Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 445

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“King Beimu, you help King Ronghuo, these Black Dragon avatars are handed over to me.” King Qianmu sound transmission said.

“Good.” King Beimu immediately a single thought, Divine Sword immediately intercepted one of the ‘White Snakes’, boom ~ boom ~, and the combined force of the Ten Three Sword Array and White Snake was completely blocked.

With King Ronghuo holding a huge stove, strike will penetrate the severe li void to defeat a white snake, and then strike to defeat another white snake. The endless turbulent golden flame will also impact the broken white snake away. At the same time resist 2 “white snakes” …… For King Ronghuo, it can also be carried.

Black Dragon snarls one by one.

However, under the suppression of the Golden Fire domain, the Black Dragon avatar is already greatly reduced in strength. The 9 Black Dragon avatars really cannot break through the densely packed forest world.


Sacred Lord Qiansi saw slightly wrinkle.

The Tribulation Realm treasure “Cacoon of Nine Lifes” it chooses is stronger in life-saving and weaker in killing enemies. The reason for this choice … First, it is more cautious, 2 because even if the enemy is weak, it also improves its overall strength, and the attack deterrent reaches the ‘Manifestation peak level’. It felt that it was enough to deal with formidable power like human Daemon.

Who wants to meet King Ronghuo, King Ronghuo is Blacksand Paradise’s strongest titled King Daemon in nearly 1000 years. After many years of World Gap cultivating, it has also been promoted from paradise Middle-Stage to ‘paradise late stage’. Although there is no secret art like Sacred Lord Qiansi, you can get the secret treasure “refining fire star Chen furnace”, one person will contain most of Sacred Lord Qiansi’s strength, and the companions can hold together.

“xiu 咻.”

Shadow World, Lengyue Monster King and Nether King Tong are also fighting.

Lengyue Monster King realm is weaker, but there are Tribulation Realm treasures in hand. Nether King Tong is realm higher and deeper. 2 Those who fight are naturally tragic.

Beheaded on the opponent again and again.

But both sides are real bodies, and the shadows change alternately! Clearly a sword pierced the opponent’s body, but found that the real body had become a shadow.

“Go.” Lengyue Monster King is performing the Primordial Spirit Secret Technique attack while killing the shadow. It is Primordial Spirit 6th-layer. Even if cultivating the ordinary Primordial Spirit Secret Technique, the deterrent is strong enough, and the fluctuation of primordial spirit is like a wave. General impact on Nether King Tong.

“Demonic Awl.”

Nether King Tong ’s Primordial Spirit Domain perceives the impact of terrifying waves, a single thought, and the “Demonic Awl” made by 30% primordial spirit origins rushed out. formidable power is greatly reduced.

He did not dare to use Demonic Awl to attack a Primordial Spirit 6th-layer, but ‘Demonic Awl’ can also be used to crack the enemy’s Primordial Spirit Secret Technique.


“Hu.” Nether King Tong returned to normal void and came to King Ronghuo, his face was a little ugly: “That cold moon Monster King has Tribulation Realm treasure, I can’t kill it.”

“This Sacred Lord Qiansi is very difficult to deal with, and countless spiders form a domain that has completely trapped us.” King Ronghuo, holding a large stove, also solemnly scored 10000 points.

The Golden Fire domain maintains a 10 li range.

The resistance of the Golden Fire domain weakened, and King Ronghuo and King Beimu could join forces to resist the attack of the Cacoon of Nine Lifes silk thread.

“These silk threads are obstructing, we can’t get rid of them.” King Gutong also said that he didn’t try to release the poison insect because he knew that his poison insect could not carry the thread through.

Sacred Lord Qiansi alone makes them feel great pressure.

“It is very cautious and dare not bring me close to 50 li.” King Qianmu sound transmission said, “If it is within 50 li, I can cast Demonic Awl to attack it.”

“Wait.” King Ronghuo calmly said, “We can’t escape, but they can’t help us anymore. When the Daemons of Primeval Mountain arrive, we can counterattack.”


Meng Chuan did bring True Martial King, Serenity Sea King, Peng Mu, and Yun Jianhai with all his strength to catch Path. Pedal Bloodblade Plate, although with 4 titled King Daemon, also reached a speed of 100 miles in a flash.

