Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 450

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The black river was rolling in 800 miles, and the chains were trapped.

In the True Martial Domain, all Daemon humans are thinking about ways.

“We can’t be trapped here.” King Qianmu seriously said in the fire star Chen furnace, “I have to find a way to crack this big formation.”

“How to crack?” King Ronghuo asked.

True Martial King waved his hand slightly, revealing the illusory shadow, reflecting the silhouette of eighty eight black rivers guarding nearly 100 miles away, True Martial King said: “The eight monster kings are controlling this large formation, which is 8 miles in length. Ten of them are in the center of the formation. Look at the runes that appear on them … They are the core of the formation itself. As long as one is killed, the formation is estimated to be broken! Even if it can be maintained, the formidable power will be greatly reduced. “

“How to kill?” Peng Mu asked. “They are hiding almost 100 miles away, and Demonic Awl can’t touch them.”

“My fleshly body rushed into the black liquid, I was afraid that it would be crushed into a powder in an instant.” Nether King Tong said, “Only True Martial King can rely on the domain to resist the formation of the field. None of us can do it, even if it is bare Resisting the formation will also be caught alive. “

Meng Chuan is also slightly nodded.

Your own Bloodblade Plate body protection, even if you are lucky enough to resist the black river formation, you can hardly fly and move under the suppression of the black river formation. Peacock Monarch and Sacred Lord Qiansi will naturally catch themselves easily.

Dao Protector’s body is powerful and can be called indestructible, but Dao Protector is weak and will be easily captured alive.

“If there is a small paradise that can be carried on loan to me, everyone can hide in the small paradise.” Nether King Tong said hesitantly, “I carry the small paradise and dive into the shadow world to try to escape.”

“This is not the way.”

Meng Chuan frowned and shook his head, “Bring Daemon into a small paradise, Daemon can’t have any resistance! True Martial King shows domain to resist monster race formation, we can hide in a small paradise. But what about True Martial King? True Martial King if it’s nothing Putting up any power without doing any resistance … Monster race formation will sweep here to smash void, and the killing move of Sacred Lord Qiansi and Peacock Monarch will also come. Nether King Tong, you ca n’t collect True Martial King without interference. Small paradise. Are you taking us with us? Leave True Martial King in place? “

“This method won’t work.” King Ronghuo also said no, “We’re hiding in a small paradise, and there’s no resistance! If the monster race has a way to blast the Shadow World, then we are vulnerable.”

True Martial King also nodded and said: “This method is very dangerous. I can smash the Shadow World. The monster race has a deep heritage. We have not figured out what means this mysterious formation has. We cannot be so risky.”

Although the high probability monster race can not threaten the shadow world.

Can’t bet on the lives of a group of entitled King Daemon! In a small paradise, you ca n’t escape, and it ’s too miserable to be caught directly.

“Don’t panic, you and I can join forces with junior brother Meng to try a rush.” ​​True Martial King said, “I will use domain to resist the formation, and junior brother Meng takes me to show my body. Although it is suppressed by the formation , Our speed will be much slower, but under our desperation, a flash of 10 li 20 li is still expected. We rushed directly to the monster race, the eighteen monster king, as long as we could find a way to rush into 8 li, King Qianmu Demonic Awl can attack those 50 Monster Kings. “

“This is a way, you can try.” Every eyes shined on the scene, even if they failed, everyone is still hiding in the True Martial Domain.

“I played killing move just now, and I was injured. I still need to rest for a day to fully recover.” True Martial King said, “We will try to fight back after a day.”

“Good.” Meng Chuan nodded.

How fast can you fly against monster race formation suppression? Meng Chuan was not sure.

It depends on how strong True Martial King’s ‘True Martial Domain’ is. True Martial King obviously needs to heal the wound first and try again after reaching its peak state.


However, the monster race will not allow the ‘True Martial King’ to recover slowly, but also wants the human Daemon to consume power faster.

“Boom.” A long spear stirred the black water waves and killed again.

“Boom.” Cacoon of Nine Lifes once again gathered a large number of silk threads into a white snake, rushing into the True Martial Domain. True Martial Domain is too strong. If the Cacoon of Nine Lifes silk thread of Sacred Lord Qiansi is split into three white snakes, it will be suppressed even more by True Martial Domain. The threat is not worth mentioning.

True Martial King slightly frowned: “Monster race, don’t want me to heal well.”

Immediately waved a palm, running through several li void to resist the shot.

Meng Chuan also released ten eight blood blades, which turned into a spherical shape, as if he had become a heaven and earth, resisting the white snake.

“Clang clang clang.”

The collision between the white snake and the 8-1 blood blade caused each blood blade to fly upside down, replaced by other blood blades.

These blood blades are constantly flying, alternating with each other, naturally forming a round ball, tenacious is extremely resistant to the impact of the ‘white snake’. Although it is due to the suppression of True Martial Domain, Sacred Lord Qiansi finally reached the “Paradise Realm late stage”, the move of the “White Snake” is indeed very delicate.

“Fortunately, fortunately, I was urging the rune formation contained in the Bloodblade Plate to barely block it.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “If I rely on my own skill realm alone, it will have been defeated.”

“The body protection formation of Bloodblade Plate is really amazing.”

“Ten 8 blood blades rotate alternately, forming a heaven and earth.”

“Bloodblade is like a” dragon “, but ten or eight dragons still form a heaven and earth …” Meng Chuan marveled at the Bloodblade Plate rune formation. He is still only superficial now, which is after all primordial spirit Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme Tribulation Realm secret.

When Meng Chuan marveled at the mysteriousness of this formation, he was stunned.

“Ten eight dragons, forming a heaven and earth?”

“You Long, make up heaven and earth?”


“Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement, I am pursuing the ultimate change of body style, I feel like Venerable Roaming Dragon Ye Hong Senior, with ‘Roaming Dragon Painting’ as the core.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “But it seems that you can change the path of thinking. ‘Nine Heavens Painting’ is the core? “

Meng Chuan was touched.

On the one hand, the Bloodblade Plate resistance is exerted, while on the other side, the idea of ​​each and everyone comes to mind.

Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement is a secret art created by Meng Chuan on the basis of ‘Heaven and Earth’s Roaming Dragon Blade’, pursuing the ultimate change of body style.

Ye Hong Senior, self-titled ‘Venerable Roaming Dragon’, her body style is indeed centered on ‘Roaming Dragon Painting’, wandering between heaven and earth, unpredictable.

Meng Chuan also thinks that this Path is right, but on the basis of Ye Hong Senior, the profound mystery with yin and yang changes.


For many years in World Gap cultivation, he has been stuck in bottleneck, unable to completely fuse together for many years to reach Paradise Realm.

At this moment, Meng Chuan was touched from the Rune formation of Bloodblade Plate.

Youlong, the mysterious swimmer, is also in heaven and earth.

What if ‘Nine Heavens Painting’ is the core?


With a large number of ideas emerging, Meng Chuan ’s years of accumulation in the Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement naturally began to merge, trying to combine Nine Heavens Painting as the core, supplemented by Roaming Dragon Painting, Yin and Yang Painting, and was like a god for a while. The secret art of a Paradise Realm is gradually taking shape.

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