Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 455

“I can recognize this as a life box. In foreign territory, the special life with the life box as the core is also common.” Li Guan frowned, “But what kind of formation these life boxes form, I can’t understand . “

“I do n’t understand.” Qin Wu shook his head. “Manifestation Venerables are slow to travel the Space-Time River, and the foreign territory they can explore is limited. The range that Emperor can explore is much wider. Our home world, The birth of Emperor is getting harder and harder, so there are fewer and fewer explorations of foreign territory. The main thing is to learn more about the surrounding area. For the farther away areas, the news is lagging behind. “

Meng Chuan slightly nodded.

Qin Wu, Luo Tang, and Li Guan exchanged glances with each other, Qin Wu opened the mouth and said: “Meng Chuan, there is something to remind you.”

“Master, please speak.” Meng Chuan listened carefully.

“You have long been Primordial Spirit 5th-layer and reached Paradise Realm. It stands to reason that you can become a Manifestation Venerable at any time.” Qin Wu said, “But now the battle of World Gap is the most important. If you become a Manifestation Venerable, then There is no way to enter the World Gap, so, for this war, you cannot temporarily break through. “

“disciple understands.” Meng Chuan smiled, “ordinarily titled King Daemon, breakthrough is acceptable before the age of 150. I cultivating fleshly body lineage inheritance, I can always maintain the peak, if I want to break through, I am not in a hurry. “

Qin Wu said again: “Meng Chuan, I know you created” Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement “and” Endless Blade “, these are two paths. But to develop a paradise, you must choose a path Path, This is also the path you will keep going in the future. “

Meng Chuan listening.

“Seamless Realm breakthrough to Paradise Realm is controlled by a powerful primordial spirit, and the Paradise is directly developed according to the rules of Paradise Realm.” Qin Wu said, “In the dantian space, a paradise is developed, which is also your future strength. The source of. “

“The developed paradise is like a small sapling.”

“The paradise will be more and more perfect, and this is also the process of slowly growing small seedlings.”

“After that, the paradise becomes‘ heaven and earth ’, and the small tree grows into the‘ big tree ’.”

Qin Wu looked at Meng Chuan, “It must follow a path Path, which cannot be changed. When the” small sapling “is set, the future” towering big tree “is determined.”

“disciple understands.” Meng Chuan replied, he also knew these.

“You are now in realm, you must choose the Path at any time. I, the master, must remind you.” Qin Wu seriously said, “You have two Paths, Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement is relatively easy, now it is Paradise Realm is expected to reach Heaven and Earth Realm in the future. As far as I know, Endless Blade is to pursue the speed limit and to break the heaven and earth Rule suppression, it belongs to the legendary limit secret art. “

Meng Chuan is silent.

He also hesitated about this.

“The limit secret art is very strong.” Qin Wu reminded, “With the paradise of the paradise realm rule of the limit secret art, the paradise developed must be hundreds of times thousands of times than the ordinary paradise. The paradise becomes” heaven and earth “, Within the body heaven and earth, it will certainly be hundreds of times and thousands of times. The foundation is extremely powerful. But the difficulty of cultivation is much higher. At least our home world has not created a limit secret art so far. Even if you can create a ‘Venerable -level ‘limit secret art, it will be difficult to create’ Emperor-level ‘limit secret art. “

“How to choose the two paths, you have to consider carefully, once you choose, you ca n’t regret it.” Qin Wu said, “I also want to remind you that Daemon System has not been created since the creation of the” limit secret ” art ‘developed paradise. “

Meng Chuan was shocked.

Master ’s last sentence awakened him.

Human ancestors have improved Daemon System from generation to generation. But no one in Daemon System has developed paradise with ‘limit secret art’. Although everyone believes that the developed paradise should be hundreds of times larger than ordinary paradise. But things that haven’t happened may have accidents.

“You have enough time to think slowly.” Li Guan said with a smile, “Yes, I know you try to create the limit secret art. Over the years, your master has looked at the numerous files and a large number of books of Primeval Mountain and Canghai School. , I have found a lot of file information about the “limit secret art”. “

With a wave of his hand, a pile of book files appeared next to it, with hundreds of copies.

Meng Chuan could n’t help seeing towards Master.

Primeval Mountain and Canghai School ’s volume book vast as the open sea, the limit secret art has not been created by anyone so far, who cares about scattered records? Qin Wu is for his own discipline. In the future, Cultivation Path will go smoothly, and he will go through these archives.

“My incarnation is usually fine.” Qin Wu said with a smile.

“Thank you, Master.” Meng Chuan grateful.


And at this time, in monster world.

“Broken black river formation?” Emperor Xinghe, Empress Xuanyue, and Peng Sovereign sat above the great hall, and they looked at the three Monster Kings coming back in disbelief. In order to come up with ‘black river formation’, Peng Sovereign spent a lot of energy. For the ‘black river formation’, the three Emperor have great expectations.

“Detailed situation, speak carefully.” Emperor Xinghe instructed.

“That’s it.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon even said everything.

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