Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 452

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Through the gap of the black chain, watching the endless water of the black river outside, Meng Chuan can perceive the terrifying of this formation.

Positive impact formation is the most stupid behavior.

“I now reach Paradise Realm, Bloodblade Plate rune formation, I should be able to control more.” Meng Chuan suspended the Bloodblade Plate in front of him, the idea of ​​primordial spirit has penetrated into this Bloodblade Plate, the 100000000 10000 rune mysterious complex of Bloodblade Plate, Regardless of those faintly discernible runes that are difficult to see, the complete rune that can be seen has a full 128 levels.

With the improvement of realm, stepping into Paradise Realm, Meng Chuan’s achievements in Thunder lineage have also changed qualitatively.

Now look at these runes, especially shallow runes, many of them can be understood! Even if you do n’t understand it, you can understand the relationship between different runes and know how to urge them.

“Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement is a further step on the basis of Heaven and Earth’s Roaming Dragon Blade.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “The body method is further, and the formidable power is further.”

“If you rank secret art.”

“Heaven and Earth’s Roaming Dragon Blade belongs to high grade in Paradise Realm secret art. Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement belongs to ‘Ultra-grade’.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “Of course I also created on the basis of Ye Hong Senior, I can create this secret art and Ye Hong Senior gets half the credit. “

On the foundation.

Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement, and True Martial Seven Absolutes are quite grade.

True Martial Seven Absolutes was created on the basis of ‘Yin and Yang Art’.

Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement was created on the basis of ‘Heaven and Earth’s Roaming Dragon Blade’.

All represent the height of Paradise Realm secret art peak created by human Daemon, True Martial Seven Absolutes is more comprehensive, and Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement is only good at body method! Because of the focus on body style, just in the early stage of Paradise Realm … Meng Chuan’s body style has reached the point of unimaginable.

Of course, in the vast Space-Time River, the Paradise Realm level also has a secret art on top of ‘True Martial Seven Absolutes’ ‘Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement’.

Like “Descent of the Golden Lotus”, it is the limit art secret art. It is much higher than True Martial Seven Absolutes and Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement grades, and it is much more difficult to create, in order to create the miracle of ‘Venerable Leaping Emperor’.


“En?” True Martial King, King Ronghuo, etc. each and everyone saw a blood blade flying back from the deep void and back to Meng Chuan.

Meng Chuan also looked up towards the titled King Daemon in front of you.

“Junior brother Meng?” True Martial King looked forward to looking at Meng Chuan.

“Also please the senior brother, use the domain to isolate the outside world from watching.” Meng Chuan said, “Once I break the formation, senior brother you immediately entangle Peacock Monarch.”

“Relax, leave it to me.” True Martial King nodded.

“King Dongning, beware of your own safety.” King Qianmu reminded.

“King Dongning, be careful of monster race means.” King Ronghuo, Peng Mu, etc. each and everyone including Serenity Sea King, all looked at Meng Chuan.

Meng Chuan, who has too much burden on his body, will never allow any accidents.

“You guys, please wait and see.” Meng Chuan smiled.


He was completely disappeared.

In fact, he has quickly dived into the deep void.

“It’s completely invisible?”

“I heard that Ye Hong Senior exhibited Heaven and Earth’s Roaming Dragon Blade, which can show 81 incarnations, but Meng Chuan has completely disappeared?” All the titled King Daemons present were amazed by 10000 points.

Nether King Tong also marveled: “I am a phantom life, so I can dive into the shadow world and make it invisible to others. King Dongning’s attainments in void make him completely dive into the depths of void, and we can’t even see it.”

True Martial King’s method is well-known for its comprehensiveness, but after all it is Paradise Realm late stage, he can clearly perceive-

In the deep void.

Meng Chuan is standing there, which is different from normal void.


“Deep void?”

Meng Chuan stood here, but was able to see the outside world. The black river formation, Daemons, Monster Kings of the outside world were slightly distorted and blurred.

“True Martial King once said that in his vision, Space-Time River is like a 1000-layer cake.” Meng Chuan smiled, “It’s almost the same in my perception now, it really seems like a huge 1000-layer cake, vast There are layers of void … ordinary mortal and ordinary Daemon demon Capital are on the outermost layer. I am lurking at a deeper level. “

It’s like the sea.

