Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 454


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“If we can destroy that formation, we are a big win.” King Ronghuo looked at the monster race away and said, “Monster race let the 18th 5th-layer Monster King transform life, and finally laid out this formation, obviously It ’s at any cost, but fortunately King Dongning can crack this formation. “

“Unfortunately Yun Junior Brother and King Gutong both lost their lives.” Peng Mu whispered.

“How can there be Undying people in war.” King Ronghuo said, “As long as you can win, it’s worth it.”


Meng Chuan looked towards the distance, after reaching Paradise Realm, the perception of the entire heaven and earth is extremely keen. At this moment, I can clearly feel the destruction of heaven and earth in the world at a distant place, boom ~~ ~ The world membrane wall was attacked there.

True Martial King waved his hand.

The scene appears in the void, which is far away, Peacock Monarch, Sacred Lord Qiansi, Old Ancestor Poison Dragon, they are striking the world membrane wall, and soon they completely penetrated, and also penetrated the world membrane wall of monster race .

The three of them also flew into Monster World, and soon the wall of the world recovered quickly.

“They are back to the monster world.” True Martial King frowns saying, “We are the upper hand in this battle, but this time is only the pioneer of the monster race that’s all. After knowing the battle situation, the three Emperor monster race must find a way Cultivate those 5th-layer Monster Kings and find a way to deal with us, we need to be cautious. “

“The purpose of the monster race is not to defeat us.” King Qianmu said flatly, “The real purpose … is to send a large group of 5th-layer Monster King to Human World.”

“Just send it in and 5th-layer Monster Kings will spread out the action. With one action, I am afraid that it can destroy almost all major cities of our human.” Serenity Sea King nodded and said.

All of them were silent.

This is a fact.

Monster Kings lurking in Human World now has very few 5th-layers. They are all new 5th-layers and they dare not attack the city guarded by the titled King Daemon.

And if this batch is cultivated, the 5th-layer Monster Kings that have been cultivating for many years has entered Human World. They are not afraid of the human titled King Daemon, and they dare to kill all major cities except Manifestation Venerable. The titled King Daemon may be able to fight one-on-one, but the purpose of Monster Kings is to destroy the city, and the human titled King Daemon is also difficult to stop.

Destroying is always easier than protecting. A large-scale domain move can destroy hundreds of miles in an instant, and it will be easy to kill the city.

A large number of 5th-layer Monster King, one action, human city will be destroyed more than 90%. No matter how powerful Meng Chuan is, he can only save one city.

“So they must be stopped.” Meng Chuan said, “This time we have to fight against the monster race, we have to go back and report it to let all three sect know.”

“junior brother Meng, please go back.” True Martial King said.

“Okay.” Meng Chuan nodded.

True Martial King must stay behind to prevent the monster race team from attacking again.

Meng Chuan is safe if you act alone.

“King Dongning, I will go back with you.” King Beimu said.

“I’m sorry to ask King Dongning to send me the news to Twin World Island as well.” King Qianmu said, “There is also a spoils of war we will assign and let King Dongning take it back.”


Boom ~~~~

World Gap and Human World have two layers of world membrane wall, and the blood blade blasted out a big hole. Meng Chuan flew past and returned to Primeval Mountain.

Fly to Paradise Pavilion first.

“Primeval Mountain is still peaceful.” Meng Chuan also looked everywhere while flying. Although World Gap fought frantically, Human World including the three major sects were relatively calm.

Know that …

In the past more than 800 years, even in the early days, it is necessary to guard many small and medium-sized World Gates in order to ensure the safety of the entire Human World.

Later I couldn’t hold it! Only completely abandoned the small and medium-sized World Gate, so that more and more Monster King entered the Human World, until the emergence of one million Monster King as a disaster to Human World, the village dock and capital county are also abandoned by each and everyone, countless people died, until The rise of Meng Chuan completely solved the threat of one million Monster King.

Meng Chuan also understands that this is short-lived peace.


Meng Chuan landed at Paradise Pavilion.

“Venerable, Master.” Meng Chuan saluted.

Li Guan, Qin Wu illusory shadow and Luo Tang illusory shadow are all here, waiting for Meng Chuan together. Li Guan sat there drinking tea said with a smile: “Sit.”

Meng Chuan also sat down and took a sip of tea.

“Only you come back?” Luo Tang illusory shadow asked in surprise.

“They can’t leave without permission.” Meng Chuan said, “So let me come back to report first.”

“What happened?” Li Guan asked.

Meng Chuan said: “Only today, the monster race finally dispatched a team to deal with us, and Yun Jianhai senior brother and Twin World Island King Gutong were both killed in battle.”

“What?” Li Guan, Qin Wu and Luo Tang were all surprised.

“Tell me in detail.” Li Guan continued.

Meng Chuan nodded and said: “I came back this time and also brought a letter from King Qianmu to be transferred to Twin World Island. The letter describes the fighting situation. This letter, Venerable, you also As you can see … King Qianmu wrote this letter just to prevent us from making up the Primeval Mountain indiscriminately. “He took the letter from his arms and handed it to Venerable Li Guan.

Venerable Li Guan took the letter, and Qin Wu and Luo Tang also looked at it.

The letter is not long, but the key points are said.

“No wonder you want to write a letter.” Li Guan nodded, “He and True Martial King teamed up to kill Lengyue Monster King and got a Tribulation Realm treasure. Speaking of which, Twin World Island has no Tribulation Realm treasure. “

“Twin World Island is a little bit deeper, and no Emperor has ever been born. There should be no Tribulation Realm treasures.” Qin Wu said, “didn’t expect in World Gap, you can also get a ‘Tribulation Realm treasures’ spoils of war. ”

“As mentioned above, killing Lengyue Monster King, True Martial King accounted for 70% of the credit, King Qianmu accounted for 30%.” Li Guan said, “How to allocate, and carefully discuss with Twin World Island.”

Meng Chuan also flipped his hand, and the dark dagger appeared in his hand.

“This is the sword.” Meng Chuan said.

Li Guan took it, and after checking it, it was put away: “After that, talk to Twin World Island again.”

“According to this letter, this time the eighteen monster kings of the monster race arranged a large array of eight hundred and eighty miles?” Li Guan asked. “The eighteen monster kings are all punished. Transformed life? “

“Yes.” Meng Chuan nodded, “formation formidable power is extremely strong, and the death of King Gutong and Yun Senior Brother is mainly due to this formation.”

“Did you break the battle?” Qin Wu wondered. “According to the letter, this formation suppressed the domain of True Martial King and completely trapped many of your Daemons. Later, you dived deep into the void Eighteen Monster King one after another beheaded, broke this big formation? “

Meng Chuan nodded: “Yes.”

“The formation of such a formidable power must be very strong in suppressing void. How can you get close?” Qin Wu asked.

“Do n’t hide the Master, the discipline has been in World Gap cultivation for many years, and finally has a breakthrough.” Meng Chuan said, “Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement reached Paradise Realm, so we can sneak into the deep void and kill eighteen with blood blade Monster King. “

“Reached Paradise Realm?” Luo Tang was very pleasantly surprised. “Well, 75 years old reached Paradise Realm, which is also what we expected. You can dive into deep void and how many incarnations are mapped in the outside world? 81 ? Or 108? “

Meng Chuan shook his head: “There is no incarnation.”

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