Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 444

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150 miles, 100 4 10 li, 100 3 10 li …

The monster race team and the human team approached quickly.

For Sacred Lord Qiansi, ‘Cacoon of Nine Lifes’ has a limited number of threads, and the farther away it is, the more difficult it is to control. Within 100 miles, it thinks it is the most suitable.

“Put them close.” Sacred Lord Qiansi sound transmission said, “But King Qianmu’s ‘Demonic Awl’ is very terrifying, and they should never be brought close to 50 li. So … when you are 7 10 li, do it.”

“Good.” Lengyue Monster King responded calmly.

“Haha, human these titled King Daemons, even if they reach Paradise Realm, they can usually play peak formidable power within 10 li. 7 10 li distance? Their threat to us will be very small.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon sound transmission said with a smile, “I am the body of Undying, Lengyue sister is also a phantom life, Qiansi you are better at long-range attack. We 3 together, attack the enemy short with our own long, can easily ravage them.


The raging Flame Domain protects 5 Daemons such as King Ronghuo and quickly approaches.

The moment when the distance between the two sides narrowed to 7 10 li.

“Hands.” Sacred Lord Qiansi sound transmission.

xiu xiu xiu xiu xiu Hey! ! ! ! ! !

A large number of void spider silks were impregnated by ‘Flame Domain’ incineration, but at the moment, a thread with faint lines on the surface appeared to penetrate into the Flame Domain instantly.

These silk threads are so tenacious that the flame cannot be burned at all.

The golden flame was violent, and it slammed in all directions. It also impacted the Cacoon of Nine Lifes silk thread. The Cacoon of Nine Lifes silk thread hit the impact and still killed Daemon.

“Not good.” King Ronghuo complexion changed, “Good Monster King Qiansi.”

“Clang clang clang.”

Standing on the King Ronghuo side ‘King Beimu’ with a silver armor, at the moment extend the hand palm, his palm has a tiny ten-three Divine Sword flying out. array, guarding this side of void, trying to resist those Cocoon of Nine Lifes silk threads, the formation is blocked, and most of them are blocked.

But there are too many threads of Cacoon of Nine Lifes, and all the formable power is extraordinary, and some of them still penetrate the barrier.

Flame Domain impact and the combined force of 3 sword array cannot be completely blocked.

“Forest world.” King Qianmu waved his hand, and a wooden post appeared around it, forming a natural formation. Each wooden post grew countless branches, entangled with each other, and continually whipped every Cacoon of Nine Lifes thread passing by Path. .

King Qianmu is the Primordial Spirit 6th-layer. Twin World Island attaches great importance to it. Although Twin World Island cannot give him the Tribulation Realm treasure, he has also given him a set of Emperor-level formation treasure. Driven by King Qianmu realm, formidable power is also extraordinary.


Sacred Lord Qiansi slightly frowned, “Unexpectedly failed?”

It thought that Tribulation Realm’s treasure “Cacoon of Nine Lifes” would kill Daemon once it was shot.

Whoever wants Flame Domain weakens the Cacoon of Nine Lifes silk thread for nearly half of the formidable power, and the sword array resists the penetration of more than half of the silk thread. In fact, the residual penetration is already relatively weak. .

“I thought I was going to hide in the fire star furnace.” King Ronghuo laughed at the sight. Daemons hid in the fire star furnace. Monster race couldn’t take away the fire star furnace. Naturally, why not, But they can only keep hiding.

“hua hua 哗.”

The poisonous black liquid struck.

“Be careful.” Nether King Tong complexion slightly changed.

A shadow came suddenly and appeared in Flame Domain to King Qianmu’s side. A sword pierced King Qianmu’s head. Although there were wooden pole branches to block, it was too close.

“Oh ~~~” King Gutong on the side of King Qianmu had a mouth in his mouth, and his tongue flashed, hitting the sword.

This tongue is fast as lightning.


That sword was repulsed directly.

The tongue was even more rolled up, directly holding the shadow, but the shadow dissipated directly.

“Brother Gu Tong, thanks.” King Qianmu said.

“Sect ordered me, must protect you.” King Gutong’s head is now ugly and huge, with countless convex toad-like heads, but in a blink of an eye, it returns to normal human appearance.

