Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 453

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That’s fast.

In fact, Sacred Lord Qiansi has tried his best to protect the “black and guards”, and the surface of the guards of the black river of the horns has a thread wound to resist it, but only the first “blood blade” pokes the Cacoon of Nine Lifes silk strikes on black The body of the river guard made the black river guard ’s chest hollow, and the 2nd blood blade was completely blasted into the black river guard with the body. The 3rd blood blade shattered his body. Strikes were on the ‘life box’ of the core of the body .

The life box is extremely strong, protecting the core of life.

When the blood blade strikes on it, there is naturally a terror impact passed in, and everything inside is completely smashed.

The black river of the horns guards the death!

When the first place black river guard was killed, the original 800-mile black river immediately became much calmer, and all the black chains that had squeezed and bounded the ‘True Martial Domain’ all fell off, unable to collapse.


True Martial King rushed out of ten li or so, True Martial Domain exploded into the range of 10 li around him, and immediately enveloped the “Peacock Monarch” that was originally kept away from ten li or so.

“Peacock Monster King.” True Martial King rushed up with a smile, wanting melee combat.

“Damn.” Peacock Monarch Zitong was angry, and looked at the black river guards in the distance, one after another Blood Blade Guanghua had struck at the same time the 5 scared black river guards, and the 5 black river guards also It burst completely, and the vast 800-mile black river began to dissipate completely. Dao blood blade streamer and then pursued the other black river guards.

“Ten 8 black river guards are over.” Peacock Monarch understood this, he looked at the True Martial King rushing in front of him, but coldly smiled, and rushed up with a long spear.

Bang bang bang!! !

Peacock Monarch and True Martial King fight together.

On the other side, the Sacred Lord Qiansi complexion is gloomy, but the Old Ancestor Poison Dragon shook his head slightly: “Ten 8 black river guards are over.”

“It’s King Dongning.” Sacred Lord Qiansi ice-cold saying, when the blood blade appeared, it guessed the identity of the murderer.

“King Dongning Meng Chuan again?” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon frowned.

This King Dongning Meng Chuan brought too many obstacles in this war.

“Sacred Lord Qiansi saves lives.”


“help me!”

The black river bodyguards are extremely desperate. They were originally the 5th-layer Monster King in the vertical and horizontal directions. At the order of Emperor, they are willing to be transformed into ‘black river guards’. , Can make the strength rise, and its position in the monster world can be greatly improved in the future, which is not bad.

But whoever wants to play for the first time, despite the achievements, is immediately faced with a life and death crisis.

This terrifying Daemon is in deep void, making the black river formation inaccessible. As soon as the ‘Blood Blade’ appears, they come to the front, they can’t hide! Each blood blade formidable power is terrifyingly strong.

“Pu pu pu pu poo poo.”

Meng Chuan is in the deep void, watching a blood blade chasing and killing the black river guard.

The attack is divided into 2 waves.

In the first wave, kill the first place black river guard. Black river formation formidable power is greatly reduced, black river formation is no longer threatened.

In the second wave, every 3 blood blade attacked a black river escort, chasing and killing continuously. The blood blade trajectory was mysterious and terrifying fast. The thread of Cacoon of Nine Lifes was difficult to intercept at close range.

I saw each and everyone black river guard burst! They were frightened and desperate, the blood blade was too fast, they could not escape.

“All together.” Sacred Lord Qiansi far away from the sound transmission, a large number of Cacoon of Nine Lifes silk threads converge to protect 5 nearby black river guards.

“Okay.” The remaining black river bodyguards tried to gather.

call out.

The blood blade came from the deep void and appeared directly inside the Cacoon of Nine Lifes silk thread protection ring, directly killing the five black river guards inside the protection ring.

puff puff puff …

This scene caused Sacred Lord Qiansi to shake his head slightly.

