Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 451

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This made his heart irresistible joy.

This is the case with cultivation.

I have been puzzled for many years, and I can’t understand anything, but one day, when I was a little touched, I suddenly figured it out! Everything is suddenly bright!

Of course, it is also possible that the “accumulation” in unconsciously has finally reached the moment of qualitative change. Meng Chuan is exhibiting the Bloodblade Plate and vigorously promotes the process of the Rune formation of the Bloodblade Plate. Naturally, he will do his best to study and strive to exert a stronger formidable power. For Thunder, such as’ Nine Heavens Painting ” Roaming Dragon Painting ” Yin and Yang Painting Lineage has more to gain.

These gains were enough to finally touch Meng Chuan.

“That’s it.”

“This is what I want.” Meng Chuan urged the Bloodblade Plate to become more and more relaxed, and the formidable power it played was improving, and it was easier to block the ‘white snake’.

The Paradise Realm secret art in my heart is getting more and more perfect.

As soon as the problem is discovered, it is resolved quickly.

Getting closer …

“En?” Meng Chuan slightly frowned glanced far away, Peacock Monarch and Sacred Lord Qiansi had stopped their shots. Obviously fighting one hour also needed to restore strength and restore spirit.


The black river is rolling.

“Let’s rest one hour, and then start.” Peacock Monarch looked at the distance, and said, “We can continuously swallow the power of heaven and earth, but their power is one point and one point. Wait for their medicine pill, The power contained in the small paradise is exhausted, which is the time to close the net. “

“Black river escort, you are the only weak spot in the big black river array.” Sacred Lord Qiansi is a distant sound transmission. “Human Daemon must find a way to deal with you.”

“Sacred Lord Qiansi rest assured that none of these Daemons can get close to us.”

“Move in front, there is a big block of black river, and it can’t touch us at all.”

“As the Primordial Spirit Secret Technique is threatening, our life box can’t stop King Qianmu’s ‘Demonic Awl’, and we can never get him close to 50 li.” Black river bodyguards said far away, they also have self-knowledge, like True Martial King. One punch strikes on them, and they can be bombarded and annihilated naturally. King Ronghuo’s refining fire star Chen Furnace can kill them with a single effort. But True Martial King and King Ronghuo are fundamentally close to them. King Qianmu is the only one who can threaten them at a very long distance, so focus on alert.


True Martial Domain.

After the monster race stopped, True Martial King was a little tired, sit cross-legged, and resumed its own consumption: “You, if these monster races continue to shoot, I have to fully recover, I am afraid it will take 3 days. Junior brother Meng, 3 days later we can Try to rush to see if you can get close to the 8 guards. “

“Okay.” Meng Chuan responded, sit cross-legged, and the 8-1 blood blade flew back to him, flying like a sphere heaven and earth.

In the covered translucent refining fire star furnace, King Qianmu said: “True Martial King, can’t absorb the power of heaven and earth from the outside. To fight for 3 days, can the true yuan you consume recover? I bring a small paradise that I can lend to you. “

“No, in the World Gap campaign that year, I killed a lot of 5th-layer Monster King and harvested a lot of spoils of war, including a small paradise.” True Martial King looked towards the large black chains around True Martial Domain, frowns saying, “You have time to carefully comprehend this mysterious formation. We know too little about this formation. After 3 days, junior brother Meng and I will try to rush. The more you understand this formation, the greater your grasp.”

“This formation …”

The Daemons watched carefully.

King Beimu said: “The eighteen monster kings have a large number of runes on their body surface. It seems that life has been transformed and the life-saving ability may also be very strong.”

Peng Mu is also nodded: “From afar, 8 Monster King aura have the same origin, there may be some joint move. They are the exhibitors of this formation, and the only weak spot. The creator of the formation will definitely think Try to protect them. “

“They didn’t reach the Monster Saint level.” Serenity Sea King coldly said, “So the life-saving ability is strong, and the strength is limited.”

“Looking at them, they don’t dare to get close to us by 50 li. It should be the Demonic Awl who is afraid of King Qianmu.” King Ronghuo also said, “They are mainly for the formation, and the head-on fight should not be too strong.”

