Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 443

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“You will be divided into 2 teams.” Emperor Xinghe sits high above the great hall, and his voice echoes in the hall. “Peacock Monster King and the 8 1 black river guards form a team, Monster King Qiansi, Lengyue Monster King, Poison Dragon Monster King forms another team. In this way, the companions can cooperate with each other to improve the overall strength and be more confident to kill Daemon. “

“Yes.” Your Highness, Peacock Monarch, they all respectfully answered.

Although not quite clear companions’ current strength, they are all convinced by Emperor, Emperor’s vision can be more than their brilliant.

After a while.

Three Emperor brought a group of Monster King with their peacocks to the void outside 3 li or so outside the Ice Palace.


Peng Sovereign took a punch to blast through the monster world membrane wall and World Gap membrane wall, and blasted a huge hole of huge zhang, through which you can see the vast World Gap scenery.

“You should understand the importance of this battle.” Peng Sovereign indifferently said, “you did good, we will not be stingy rewards. We promised you, we three Emperor will do it. But if anyone deliberately does not need to work hard, Just don’t blame me and so on. “

“Emperor rest assured.”

“We will do our best.”

Peacock Monarch and Old Ancestor Poison Dragon held their breath and immediately replied.

Although it is the strongest among the 5th-layer Monster King, it has even improved. Can Emperor kill them? I’m afraid it can be done with a single thought.

Even the ‘Old Ancestor Poison Dragon’ who is known as Undying, the Emperor can easily block a void, so that the Old Ancestor Poison Dragon is trapped in this void, completely smashing everything in this void, and smashing the life of the Old Ancestor Poison Dragon. . A blink of an eye is enough.

The absolute strength gap, even if you are like Peacock Monarch, you have to obey.

“Departure.” Empress Xuanyue instructed.

Peacock Monarch, 8 1 black river escort, etc. bowed and saluted, and immediately flew into the World Gap along the huge hole.


The land of World Gap.

Peacock Monarch They all landed, stepped on the ground and looked at each other.

“The Emperors conquered Human World at all costs.” Sacred Lord Qiansi said, “So we can’t be neglected by 10000000, which angered Emperor, and the consequences are not something you and I can bear.”

“For Emperor’s reward, I have to do my best to wait.” Ten 8 black river guards, there is a person Monster King said with a smile.

“Move apart.”

But the peacock said indifferently, and quickly flew away into the distance.

“Brother Peacock.” Ten 8 black river guards quickly followed, and they and Peacock Monarch were a team.

“Let’s go too.” Sacred Lord Qiansi glanced at the two companions next to his eyes. “The strength of the two of you now also needs to be told carefully. So that we can cooperate better.”

“this is necessary.”

“Learn more about each other.”

Talking, this team also left quietly.


World Gap, heaven and earth fracture.

Meng Chuan, True Martial King, Serenity Sea King, Peng Mu, and Yun Jianhai are all in cultivating and do not interfere with each other.

The Serenity Sea King formed by the deep azure ice is looking at the darkness outside the heaven and earth rupture, and each time it gains momentum for a long time before it slashes into the darkness. The ‘Serenity Sea King’, which has been transformed by life for 1 years, has made progress in World Gap for so long, and its sword technique has become more perfect.

whiz whiz whiz …

The densely packed silhouette disappeared one after another, and only Meng Chuan was left.

Meng Chuan sat down with some confusion, looked up at the purple thunder that reflected the endless darkness: “I have come to World Gap for 5 years, my” Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement “, I think I have accumulated enough, but I am stuck in the last bottleneck . “

Based on my own understanding of thunder and the secret art inheritance of “Thunder World” and “Blade of Three Eras” …

The accumulation of Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement is enough to reach Paradise Realm.

“Endless Blade is to pursue the speed limit and to break the constraints of heaven and earth rules. It is difficult for me to understand the breakthrough.” Meng Chuan thought, “But Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement does not need to break heaven and earth Rule suppression, the breakthrough should not be It’s so difficult. “

“No wonder so many titled King Daemons have been unable to reach Paradise Realm, this step is indeed difficult.”

“Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement is so hard, Endless Blade will be even harder than I thought.”

Meng Chuan has been upset recently.

It is stuck in the bottleneck and cannot be pushed in. I do n’t even know how to improve, so I ’m naturally in a hurry.

If you don’t understand it, you will always be stuck here!

“I’ve been stuck in bottleneck for more than a year, what is missing?”

“How can I get Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement into Paradise Realm?” Meng Chuan thought for a long time, but it wasn’t available for a long time. “That’s all, it’s still the old way. Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement is stuck in the bottleneck. Cultivating” Endless Blade “first, maybe It will be touched. After all it is Thunder lineage. “

Meng Chuan pulled out the Monster-slaying Blade in order to continue cultivating Endless Blade.

Suddenly he felt the movements in the distance from “void”, although he didn’t reach Paradise Realm, but he was indeed more keen on void perception.

“It’s that direction.”

True Martial King, Serenity Sea King, Peng Mu, and Yun Jianhai turned their heads at the same time. They felt more intense and felt the fluctuation of the world’s membrane wall being bombarded.

whiz whiz whiz whiz 嗖.

5 people meet immediately.

True Martial King seriously said: “The world’s membrane wall was bombed, and the monster world connected to it, monster race, should send Monster King in.”

“Monster race has finally started?” Peng Mu, Yun Jianhai and Serenity Sea King all raised fighting intent.

“Meng Chuan, you take us all to catch Path and get over.” True Martial King said.

“it is good.”

Meng Chuan nodded.

Immediately, Seamless Domain wrapped around everyone, turned into a thunder streamer and rushed towards the source of the wave.


“Monster race is coming to World Gap.”

“It’s finally time to fight.”

A total of 5 titled King Daemon from Blacksand Paradise and Twin World Island were also aware.

“Departure.” King Ronghuo fighting intent exalted, “I will take you to catch Path.”

“Trouble King Ronghuo.” King Qianmu said with a slight smile.

Invisible waves wrapped around the crowd, and immediately rushed towards the rupture of the world’s membrane wall.


Meng Chuan Their team is faster, but the monster race has long been divided into 2 teams and acted, but it ran empty.

Instead, the slower King Ronghuo’s team only flew more than an hour and ran into the team of Sacred Lord Qiansi who was also looking for.


void ripples.

A black gauze woman, black robe dragon head old man and a silver woman appeared.

“Monster race.”

King Ronghuo, Nether King Tong, King Beimu, King Gutong, and King Qianmu also all showed silhouettes, and they explored each other’s domain contact, making them discover each other at the same time.

“Human Daemon? A hug wants to escape.” Sacred Lord Qiansi killing intent was awkward. At the beginning, he suffered a loss at Meng Chuan. The void silk thread appeared in the range of 300 li void centered on her. Previously, it only maintained a range of 100 miles. Now swelled to 300 li range, all 5 human Daemons were completely enveloped in one go.

black robe Longshou old man, silver clothes woman also killing intent skyrocketing.

“Kill them.” King Ronghuo’s body was covered with a layer of armor. At the same time, golden flames appeared from the whole body. The turbulent golden flames spread instantly. This golden flame formidable power powerful terrifying, and also the voids of Sacred Lord Qiansi The spider silk quickly burned into nothingness, and in an instant the 10 li around became a rolling Flame Domain.

King Ronghuo, the Tribulation Realm secret treasure ‘Len fire star chen furnace’ given to Blade and Spear Hall by Blacksand Paradise, was successfully brought out by refining, and with his achievements in flames, the formidable power of the fire star chen furnace was terrifying. .

At this moment, within the body’s “refining fire star Chen furnace” will release the golden flame continuously, burning 8 squares.

Flame Domain also protects its companions to kill them at high speed to Sacred Lord Qiansi.

Nether King Tong, King Beimu, King Qianmu, King Gutong are full of murderous intentions.

“Come well.” Sacred Lord Qiansi was very patient, and began to release the silk thread in the “Cacoon of Nine Lifes” within the body, and the threads of Cacoon of Nine Lifes mixed in the “void spider silk” and spread towards all directions. .

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