Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 449

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Peacock Monarch stood in the vast black river and looked at the True Martial Domain in the distance.

“True Martial King’s strength is much stronger than in the past, and it is even more difficult.” Peacock Monarch thought to himself.

The True Martial Domain like a big turtle shell in front of him, resisting the black river formation, can also greatly weaken its Magical Power ‘swallow the sky’.

It is difficult to kill those Daemons without cracking the True Martial Domain.

“You black river guards, you are devoted to the black river formation and attacking the domain of True Martial King.” Peacock Monarch said, “Qiansi, you and I will fight True Martial King together.”

“Okay.” Sacred Lord Qiansi in the distance responded, but was hiding 60-70 miles away, apparently shy of King Qianmu’s ‘Demonic Awl’.

“Get up.”

Ten 8 black river guards also drive another use of black river formation.

One by one black chains were conceived and formed in the ‘black river’. In the blink of an eye, there were hundreds of black chains surrounding the True Martial Domain.

“Most of the power of the black river in 800 is dispatched to converge on the chain, and this True Martial Domain must be crushed.” Ten 8 black river guards all have a terrible killing intent in their eyes.

“Not good!” Meng Chuan saw black chains wrapped around the True Martial Domain, entangled heavily, shrinking wildly.

Every Daemon present changed color.

True Martial King, Meng Chuan, Nether King Tong are still standing in the domain. Other King Ronghuo, King Qianmu, Serenity Sea King, etc. each and everyone including Dao Protector have been hiding in the refining fire star furnace. The walls of the fire star furnace became translucent, and the protected King Daemons who were protected inside clearly saw what was happening outside.

“Want to break my domain?” True Martial King coldly snorted, black and white yin and yang disks are rotating, and the force of squeezing and squeezing the chains of chains is continuously removed. … but rebounded quickly, 9 feet, 8 ten zhang …

This is the longest time, the longest time is long.

Alternate back and forth.

True Martial Domain is sometimes squeezed and shrunk, and sometimes rebounds and expands, thereby better unloading.


A long spear has torn the black river and the air strikes, it is a shot of Peacock Monarch terrifying.

Obviously taking advantage of True Martial King’s distraction to resist the squeeze of the chain, he wanted to attack me.

True Martial King exhibits palm technique, and his True Martial Seven Absolutes includes palm technique, Finger Law, Claw Art, boxing and so on. Fist is the most domineering in killing the enemy, and palm is the best in body protection. At the moment, he ran through the distance of several li with a gray shadow of rays of light on his palm, tearing the front of the black river and blocking the terrifying shot.

“Boom.” Long spear took the prestige of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth, smashing everything.

True Martial King’s palming method seems to be the most yin to soft, but in fact it blends yin and yang in one body, removing endless impact.


True Martial King The whole person flew backwards several miles back, and True Martial Domain naturally flew back with it.

But he also removed all the impact, but he did not hurt.

“Boom ~ boom ~ boom ~ Boom.” Peacock Monarch violently scored 10000 points, a shot of long spear soared to the length of several li, and attacked again and again, move realm is much rougher than True Martial King, but it is a word-fierce !

The power of terror comes from the long spear, and it is attacked again and again. Each strike is much more powerful than True Martial King.

With each fight, True Martial King flies backwards and backwards.

At the same time he was distracted to resist the ‘black river formation chain squeeze’ and Peacock Monarch’s mad attack, he was also very difficult.

“Right now.” Sacred Lord Qiansi has been secretly staring, seizing the opportunity, the white snake of the countless threads of Cacoon of Nine Lifes suddenly rushed out of the black river and into the True Martial Domain. Those black chains naturally separated the gap, letting The white snake got in. This time the sneak attack fast as lightning, and chose True Martial King just to resist the embarrassing moment of Peacock Monarch’s 7th strike.

“Clang clang clang.”

A blood blade formed a spherical pattern with several big feet, rotating to block the horror strike of the white snake.

It was Meng Chuan a single thought who showed his blood to help.

“King Dongning Meng Chuan?” Sacred Lord Qiansi was very angry.

“Junior brother Meng, thanks.” True Martial King eased up, sound transmission said. Just without Meng Chuan’s help just now, he can force his palm out again to stop it, but the injury will also increase.