Some creatures can only survive above the sea.

And some can dive into the deep sea.

And Meng Chuan has entered the deep void, his attainments in void, so that he can easily stay here, not be excluded.

“Shallow voids can often meet the outside world. Deep voids can hardly touch the surface.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, pure powerful strikes, can make shallow voids smash and meet the outside world. And deep void? It ’s too hard to reach.

“weng weng weng.”

Meng Chuan releases the invisible Thunder-magnetic Domain.

ka ka ka ~~~~

In the Bloodblade Plate, a blood blade flew out, but it fully flew out 24 blood blade.

Obviously with Meng Chuan’s Realm accomplishment now, the manipulation of Bloodblade Plate rune formation is enough to manipulate 24 blood blades.

The body protection is also greatly improved.

“Primordial spirit Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme, the secret of the law-encouragement refined for the disciples, is considered very carefully. No same realm corresponds to different levels.” Meng Chuan thought, only divided 6 blood blade body, the remaining ten 8 blood blade Accelerate around the Thunder-magnetic Domain.

Ten 8 blood blade Driven by ‘Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Blade Technique’, each formidable power instantly reaches the level of Peak Manifestation Realm.

Speed ​​up in Thunder-magnetic Domain.

Speed ​​up in circles.

In a short time, ten eight blood blades accelerated to the extreme.

“Thunder-magnetic Domain, which increases blood blade speed by 30-40%, is barely ‘Manifestation Realm peak’ formidable power.” Meng Chuan thought, “Obviously with the increase in blood blade formidable power, the acceleration effect of Thunder-magnetic Domain It’s getting lower and lower. “

In addition to Magical Power ‘Quicksand’.

Other Magical Power’s help is getting lower and lower, and this is no way.

However, with the help of Magical Power, some formidable power of Blood Blade has been improved.

“go with.”

Meng Chuan a single thought standing in the deep void.

Ten 8 handles accelerated to the ultimate blood blade, all whiz whiz whiz left the deep void, directly attacking Monster King to the outside world.


True Martial Domain isolates everything from watching, so that the monster race side does not know what is happening inside.

But when Meng Chuan dives into the deep void.


Sacred Lord Qiansi was born.

Among Daemon and Monster King present, their attainment in Void lineage is only one step lower than that of True Martial King. Although it can’t see Meng Chuan, it can vaguely sense that there is a life in the deep void.

“Everyone be careful.” Sacred Lord Qiansi sound transmission said, “It should be Daemon diving into the deep void.”

“Dive into the deep void? Who?” Peacock Monarch frowned.

“I don’t know.” Sacred Lord Qiansi shook his head while spreading the lines of Cocoon of Nine Lifes around the 8 black river guards, carefully protecting each black river guard.

“How could Daemon dive into the deep void?”

Ten 8 black river guards are also a little nervous, and the invisible enemies are terrifying.

“Qiansi, you protect ten eight black river guards.” Peacock Monarch said.

“There are ten or eight of them, and I can only do my best.” Sacred Lord Qiansi is very uneasy. Cacoon of Nine Lifes is the strongest in terms of life-saving. The direct secret treasure “Cacoon of Nine Lifes” itself can completely protect the body. And it is much weaker to protect the companions, a large number of silk threads spread several dozen li, protecting ten or eight bits respectively? It also has no confidence.

Peacock Monarch nodded and said: “Don’t panic, Daemon’s methods are good at each. If Daemon can sneak into deep void, the means of killing the enemy may be weak.”

Half barely fell.

“Not good.” Sacred Lord Qiansi complexion greatly changed, it can sense that there is a terrorist force from the deep void to the outside world.

Ten eight black river guards controlled the formation, suppressed the void, and finally felt the arrival of the power of terror.

However, it was too late!

xiu xiu xiu!! ! ! ! !

One after another Guanghua came from the deep void, and once appeared in the outside world, he was already a few feet away from a sheep monster black river guard. One after another Guanghua instantly strikes on it, this black river guard’s wide-eyed eyes are too late to react.

Almost in a blink of an eye, the black river guard started to explode!

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