Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 446

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The human Daemon side is too fast, and the monster race side cannot escape at all, and can only watch the distance getting closer.

3 10 li, 20 li, 10 li …

“Hands.” True Martial King suddenly sound transmission.

“Boom.” Daemons shot at the same time almost instantaneously, attacking and covering the sky, and the fastest among them was King Qianmu’s primordial spirit forbidden move ‘Demonic Awl’.

King Qianmu Primordial Spirit 6th-layer realm, with a full 30% primordial spirit, “Demonic Awl” cultivating from the source, can be called a killing move on the human Daemon side. There are so many monster kings in Monster race. This time I only sent so few people because I was afraid of the ‘Demonic Awl’ of the Primordial Spirit 6th-layer. After all, the primordial spirit is closer to King Qianmu 50 li, and they are all killed.

call out!

Black Demonic Awl, naked eye is not visible, but Primordial Spirit Domain can be clearly found.

It was so fast that it had arrived in front of Sacred Lord Qiansi in an instant. Although I have already prepared for it, I can really face the terrifying ‘Demonic Awl’, Sacred Lord Qiansi is still a little flustered.


Sacred Lord Qiansi’s face was ugly, and his mouth seemed to scream, but he couldn’t make any sound, and he held his head in pain. The threads of Cacoon of Nine Lifes in midair became sluggish and lost control.

The 3 Emperor once asked it to choose the Tribulation Realm treasure. It chose the ‘Cacoon of Nine Lifes’ which protects the primordial spirit the most. The Cacoon of Nine Lifes sheltered its primordial spirit, which weakened and hindered Demonic Awl. But Sacred Lord Qiansi still thinks that the protection of ‘Cacoon of Nine Lifes’ is not strong enough, because the primordial spirit is still torn through by forcibly, it is too painful and desperate.

It even has a feeling of dying.

“Boom ~ boom ~.” Terrifying’s attack came, the huge fire star fire furnace hit, and True Martial King’s gray fist that shattered everything came.

However, all these attacks strikes on a white silk cocoon.

The white silkworm cocoon completely wrapped Sacred Lord Qiansi.

This white silkworm cocoon … is the Cacoon of Nine Lifes itself! Cacoon of Nine Lifes is cocoon-shaped, as long as it completely protects the body, it can be called indestructible.

And it also has strong protection against primordial spirit, which is the strongest protection of fleshly body primordial spirit among the 3 optional Tribulation Realm treasures.

Now, meritorious service!

The white silkworm cocoon was wrapped, and the human Daemon could not be broken.

“The primordial spirit of Sacred Lord Qiansi has strong protection and should be the secret of Tribulation Realm.” King Qianmu sound transmission said, participating in this battle, naturally know yourself and know your enemy! Your own ‘Demonic Awl’ is a killing move. Unless you are a great expert of the illusion technique lineage, you must rely on the ‘Tribulation Realm’ to resist. This is also the reason why there is no Demonic Awl attack when Nether King Tong and Lengyue Monster King fight.

Primordial Spirit 5th-layer, use 30% primordial spirit Demonic Awl, refining against Primordial Spirit 6th-layer? Under normal circumstances, it is possible to hit the other party! There is even a little hope of killing.

But the opponent has Tribulation Realm treasure, Nether King Tong would not dare to do it, because most likely will hurt the opponent, but at the same time his ‘Demonic Awl’ will almost certainly smash! Demonic Awl is sharp, but fragile. Once smashed, then Nether King Tong lost 30% of the origin of primordial spirit. Instead, he was hit hard and his strength was greatly damaged.

The other side was only injured, and most of the battle strength, but he lost 30% of the origin, and there was little resistance in the next moment of severe pain, then the result may be that he was killed.

To deal with Primordial Spirit 6th-layer, let King Qianmu give it!


Facing the mad attack of human Daemon, the Old Ancestor Poison Dragon naturally turned into 9 Black Dragons, but could not rush into the True Martial Domain ‘yin and yang disk’ range, but Sacred Lord Qiansi became a white silkworm cocoon, which was extremely painful .

Lengyue Monster King naturally hid in Shadow World early.


True Martial King did not punch the white silkworm cocoon with one punch, and turned his punches towards void again.

Layers of void smashed, mysterious shadow world has been broken.

A punch penetrated the shadow world and slammed into the cold moon Monster King.

“Boom.” Lengyue Monster King’s body was shattered into a shadow, and he fled.

“Pu.” At the same time that Shadow World was bombed, a black Demonic Awl also came in. When Lengyue Monster King replaced the real body with the shadow and carried the True Martial King strike, black Demonic Awl took the opportunity to get into its real body. Among them, strikes are in the primordial spirit of Cold Moon Monster King.

The primordial spirit was forcibly torn through.

Lengyue Monster King covered his head in pain. Although its Tribulation Realm treasure ‘nether shadow sword’ can also protect the primordial spirit, it is much less effective than Cacoon of Nine Lifes. At this moment, he loses consciousness in pain.