“King Ronghuo has a fire star furnace, even if they fall into a desperate situation, they can save their lives by hiding in the fire star furnace.” True Martial King said, both teams have a powerful life-saving method, Blacksand Paradise Twin World The team of Island … is the cooperation of King Ronghuo and King Qianmu, enough to deal with all kinds of dangerous situations. The Primeval Mountain team, which is a collaboration between Meng Chuan and True Martial King, can also cope with all kinds of dangerous situations.

“It’s just ahead,” Meng Chuan said.

tone barely fell, they saw it.

In the distance, there is a dazzling golden flame area, surrounded by countless silk strands spreading for 100 miles, and there are also black Poison Dragon crazy impact on the golden flame area.

In the flame zone, King Ronghuo and other Daemons are also resisting with all their strength.

“Daemon from Primeval Mountain is here!” King Ronghuo and other each and everyone saw this scene and couldn’t help being overjoyed.


Sacred Lord Qiansi saw from a distance, the complexion slightly changed.

“You be careful, I will try my best to restrain them and delay them until the peacocks come together.” Sacred Lord Qiansi sound transmission said, “when the time comes when we work with the peacocks and they are expected to kill them.”

“Good.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon is confident, and Cold Moon Monster King is also nodded.


In the distance, Meng Chuan took True Martial King and they killed them. A huge yin and yang disk was formed around their team. The yin and yang disk spread all over the True Martial King around 10 li. At the center of the yin and yang disk, there was a “grey mist” power gathering There is also a layer of gray power on the edge of the Yin Yang plate. These gray forces directly broke the obstruction of the thread of Cacoon of Nine Lifes.

“Really strong domain, my Cacoon of Nine Lifes silk thread cannot penetrate.” Sacred Lord Qiansi complexion slightly changed.

After forcibly breaking the thread of Cacoon of Nine Lifes, 5 people including True Martial King and Meng Chuan and King Ronghuo finally joined together.

“Hahaha, thanks to everyone from Primeval Mountain.” King Ronghuo, King Gutong and other each and everyone laughed.

“Join together to kill them.” True Martial King said, “junior brother Meng, catch up with Sacred Lord Qiansi.”

“Close to within 50 li.” King Qianmu said.

“pass it to me.”

Meng Chuan pedaled on the Bloodblade Plate and took a full 9-bit Daemon to catch up with Path. The True Martial Domain ‘yin and yang plate’ sheltered around and forced to fly inside the Void Spider-thread Domain.

Bang!! !

A large number of Cocoon of Nine Lifes silk threads cannot be blocked, and can only be gathered into 3 ‘white snakes’. Three white snakes stormed into the True Martial Domain.

“Boom.” King Ronghuo directly hit the stove and smashed through the severe li, and directly scattered a white snake.

“Boom.” King Beimu’s ten 3 sword array converged, and also scattered a white snake. In fact, under the suppression of ‘True Martial Domain’, the white snake’s formidable power is also much weaker than before.

“Boom.” Serenity Sea King, who exudes coldness and coldness, snapped out a sword. His sword shadow sounded Time Flow Speed, which also changed the void, making this sword fast and scary, and also split a white snake. Serenity Sea King also has a hint of excitement in his eyes. After becoming a Glacial Lifeform, he has been in World Gap cultivation for more than ten years, and he has longed for fighting.

True Martial King, Peng Mu, Meng Chuan, etc. each and everyone did not have time to shoot.

This scene made Sacred Lord Qiansi complexion slightly changed, sound transmission said: “There are too many Daemon, Meng Chuan is too fast, we ca n’t escape even if we want to escape. The best way is to control the distance, do n’t let them Get close to 50 li and do n’t let them escape. Keep it under control until the peacock comes.

“How to contain?” The Old Ancestor Poison Dragon was a little anxious, watching the Daemons protected by the True Martial Domain ‘Yin and Yang disk’ quickly approaching, only to divide the Black Dragon avatars into constant impact and block, “How to contain again , Their speed is still too fast. “

“The speed is too fast.” Sacred Lord Qiansi is also more solemn, “We try to delay the time.”

The Cacoon of Nine Lifes silk thread and the Old Ancestor Poison Dragon’s continuous obstruction made King Ronghuo often fight against it, which also interfered with Meng Chuan’s flight with them. But the speed of Meng Chuan’s flight is too amazing. In this situation, the average speed of the team is still within a flash of thirty-forty.

The distance between the two sides quickly shortened.

6 10 li, 50 li, 4 10 li …

“Don’t rush out, get closer to within 10 li.” True Martial King sound transmission said, King Ronghuo, King Qianmu each and everyone all resisted.

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