Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 442

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Meng Chuan enjoyed a good day of family reunion at Primeval Mountain, but after 3 days, he returned to World Gap.

time flies.

One year has passed.

After Meng Chuan solved the threat of 1000000 Monster King, Human World achieved a rare peace. Even the younger generation had not seen the monster race.

In a blink of an eye, it has been 5 years since Meng Chuan entered the World Gap campaign.

Dark and dense room.

The dense room is carved with densely packed runes, and Fire Dragon Monster Saint and Monster Saint Zhongxuan are all standing in the secret room, looking at a pool of water in front of them.

Runes are blooming with silver and white rays of light, and a silhouette of ‘Emperor Xinghe’ also appears on the water surface of the pool.

“One more year.”

Monster Saint Zhongxuan respectfully said, “A year later, we can both reach the limit of strength under Monster Saint.”

“Okay.” Emperor Xinghe coldly said, “The monster world will wait for you for another year, and a year later, it will launch a general attack. You two will make credit, and I will not treat you both badly.”

“Thank you Emperor.” The two Monster Saints responded obediently.

According to the plan, the two of them will be in Human World at two places apart from the severe tens of thousands of li, and at the same time they will blast the world membrane wall to the World Gap.

As long as there is a success, enter the World Gap and draw the corresponding map. The human map and the World Gap map, and each and everyone points correspond to each other, it is a complete ‘connection point’ map.

With a complete map, Monster Race can easily send 5th-layer Monster Kings to Human World through World Gap.


monster world, Ice Palace at Empress Xuanyue.

Three Emperor sit high in the great hall.

“A total offensive was launched a year later.” Emperor Xinghe looked towards 2 companions. “Before the total offensive, World Gap should be scanned first.”

“En.” Peng Sovereign slightly nodded, “Over the years, our avatars have worked hard in the foreign territory in exchange for treasure, and cultivated those 5th-layer Monster Kings at all costs. Now is the time for them to return.”

Empress Xuanyue said with a slight smile: “Human World ’s Manifestation Venerables dare not go to foreign territory, even if they want to cultivate the titled King Daemon, they can only use the past accumulation that ’s all. It must be far from equal to me monster world . By the way, which Monster Kings are dispatched today, which Daemons go to World Gap to kill? “

Peng Sovereign looked towards Emperor Xinghe on his side.

“I’ve thought about it already.” Emperor Xinghe waved his hand, showing two illusory shadows in the air, a black robe dragon head old man and a silver woman with tentacles on her forehead.

“Poison Dragon is a body of black liquid, and primordial spirit is also dispersed in every drop of black liquid.” Emperor Xinghe said, “Even the attack of ‘Demonic Awl’ can only destroy the primordial spirit of a little black liquid. The huge black liquid, a not worth mentioning destroyed by ‘Demonic Awl’. Those titled King Daemons simply impossible killed Poison Dragon. “

Empress Xuanyue and Peng Sovereign agree.

“Now Poison Dragon refines 5 poisons, and has the Tribulation Realm treasure” Water Yuanzhu “. This black liquid has increased its toxicity several times, and its frontal combat strength has also been greatly improved.” Emperor Xinghe said with a slight smile, “Even if it is Human The Manifestation Venerables of World shot, namely Qin Wu and Li Guan, I am afraid that they can only trap the black liquid body of the entire Poison Dragon and block it that’s all, it is also difficult to kill. “

The body of black liquid is really perfect.

Relying on the body of black liquid, Old Ancestor Poison Dragon is also walk unhindered in the monster world.

“The other is ‘Lengyue Monster King’.” Emperor Xinghe pointed at the silver-clad tentacles woman. “There are 6 5th-layer Monster Kings who reach Primordial Spirit 3th-layer. Lengyue Monster King is one of them, and also Successfully transformed into phantom life, able to walk in the shadow world. Coupled with Tribulation Realm weapons, it is also eligible to act alone. “

Empress Xuanyue heard Unable to Bear said: “Although both of them are very good at life-saving, the means of killing the enemy are weak.”