The Daemons discussed and speculated.

Suddenly they found that only one of the Daemons was silent and didn’t say a word.

Meng Chuan sat with his eyes closed and crossed his knees. The first eight blood blades were flying continuously around a spherical heaven and earth.


The ten eight blood blades that had flown in front of Meng Chuan suddenly flew, and whiz whiz whiz all drilled into the void deep disappeared.

“This is?” True Martial King complexion changed, looking at Meng Chuan in surprise.

Meng Chuan opened his eyes, feeling a little excited. Ten eight blood blades had penetrated into the deep void.

“Successful, I succeeded.” Meng Chuan showed his excitement, and the perfect Paradise Realm secret art in his heart was verified when he cast it with a blood blade.

“Junior brother Meng?” True Martial King looked at Meng Chuan, his eyes lit up, “The void where your weapon sneaks into is a very deep void. Although I can perceive, I can’t touch that layer of void, you are breaking Alright? “

“What?” Nether King Tong and the titled King Daemon hiding in the fire star furnace watched Meng Chuan in amazement.

True Martial King’s attainment in Void lineage.

The layer of void that he couldn’t reach, Meng Chuan’s weapon sneaked into it?

“After coming to World Gap for many years, I finally got a breakthrough.” Meng Chuan did not hide it, and said with full of joy, “My own Thunder lineage secret art” Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement “has finally reached Paradise Realm.”

“Home-made Thunder lineage secret art, reaching Paradise Realm?” Daemons in the audience looked at each other.

Thunder lineage secret art has a characteristic.

That is ‘fast’.

Like ‘Heaven and Earth’s Roaming Dragon Blade’, it is known as the secret art of human’s first body method. It is known for its unpredictable life, and its speed is also terrifying.

Now it seems … this King Dongning ‘Meng Chuan’ will be more terrifying in terms of speed and body!

“Other aspects are that’s all, but when it comes to void walking, I am quite good at Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement.” Meng Chuan said with a smile.

Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement is better than ‘Heaven and Earth’s Roaming Dragon Blade’ in terms of body style.

Strictly speaking …

Just today, Meng Chuan created the secret art of human first method!

75 years old created the strongest body method in human history. Even with the opportunity of World Gap, this talent is still enough to dazzle the ancient and modern.

“Void walking?” True Martial King looked at Meng Chuan with bright eyes. “Junior brother Meng, can you break the formation with certainty?”

“Breaking the formation?” The other Daemons were stunned.

Why did you suddenly mention breaking the formation?

“I need to consolidate some, and I will break the formation after tea time.” Meng Chuan said.

“King Dongning, are you sure you are breaking the formation?” King Ronghuo, Nether King Tong, King Qianmu and other each and everyone revealed incredible black river formations that could give them a headache. Can they be cracked?

“I’m not familiar with the formation.” Meng Chuan said with a smile. “Try it alone, it’s estimated to be 80% sure. If I fail … and I will join forces with True Martial King and King Qianmu, there will be complete assurance.”

“Complete assurance?” Everyone was excited.

“King Dongning, you consolidate first.”

“Don’t bother King Dongning.” These Daemons are all excited for 10000 points.

Meng Chuan thought about it and started to improve his strength.

The dantian space within the body, the source of Seamless Realm-the tiny to extreme sphere, with countless incandescent paths on the surface, and a ray of white light blasting from the sphere’s ‘2 poles’ towards the outside world, forming a special wave After reaching everywhere, he returned to the scoring body. At this moment, the rules of the sphere’s operation began to transform into Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement’s Paradise Realm profound mystery.

The more brilliant rules make the sphere more stable and can draw more power. A large amount of ‘small paradise’ world power is transformed and absorbed.

Making the sphere more powerful and making it continue to collapse, the collapse is smaller and the density is higher, Seamless True Yuan is naturally more pure!

“Monster race formation.” Meng Chuan also watched the black chains. Although the formation is powerful, it can’t affect the strongest form of Paradise Realm in human history. After all, Meng Chuan can now sneak into the depths of void and still be Venerable Roaming. On top of Dragon ‘Ye Hong Senior’.

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