Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 447

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The white silkworm cocoon shrinks quickly, and is taken into Sacred Lord Qiansi within the body.

Both Sacred Lord Qiansi and Old Ancestor Poison Dragon flew past and merged with Peacock Monarch.

“Human titled King Daemon, the strongest group is here.” Peacock Monarch Zitong looked at the human Daemons in the True Martial Domain in the distance, and the fighting intent was also rising.

“Peacock, be careful of True Martial King.” Sacred Lord Qiansi flew to the front and said.

“He punched the Shadow World with one punch, and with the cooperation of King Qianmu, he instantly killed Lengyue Monster King.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon also said.


Peacock Monarch is calm for 10000 points, “You just need to cooperate with me briefly later.”

“Good.” Sacred Lord Qiansi and Old Ancestor Poison Dragon responded.


“Peacock Monarch is here.” King Ronghuo watched, excited in his eyes, “The 5th-layer monster Capital, the most powerful monster race, is here.”

“Junior brother Meng, I’ll trouble you to cooperate with me later.” True Martial King looked at the distance and sound transmission, “I need you to cast Magical Power.”

As a Daemon who also repairs the Starry Sky lineage fleshly body method, Meng Chuan’s awakening time Magical Power ‘Quicksand’ is indeed very powerful. This time it is to destroy the Great Monster King. Daemons also need to cooperate carefully. Magical Power Quicksand information , Naturally told the core of this battle ‘True Martial King’ in advance.

“Okay, senior brother, you need to be within 30 feet of me.” Meng Chuan sound transmission.

“King Qianmu, King Ronghuo, and cooperate with me later. Several of us tried to kill Peacock Monarch in one fell swoop.” True Martial King sound transmission.

King Qianmu’s face is simple, King Ronghuo fighting intent is boiling, and now sound transmission responds: “Relax.”

“Monster race has been dormant for more than ten years. It must be a great advancement, and everyone needs to be careful.” True Martial King sound transmission is given to all Daemons, all Daemons present are awesome, and Meng Chuan has released Dao Protector.


The True Martial Domain protects the Daemons and quickly flew towards the Peacock Monarch side at a very fast speed. Meng Chuan led the Daemon to catch Path, which naturally surpassed those Monster Kings.

Peacock Monarch was coldly said: “Leave it to me.”

The other Monster Kings stayed in midair, but Peacock Monarch took the initiative to rush in with a deep purple long spear. Behind it, a huge black peacock illusory shadow appeared, and the peacock illusory shadow spread its wings. The speed of the Peacock Monarch flying was very amazing, and even reached a terrifying speed of 30 li or so, and took the initiative to kill it.

One deal with a group of Daemon.

Because they all rushed towards each other, the distance of hundred or more li blinked to 10 li in a blink of an eye, and the battle broke out in an instant.

“It’s arrogant.” King Ronghuo held the fire star furnace several times larger than his own, and directly smashed it past.


King Qianmu a single thought, Demonic Awl flew out, and it had broken into the eyes of Peacock Monarch.

“Magical Power Quicksand.” Meng Chuan also exhibited this Magical Power. Silver mysterious lines appeared on the 2 sides of the face. A sliver of silver lightning flashed around the head. Within both eyes also had silver lightning. He glanced around. Wisps of silver lightning also appeared within 30 feet of the surrounding area, which also enveloped True Martial King. True Martial King has gained momentum.

Time Flow Speed ​​has changed.

True Martial King also felt that he also started comprehend time now, but his achievements are still very low. Because ‘True Martial lineage’ is mainly Void lineage direction.

“Ten times the Time Flow Speed, which is higher than the Serenity Sea King’s sword shadow.” True Martial King is satisfied.

World Annihilation of Ten Absolutes this move, although he created a powerful opportunity, but fighting intent is not very meaningful, opponents with close strength are impossible, watching him gather ten punches. With the cooperation of Serenity Sea King or Meng Chuan, it can burst out instantly.


When True Martial King first started punching, the Dark Demonic Awl had penetrated into Peacock Monarch within the body.


King Qianmu complexion slightly changed.

He is Primordial Spirit 6th-layer, and used 30% primordial spirit to make it into ‘Demonic Awl’. This Demonic Awl formidable power can be imagined. These are ‘Sacred Lord Qiansi’ and ‘Lengyue Monster King’, which have Tribulation Realm’s treasures and Primordial Spirit 6th-layer. One is that the serious damage can only keep the basic sober, and the other is the loss of consciousness there’s no resistance. And Peacock Monarch is actually only Primordial Spirit 5th-layer.

But the three Emperor never worried, because the real “Darkness Peacock” original can ignore the attack of Primordial Spirit Secret Technique, fight head to head, Darkness Peacock is also very powerful. In the Space-Time River, it belongs to extremely tyrannical life, which is comparable to Phoenix and True Dragon.

Of course, Peacock Monarch is not ‘Darkness Peacock’, but it is also very close to awakening within the body Bloodline, maybe awakening again will completely turn into Darkness Peacock.

“chi chi.”

When Demonic Awl got into Peacock Monarch within the body, it seemed to have entered a dark vortex. The dark vortex kept pulling the ‘Demonic Awl’, making the internal cracks of the ‘Demonic Awl’ increase.

Passing through the dark vortex hard, Demonic Awl has also come out of Peacock Monarch’s body, and there are many more cracks.

“I can’t find its primordial spirit at all, or its primordial spirit is integrated into the dark vortex?” King Qianmu was shocked.

“Humph.” Peacock Monarch also groaned in pain.

“Boom.” The huge fire star furnace passed through the void to Peacock Monarch. Because Demonic Awl penetrated the dark vortex, Peacock Monarch was also affected, so he had no time to block it with his left hand.

But this smash is King Ronghuo’s strongest strike at all costs!

He used the secret technique to explode true yuan to the greatest extent, and urged the refining of the fire star Chen furnace to the limit, so that the formidable power of the fire star Chen furnace reached the extreme he could bear. Although King Ronghuo’s muzzle and nose blood flowed out, but this smashing … also powerful and terrifying.

Peacock Monarch’s left hand has a tremendous force, and he is still pressed down by the fire star furnace. This huge furnace crushes the arm and fiercely hits Peacock Monarch’s head.

peng sound.

The fire star Chen Furnace and Peacock Monarch’s head met force with force collided together.

Peacock Monarch’s incomparably fleshly body staggered, and blood flowed from his hair on his forehead.

“En?” Peacock Monarch’s eyelids lifted, and he saw a terrifying gray pillar of light.

With the help of Magical Power Quicksand, True Martial King’s ten punches are too fast. With the Tribulation Realm’s Yin-Yang Two Qi and the ‘True Martial power’, the ten punches are continuously blasted, and the gray pillars formed by the combination of ten punches The void was torn in an instant, and it was Peacock Monarch who had no time to evade it at this moment. The scene of the gray light beam breaking the sky made all Daemon and Demon Capital quiet.

This is terrifying to the ultimate move.

True Martial King relies on the secret of Tribulation Realm to fight this trick that broke out from a serious injury. It can only display this time in a short time, and it is only with the help of Meng Chuan’s Magical Power Quicksand that it has such a formidable power.

This move is comparable to ‘Qin Wu’ displaying a sword array!


Peacock Monarch had no time to avoid, only long spear in front of him.

The gray pillars flooded it instantly.

“Ahhh.” Peacock Monarch yelled in anger, but in front of the gray pillar, the fleshly body began to shatter.

A blink of an eye.

Peacock Monarch fleshly body smash completely disappeared.

A long spear, deep purple robe and other utensils float into the air.

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