Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 448

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“Dead?” Nether King Tong, King Ronghuo, King Gutong, etc. all showed their excitement, but in the distance Sacred Lord Qiansi, Old Ancestor Poison Dragon, 8 1 black river guards could not believe it.

True Martial King has a solemn expression, without a touch of joy.


Peacock Monarch disappeared by the strikes, and in a blink of an eye, huge power converged into a black long haired man. The deep purple robe was put on him again, and the long spear fell into his hands.

“Blood Drop rebirth?” Meng Chuan complexion slightly changed, like his Blood Drop Realm fleshly body, even if it is scattered into particles with naked eye invisible, it can be instantly harmless. Unless the ‘particles’ are shattered, it is the real damage.

Peacock Monarch clearly has a similar method to ‘Blood Drop Rebirth’.

The unity was restored in an instant, and no injuries were seen.

“You are injured.” True Martial King said solemnly.

“You moved just now, and if you come again 20 times, you should be able to kill me.” Peacock Monarch looked at True Martial King with great excitement. “I stand here, you continue!”

True Martial King eyes slightly shrink.

He has been seriously injured in one show, but he can still maintain his normal strength. But if it is forced to perform the second time, he will be weak.

“No way?” Peacock Monarch had a madness in his eyes. “Then it’s me.”

“Do it.” Peacock Monarch ordered.

hong long long ~~~~

For a time heaven falls and earth rends, the surroundings were swept away by the dark river water instantly, Meng Chuan they were all black river water in their vision. It is the ‘True Martial Domain’ Yin and Yang disks are instantly eroded by these black rivers.

“Feng.” True Martial King complexion slightly changed, his hands slightly stretched out, and the huge Yin-Yang Two Qi spread around itself, rotating to resist all directions.

But True Martial Domain is still oppressed to the extent of only the remaining zhang.

Daemons such as Meng Chuan and others were forced to hide in the scope of hundred zhang.

“What’s this?” Meng Chuan couldn’t believe what the black liquid looked like. Unlike the poisonous black liquid of ‘Old Ancestor Poison Dragon’, this black liquid was darker, deeper and thicker, and the formidable power was more terrifying! He even has a feeling that if he does not rely on the Bloodblade Plate, if his own fleshly body rushes in, it will be consumed as powder.

“Boom.” King Ronghuo held the fire star Chen furnace and smashed it hard. The fire star Chen furnace was smashed into the rolling black liquid, which only stirred up a few waves.

“What is this formation?” True Martial King also looked solemnly.

He created True Martial lineage and is best at defending.

With the help of Yin-Yang Two Qi released by Tribulation Realm treasures, the ‘True Martial Domain’ formidable power has been enhanced to the point where it can crush the domain of Sacred Lord Qiansi on the front. On “domain” means, True Martial King thinks that whether it is a titled King Daemon or a 5th-layer Monster King … no one can match him. But this time it was completely suppressed.

This is ‘black river formation’.

It’s monster world Emperor ‘Peng Sovereign’ status high enough, I went to the black river world to negotiate, only exchanged 8 or 5 black river life boxes, and then selected the suitable 8 or 8 monster kings from the monster world 800th-layer Monster King. Turn the black river life box into ‘black and guard’. Ten 3 black river guards can join forces to arrange a large array of black rivers, forming 1 miles of black river! Peng Sovereign has spent so much energy because the black river formation formidable power is strong enough, and it is also a ‘killing move’ identified by monster race 1 Emperor.

“Hu.” Peacock Monarch opened his mouth suddenly at the moment, just a breath.

void begins to twist.

A special force instantly fell on each Daemon, such as Meng Chuan, True Martial King, King Qianmu, etc. They all felt that the space was squeezing them.

Magical Power-Swallow the sky!

This is Peacock Monarch’s most powerful Magical Power.

Peacock Monarch flew alone first, in order to be closer to the human Daemon, within the scope of the Magical Power ‘swallowing sky’!

Fortunately, with True Martial Domain resistance, Meng Chuan’s squeeze on each of their Daemons is not strong enough, otherwise this squeeze will be several times stronger.

“Not good.” Meng Chuan all of them felt uncomfortable, and they were wrapped in space and struggled to resist.

True Martial King is the True Martial Domain, resisting the big black river formation, and trying his best to prevent the effect of swallowing sky on ‘void’, and thanks to his high achievement in void, weakening the formidable of Magical Power’s swallowing sky power.

“Be careful.” True Martial King complexion changed.

I saw a sudden ‘black flying lance’ flying out of the rolling black liquid in all directions. It was completely condensed and formed in the formation before, and the human Daemons had no awareness. When they were found, these black flying lances had reached the True Martial Domain. edge.

A blink of an eye.

These black flying lances are all shot into the True Martial Domain and shot at every Daemons!

xiu xiu xiu xiu xiu Hey! ! ! ! ! !

Every flying lance is terrifying and amazingly fast.

Meng Chuan They are all influenced by the “Swallowing Heaven” Magical Power.

“Be careful.” King Ronghuo had no time to respond. He directly covered the fire star Chen furnace that was several times larger than him, covering himself and the surrounding King Beimu, followed by densely packed black fly lance and shot at the fire star. Chen furnace is on.