“I can only block one 2 a little.” Meng Chuan felt strenuous for 10000 points.

Sacred Lord Qiansi exhibited Tribulation Realm’s “Cacoon of Nine Lifes”. The “White Snake” is definitely at the level of Manifestation Realm peak, but the True Martial Domain is too powerful, and the black river formation cannot be completely broken. This white snake is in the ‘ True Martial Domain’s heavy suppression, distortion, and wearout left only about 50% of formable power.

Bloodblade Plate, best at body protection and life-saving, only barely blocked, can still struggle 10000 points.

Every time the collision, the blood blade trembles as if to be defeated.

Ten 8 blood blades continue to swim like fishes, but form a formation with each other, like a little heaven and earth, and strive to resist the impact.

“With True Martial Domain weakened, I have resisted so hard.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “My Realm is still too low.”

Realm is low, the layered rune formation contained in the Bloodblade Plate, he can only drive the shallow layer that’s all.


monster race is also distressed over there.

Although Peacock Monarch is fierce, he presses the opponent to fight, but True Martial King is completely able to resist. The black river formation cannot invade the True Martial Domain.

“You guys, can there be a way to deal with these Daemons?” Peacock Monarch frowned at the sound transmission.

“This True Martial King is now fully running the domain, and the black river formation can’t be crushed. My Black Dragon avatar can’t even get in.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon sound transmission said, “There is no way.”

Sacred Lord Qiansi sound transmission said: “He runs the True Martial Domain with all his strength. I am afraid that the ordinary Monster Saint will be squeezed into a powder. My Cacoon of Nine Lifes silk thread turns into a white snake, and only half of the formidable power is suppressed. It was also blocked by Meng Chuan. “

The peacock frowned.

“There is only one way.” Peacock Monarch sound transmission said, “You black river guards, trouble you to isolate heaven and earth, so that they can not absorb the trace of heaven and earth.”

“Okay.” Ten 8 black river guards responded.

This black river formation has many means, but Daemons are hiding in the True Martial Domain, so that they can use limited means.


As the rolling river wrapped the True Martial Domain heavily, countless runes appeared on the guards of the 8 1 black river.

“what happened?”

True Martial King, Meng Chuan, Nether King Tong complexion slightly changed.

As Daemon, their body will naturally absorb the power of heaven and earth. Just like mortals breathing normally. But at this moment, after the power of heaven and earth in the True Martial Domain was swallowed into the body by them, no more power of heaven and earth could be swallowed.

“The power of heaven and earth is isolated?” True Martial King complexion slightly changed.

“True Martial King, I admire your strength.” Peacock Monarch holding a long spear, looked at True Martial Domain from a distance, and said indifferently, “As long as you resist, you will continue to consume true yuan. There is no violent consumption, and there is no heaven and earth. Force supplement. I see when you can last. “


One side of the monster race squeezes the True Martial Domain with a chain of black river formation, and isolates the power of heaven and earth.

Meng Chuan and True Martial King both felt the severity of the situation.

“You guys, is there a way?” True Martial King asked.

“They all hid in the refining fire star Chen furnace and carried it by the refining fire star Chen furnace, which could take more time.” King Ronghuo frowned in the refining fire star Chen furnace, but King Beimu on his side said: ” You cast Tribulation Realm’s secret treasure ‘refine fire star Chen furnace’, the consumption is not small. “

“Nether King Tong can enter the shadow world and can escape this formation.” Dao Protector Wang Shan thought.

“It’s useless.”

True Martial King said, “Nether King Tong can escape, but our Daemon’s true yuan consumes a lot, even if it brings more medicine pill, it will not last long. If you bring a small paradise, the small paradise The “heaven and earth power” will support a month that’s all. I guess monster race will not let Nether King Tong easily travel between Human World and World Gap. “

“The most troublesome thing is …” Meng Chuan looked at the outside, seriously said, “Even if we can resist it and carry it all the time, but if we can’t get out, we can only watch the map of monster race drawing connection points, Send 5th-layer Monster King into our Human World. “

True Martial King nodded: “Yes, trapped here, our mission will fail.”

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