Its life has been transformed for a long time, and itself is a powerful ‘Insect King’.

Twin World Island, before the invasion of the monster race, was long pressed and killed by Blacksand Paradise. Many Daemons in Twin World Island have a distorted mentality. In order to be powerful, they have collected many evil methods. ‘Insect King transformation’ is very evil and cruel, but after success, the battle strength is very strong. On the contrary, for more than 800 years, Daemons at Twin World Island has a much calmer mindset.

“Humph.” Nether King Tong has already silhouetted into the shadow world.

Everyone on the scene was keenly aware of void, and they all faintly noticed that there are 2 lives in ‘Shadow World’ at the moment.

One is Nether King Tong, and the other is Cold Moon Monster King.

“Human can also transform phantom life.” Lengyue Monster King looked at Nether King Tong.

“Look at you and me, who is more powerful.” Nether King Tong looked at each other with a sneer and instantly killed him.

2 Fight in the shadow world, occasionally splitting the shadow attack.

The terrifying of phantom life lies in being able to walk in ‘Shadow World’ and use Shadow Clone to kill the enemy. Even if Shadow Clone is destroyed, it is unscathed. But as realm gets higher and higher, powerhouses can gradually penetrate the ‘shadow world’.


The highly toxic black liquid is trying to overwhelm the human Daemon, but it is burned by Flame Domain, causing the border to constantly rise in color poison qi. This golden flame is a poisonous nemesis.

“My poison is restrained and can’t penetrate at all.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon sound transmission said, “I’ll send the black liquid avatar first and kill it.”

hong long long ~~~~

In the black liquid, there are black dragons condensed and formed. Each black dragon has a terrifying power and directly rushed into the Flame Domain.

Although Flame Domain is burned, the condensed Black Dragon can resist it completely.

“With the Tribulation Realm treasure” Water Yuanzhu “, my frontal combat strength is much stronger.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon is quite confident. In the early days, it only relied on the body of Undying and the poison to deal with the enemy. The means of fighting was not strong. After being cultivated by 3 Emperors, after giving the Tribulation Realm treasure “Water Pearl” which is very suitable for it, the battle strength has transformed.


Ten 3 sword array moved.

one after another sword light is terrifying and will burst Black Dragon through all!

“Thirteen Swordfiend, formidable power is so strong.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon complexion slightly changed, it can maintain 9 Black Dragons to maintain super strength, but Thirteen Swordfiend has ‘ten three’, which is really restrained.

“You did good.” Sacred Lord Qiansi flashed his eyes.

There is no hindrance to the sword array.

The Cacoon of Nine Lifes silk thread is still hindered by the ‘forest world’, but at the moment these silk threads converge quickly, and most of the silk threads converge into a white snake.

“Boom.” After the gathering of many silk threads, this white snake’s formidable power was terrifying. The crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood easily smashed the forest world and directly killed King Qianmu. The Primordial Spirit 6th-layer must be removed. Qianmu ‘, the most feared monster race is True Martial King and King Qianmu.


King Ronghuo suddenly had a huge stove in his hand, holding a stove several times larger than himself. The stove was continuously flowing with a golden flame.

“Boom.” King Ronghuo holding the stove, suddenly strike directly through several li void, strikes on the ‘white snake’ composed of a lot of silk thread.

The white snake is the tribute of Tribulation Realm’s “Cacoon of Nine Lifes”, and the strike played by Sacred Lord Qiansi.

Tribulation Realm’s treasure “refine fire star chen furnace”, rumored to be made from a star in foreign territory, the most suitable for frontal battle is to “smash”, that is, King Ronghuo has limited strength and can only inspire Tribulation Realm Part of formidable power. Even so, this smashing … formidable power is still terrifying.


The white snake was smashed and burst, and a large amount of silk thread broke up everywhere, and flew out of Flame Domain by the violent flame.

“You just have a stove, I think you can block a few places.” Sacred Lord Qiansi’s charming face is somewhat distorted, and a large number of Cocoon of Nine Lifes silk threads converge again. This time it is divided into 3 slightly smaller white snakes.

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