On the 2 sides of Meng Chuan’s face, there is a mysterious silver pattern. Silver lightning flashes around the head. His foot on the Bloodblade Plate has turned into a ghost ghost. The black flying lance has a speed of about 300 li, but even if Meng Chuan is affected by the swallowing of the sky, the movement speed is also above these flying lances under the condition of Magical Power Quicksand.

You can easily avoid it by relying on the body alone, not to mention that he hides in the deep void at a flash, and those flying lances can’t even touch him.

“King Qianmu.” Meng Chuan immediately a single thought, divided ten 2 blood blades to protect around King Qianmu.

“Boom ~ boom ~.” Densely packed a lot of lance strikes to King Qianmu.

The monster race obviously also knows that Meng Chuan is slippery and True Martial King is too strong, so after more than 100 fly lance siege to King Qianmu, there is forest world around to stop it, but all black liquid fly lance can easily penetrate.

“Pēng pēng pēng ~~~” successive strikes on the blood blade, Meng Chuan tried his best to manipulate the blood blade to resist every black fly lance.

Although Bloodblade Plate is good at body protection, these flying lance formidable power is too large, and Meng Chuan also feels strenuous.

At this moment, I only hate that the realm is not high enough, and the Bloodblade Plate body protection formidable power is not strong enough.

“Roar ~~~” A huge white snake gathered by the countless silk threads of Cacoon of Nine Lifes also rushed into the True Martial Domain. This white snake swallowed King Qianmu directly, and was also about to kill King Qianmu.

“Broken.” True Martial King struggled to punch out successive Peacock Monarch to the distant Peacock Monarch, one after another, and the shadow of the gray monk fist tearing the sky, forcing Peacock Monarch to stop Magical Power and resisting True Martial King with all his strength.

True Martial King splits another palm, and the illusory shadow of the gray palm is shot on the white snake, and the white snake is shot directly out of the True Martial Domain, and falls into the rolling black river.

“Accept death.” After Peacock Monarch stopped Magical Power, a long spear burst into a rage, heaven and earth shook it, and a shot of anger pierced True Martial King.

“Hide in, hide in.” King Ronghuo inside the fire star Chen furnace, but even roared, King Qianmu quickly drilled into the fire star Chen furnace under the guard of the “ten 2 blood blade”.

Meng Chuan only looked towards others.

Nether King Tong hiding in the shadow world is naturally fine.

Peng Mu’s face was ugly, and the vines danced against the surroundings, isolating most of the black liquid fly lance. A few of them were blocked by his palm in the near future. Even if occasionally, Indestructible Divine Body can quickly recover.

Dao Protector Wang Shan sat cross-legged and let his mad attack, but the fleshly body was like a powerful divine weapon, without any damage.

Serenity Sea King guards everywhere with a sword. His sword exerts influence on time and space. The speed of the sword is amazing. At the same time, it can be resisted by dozens of black liquid flying lance siege. When it was just affected by the “swallowing the sky” Magical Power, Serenity Sea King’s body skill sword technique appeared weak spot and was shot by Fei lance. Fortunately, Serenity Sea King is now very strong in Glacial Body, this flying lance will not completely destroy the Glacial Body.

“Yun senior brother and King Gutong are dead.” Meng Chuan felt a sorrow in his heart.

Just discovered his domain clearly.

Under the influence of Tiantian Magical Power, Yun Jianhai released the ‘sword array’ operation, which was shot on the body by black liquid flying lance. Yun Jianhai’s fleshly body is not too strong. Black liquid flew lance through his body twice in a row, and his body was completely annihilated.

King Gutong, the body of its Insect King was originally very flexible, and could not be avoided under the influence of Magical Power. Although the body is tenacious, it can be continuously penetrated by dozens of black liquid and lance, and it is completely turned into powder.

A face-to-face.

Tuntian Magical Power cooperates with the big black river formation.

On their side, Meng Chuan killed two Daemons.


True Martial King punched the air with the long spear strikes, the whole person flew away, and True Martial Domain also flew with him.

All black liquid fly lance also spread out.

“Only 2 were killed.” Peacock Monarch stood in the vast black river with a long spear, looked at the Daemons remaining in the True Martial Domain, and grinned, “However, the rest are all turtles in the urn, and no one can escape. . “

True Martial Domain.

True Martial King, Meng Chuan, and each and everyone Daemon, including Daemons hiding in the fire star furnace, are very angry.

The death of their companions made them sad, and the killing intent became stronger.

“Yun Fengzi, you take a step first, I will kill more Monster Kings, and then come to accompany you.” Peng Mu’s eyes are faint with tears in his eyes. Yun Fengzi and he have been sleeping in the same era for nearly 1000 years, and they also guarded after waking up. city. And this time I came to the ‘World Gap Battle’ to plan a big kill, but now Yun Fengzi is gone.

“King Gutong.” King Qianmu in the fire star Chen furnace looked at a large number of poisonous insect corpses in the distance. The little brat who had a strange temper with a poisonous insect in his life. Before entering the World Gap, he said, “I will protect you” Little Brat … Is it so dead?

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