“Cangjue, I can only save you one.” Sacred Lord Qiansi sound transmission said, a lot of Cacoon of Nine Lifes silk thread interweave on Cangjue Monster King, forming a robe, this robe also protects the head, Cangjue Monster King flew towards Sacred Lord Qiansi with all his strength.

With the sound of “hong”, another ox monster black river guard was also killed.

Ten 8 black river guards left only the last one-Cangjue Monster King.

I saw one after another blood blade spinning, successive strikes on the last Cangjue Monster King, Cangjue Monster King was reversed by strikes, but the robe on her body was very tenacious, which is the perfect embodiment of Sacred Lord Qiansi skill realm, Each blood blade has a great formidable power, eight consecutive blood blades in succession strikes, but the robe is forcibly resisted.

Meng Chuan in the deep azure robe finally appeared.

“One more left.” Meng Chuan looked at the Cacoon of Monster King protected by the thread of Cacoon of Nine Lifes, and at Sacred Lord Qiansi, “Do you think you can protect it?”

“Can you hurt it a bit?” Sacred Lord Qiansi has quickly flew.


The invisible Star Fluactation swept past, affecting the primordial spirit of Monster King.

“I, I.” Cangjue Monster King wobbled, consciousness began to blur, 8 5 black river guards are normal 4th-layer Monster King, generally primordial spirit is not strong, Cangjue Monster King is only Primordial Spirit 1th- layer! Even with the shelter of the life box, under Star Fluactation, the consciousness is still blurred.

“It’s a pity that the primordial spirit is too weak.” Meng Chuan ice-cold saying, a Demonic Awl flew out, invading Cangjue Monster King within the body.

Cangjue Monster King’s body tremble, then no sound.

Ten 8 black river guards died completely.

Sacred Lord Qiansi stopped and stared at Meng Chuan in the distance.

Meng Chuan glanced at it, and he had reached Daemon, such as King Ronghuo and King Qianmu, outside of dozens of li in one step.

“Ten 8 black river guards are all dead, they are united, like one, primordial spirit protection can also be greatly improved.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon appeared aside, shaking his head, “If there is only one left, even if life is special, Primordial Spirit 4th-layer’s black river guard … I can’t carry Demonic Awl of King Dongning. “

“It’s King Dongning again.” Sacred Lord Qiansi looked at the Daemons in the distance. One of these black river guards failed to keep it, but it made him feel annoyed.

the most important is–

Also killed by ‘King Dongning Meng Chuan’! Its dear friend ‘Qianzhao Monster King’ and other demon Capital died in Meng Chuan’s hands.

“You have been watching by the side, watching them die?” Sacred Lord Qiansi looked towards the Old Ancestor Poison Dragon on the side.

Old Ancestor Poison Dragon laughed: “In addition to watching, what else can I do? I can’t stop the blood blade streamer. I want to put the black river guard into the ‘small paradise’, but those blood blades tear void, void is so unstable, There is no way to accept them. My strength, I can only watch everything happen. You Qiansi… a busy one, isn’t one saved?

The Old Ancestor Poison Dragon in Undying is quite calm.

“We lost terribly this time.” Sacred Lord Qiansi ice-cold saying, “Although we killed two titled King Daemons, we have killed 2 8 black river escorts and also killed the cold moon Monster King. Big.”

“We can’t win with three of us alone, the domain of True Martial King is strong, Meng Chuan is now more appear and disappear unpredictably, and move formidable power is also very strong.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon said, “Go back and report to Emperor, let Emperor Decide. “

“Peacock, the madman, fight again.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon looked away.

Bang!! !

With a roar, a stream of light flew towards Old Ancestor Poison Dragon and Sacred Lord Qiansi.

“Peacock.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon greeted with a smile.

“Obviously pressing him, you can’t beat it.” Peacock Monarch was very angry, “Go, go back to monster world.”

Headed by Peacock Monarch and Old Ancestor Poison Dragon followed, Sacred Lord Qiansi was silent, but also flew away with him.

Human Daemon looked away from here, and did not stop.

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