Grey fist shadow, homeopathic strikes on it really.

Lengyue Monster King’s body was completely disintegrated into nothingness after being touched by fist shadow, and died on the spot.

At the same time it was crushed, only a little treasure remained, especially the dark dagger was the most eye-catching.

“Shoot.” True Martial King waved his hand and captured all the treasure left by Lengyue Monster King.

“Tribulation Realm.” True Martial King was also pleased, glancing at the gloomy short sword in his hand.

Meng Chuan, King Ronghuo and the others were also overjoyed.

Tribulation Realm treasure is very precious.

In human history, there are enough Tribulation Realm treasure weapons left by Cang Yuan Founder, so Primeval Mountain has accumulated the deepest in this respect. Tribulation Realm secret weapons like Blacksand Paradise and Canghai School are just a few pieces. This time, Blacksand Paradise only gave a Tribulation Realm treasure, which is for ‘King Ronghuo’ to make a fire star! Twin World Island is not given, it is really poor.

Although Primeval Mountain has a deep background, it only gave Meng Chuan and True Martial King a Tribulation Realm. As for Serenity Sea King, Peng Mu, Yun Jianhai are Emperor-level weapon treasures.

Monster race is the most rich and imposing.

Of course, Tribulation Realm treasures are also different. What Cang Yuan Founder left behind is the Tribulation Realm weapon left by Seventh Tribulation Realm, which is generally left by 6 Tribulation Realm and 5 Tribulation Realm Supreme.

Monster race is different, Tribulation Realm treasure weapon, 3 Tribulation Realm 4 Tribulation Realm Supreme mostly left. Like Cacoon of Nine Lifes, although it is the secret of ‘Primordial Spirit Fifth Tribulation Realm Supreme’, it actually lacks the key means of ‘Cacoon-breaking Rebirth’, so it will be selected by Sacred Lord Qiansi.

of course–

Meng Chuan They are just titled King Daemon, weapons made by 6 Tribulation Realm, Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme, and weapons made by 3 Tribulation Realm. Meng Chuan, at this level, the formidable power they can play is not much different. Only when there is enough high realm will a huge difference be found.

“Tribulation Realm.”

Killing a strong Great Monster King and obtaining a Tribulation Realm treasure still inspires the Daemons.

“Dead, Cold Moon Monster King is dead?” The Old Ancestor Poison Dragon was a little shocked. With its Undying body, it didn’t worry about its own safety. It even saw the key at a glance, staring at the True Martial King in the distance, “That True Martial King, can even punch the shadow world? In terms of void, his realm is too high. “

Is very high.

Yin and Yang Elderly’s “Yin and Yang Art” is an Emperor-level secret art, but True Martial King’s “True Martial Seven Absolutes” is based on “Yin and Yang Art”, although it is only Paradise Realm late stage , But no less than “Yin and Yang Art” by Paradise Realm Perfection. In addition, his cultivation path is good at void, and Primeval Mountain has given Tribulation Realm treasures to enhance its strength. It is not difficult to punch the Shadow World with one punch.

He is also one of the core main forces of this battle.

“Demonic Awl is more terrifying than I thought.” The Sacred Lord Qiansi inside Cacoon of Nine Lifes still felt the tearing pain of the primordial spirit, “If I come a few more times, I might be completely crushed and killed. I heard that Demonic Awl is fragile, It shouldn’t be against me continuously. “


“Sacred Lord Qiansi and Lengyue Monster Capital are Primordial Spirit 6th-layer, both protected by Tribulation Realm. Among them, Sacred Lord Qiansi’s resistance is stronger.” King Qianmu said, “For both of them, my Demonic Awl also appeared. A little crack. Demonic Awl alone is going to kill Sacred Lord Qiansi, I ’m not sure. “

“No need,” True Martial King said. “Your Demonic Awl forbidden move is the killing move on our side. The Primordial Spirit 6th-layer of the monster race is not much. We will deal with those Primordial Spirit 5th-layer in the future … you are more It is easy to kill, Demonic Awl, it is better to use it at a more critical moment. “

“As long as your Demonic Awl is not broken, it is a powerful deterrent.” King Ronghuo also said.

King Qianmu nodded.

He is also one of the core main forces of this battle.

chi chi chi ~~~~

Sacred Lord Qiansi was still hiding in the white silkworm cocoon, and suddenly began to release countless silk threads spreading around.

“A monster race is coming again.” True Martial King suddenly looked towards the distance.

Soon Meng Chuan also felt it.

In the distance, a terrorist gas machine broke out, and a black long-haired burly man stood in the air, its long hair spread all the way to the waist, and a pair of purple pupils appeared from afar. From a distant perspective, it made Meng Chuan and his group of Daemons feel that the surrounding heaven and earth are collapsing, and they are collapsing towards the black hair man. Behind the black hair man stood ten or eight guards.

“Peacock Monarch is here.” True Martial King, King Ronghuo, and Meng Chuan all rise in their fighting intent. This is the fight between human and monster race at World Gap’s most peak battle strength.

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