” Meng An said.

“Remember, the primordial spirit also requires care.” Meng Chuan reminded.

Meng An nodded: “Understood.”

No wonder…

No wonder Cang Yuan Founder is so demanding about ‘primordial spirit’.

“No wonder Cang Yuan Founder let me experience ‘9th Reincarnation Heart Training’, is 9th Reincarnation really an illusion?” Meng An said silently in his heart, “But everything is so real, I remember those people’s things Chu. “

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