“At least it can deal with some weaker named King Daemon.” Emperor Xinghe said with a slight smile. “In the titled King Daemon, King Qianmu, Nether King Tong and the others are not as strong in fighting head-on. Old Ancestor Poison Dragon It works wonders. As for the means of killing the enemy, we also have 3 other killing moves-Peacock, Qiansi, and 8 1 black river guards. “

“Ten 8 black river guards, it was the Peng brothers who went to the ‘black river world’ to negotiate, and exchanged ten or eight black river life boxes, and then selected ten or eight Monster Kings from all the Monster Kings to refine the black river life box. Form ten eight black river guards. “Emperor Xinghe said,” Ten eight places can form a large black river formation of 8 miles. Daemon may come in and it will be corroded into powder instantly. Their eighteen places are at the core of the entire black river … … Human Daemon wants the Primordial Spirit Secret Technique to be killed. It is too far away to reach at all. “

Primordial Spirit Secret Technique has limited distance.

For example, Demonic Awl is also within the range of Primordial Spirit Domain, and Primordial Spirit 6th-layer is only 50 li away.

“Ten 8 black river guards, I have heard of its prestige, and naturally find a way to get it in exchange.” Peng Sovereign said with a slight smile, “The two Emperors in the black river world are proud, but they still gave me face.”

Around the area.

The monster world 3 Emperor is quite famous, among which the famous name of ‘Peng Sovereign’ is even better.

“Ten 8 black river guards, then Qiansi and peacocks.” Emperor Xinghe said with a smile, “Monster King Qiansi, got the Tribulation Realm secret” Cacoon of Nine Lifes “, the overall strength is improved, can support primordial spirit. It is all 5th -The most comprehensive of the layer Monster King. It is enough to walk unhindered in World Gap. “

“And the peacock …”

“We have spent the most money on peacocks in recent years,” Emperor Xinghe said. “Now we will see results.”

“Okay, just them.” Empress Xuanyue said with a slight smile.

Peng Sovereign is also nodded: “This strength is enough to clean up the World Gap.”

“I called them over.” Emperor Xinghe said.


One after another silhouette came in the hall.

‘Sacred Lord Qiansi’ in black gauze, ‘Old Ancestor Poison Dragon’ in black robe, Lone Moon Monster King standing alone in the corner, and grandiose’s eighteen people are all covered with flowing runes, ‘black river guards’ Them.

After they arrived immediately, it took a while before Peacock Monarch arrived slowly.

Peacock, with long black hair spread to the waist, with a burly figure, a pair of purple pupils full of overbearing aura, and walked into the hall also casually slightly arched: “I have seen 3 Emperor.”

Peng Sovereign They looked at each other, but also very helpless.

no way……

Peacock is less than 100 years away from lifespan. It wants to break through to ‘Monster Saint’, but lifespan is impossible for the sake of it. It wants to extend lifespan. Monster world has only 2 lifespan extension methods to transform life, but neither of these methods can transform Bloodline of ‘Darkness Peacock’. Bloodline of Darkness Peacock will instead consume the power of foreign object.

I’m comprehend ‘yin and yang transformation’ and found mystery of ‘recover one’s youthful vigor’?

In terms of skill realm, it is worse than Sacred Lord Qiansi, and what is cultivating is ‘dark lineage’, this lineage is to reach Heaven and Earth Realm, and it is impossible to recover one’s youthful vigor.

So life extension is hopeless.

To live one day and one day, without desires and desires, is naturally wanton. Even the three Emperor can tolerate it. As long as the peacock is obedient, the three Emperor can tolerate it.

“Your strength is much stronger than in the past.” Emperor Xinghe smiled and looked down. “Now, I need you to fight for us and go to World Gap to kill all the Daemons you see.”


Peacock Monarch and each and everyone are saluted.

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