Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 456


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After listening to the Old Ancestor Poison Dragon, the three Emperors looked at each other.

“This is Meng Chuan again.” Empress Xuanyue coldly said, “His threat is getting bigger and bigger. Cultivation has reached such a realm for decades, and should be Manifestation Venerable at any time.”

“Human’s tenth Manifestation Venerable.” Emperor Xinghe said, “each and everyone like True Martial King, King Ronghuo, etc. are accumulated by years to have the current strength, age is too big, impossible breakthrough. But Meng Chuan It ’s still very young, and he did n’t intentionally break through in order to fight in World Gap. But in fact he is the tenth Manifestation Venerable of human. ”

Peng Sovereign looked down, saying: “Meng Chuan dives into the deep void, can you feel it?”

“Only I can sense it.” Qiansi respectfully said, “The blur senses his position.”

“So young, there is such an accomplishment.” Peng Sovereign nodded and said, “Inferred from his age, he will be able to cultivating to become Manifestation Realm invincible in the future, even Emperor.”

“It’s not that easy to become an Emperor.” Emperor Xinghe shook his head, “They are all human Manifestation Venerable, they are all trapped in their home world, and they dare not enter the foreign territory, lest they be hunted down by us. It ’s too hard to be an Emperor. “

Empress Xuanyue but coldly said: “No need to think so much, the most important thing today … is to successfully draw a map of connection points and send 5th-layer Monster Kings into Human World.”

“Drawing a map of the connection points, I am most afraid that these named King Daemons will obstruct it.” Emperor Xinghe said, “Meng Chuan can dive into the deep void, how can I stop him?”

“Many large guards can block the infiltration of void.” Empress Xuanyue said, “Some powerful guards, not to mention suppressing void, can even greatly reduce causal attacks. But these all are fixedly arranged guards Large array. To draw a map of connection points, it is necessary to travel through World Gap, not to hide in a place. “

Emperor Xinghe thought about it: “Only let Monster Kings form the formation and ban the void. My monster race has a ‘Kowloon seal world formation’ which is still suitable. Normally, it needs nine Monster Saints to arrange it. But I can modify it slightly so that 99 Monster Kings are here. “

“Just do it.” Peng Sovereign nodded, “It’s up to you.”

Monster race On the strength, naturally Peng Sovereign respect.

In terms of formation and secret technique, Emperor Xinghe is the best.

“As long as the void is suppressed, the threat of Meng Chuan will be greatly reduced.” Emperor Xinghe said, “This time when drawing the connection point map, when the two sides really fight, the threat is the King Qianmu. As long as he is within 50 li, Demonic Awl can be killed. Monster King who can resist him Demonic Awl … too little too little. “

“reporting to Emperor, I was impaled by its Demonic Awl’s primordial spirit.” Monster King Qiansi respectfully said, “The pain was extremely great at that time, and I could only completely protect the fleshly body with Cacoon of Nine Lifes, and there was no resistance. I feel that the Demonic Awl has been attacked several times, and my primordial spirit has to collapse. “

“Cacoon of Nine Lifes protects the primordial spirit, both’s no resistance?”

Emperor Xinghe, Peng Sovereign, Empress Xuanyue are all stressed.

Demonic Awl is a signature trick of Human World ‘Cang Yuan World’. Cang Yuan World powerhouse travels Space-Time River, foreign tribe powerhouse will be afraid, half is the prestige of ‘Cang Yuan Founder’, and half is ‘Demonic Awl’, the signature forbidden move.

“The three of you go down first.” Emperor Xinghe waved his hand, and all three of the peacocks retreated.

“For King Qianmu, it must be carefully prepared, he is suppressed beyond 50 li.” Peng Sovereign said.

“The final action plan, we still need to prepare carefully.” Emperor Xinghe said, “We cannot fail this time.”


Empress Xuanyue and Peng Sovereign are both nodded.

The three of them have been Emperor for many years. Peng Sovereign is well-known and powerful, but they have never reached Tribulation Realm. Naturally, they want to seize the opportunity of ‘Cang Yuan Founder Treasure’, which is also the biggest in their lifetime opportunity.


human Cang Yuan World.

Meng Chuan left Primeval Mountain and came to the ‘Fengxuan Pass’, one of the nine major city gates of the Great Zhou Dynasty. Liu Qiyue was the guardian of Fengxuan Pass.

At night, snow drifts outside the window.

The couple is sitting on the bed and chatting.

“A’Chuan, did you know that there are nine major cities closed in the Great Zhou Dynasty now.” Liu Qiyue said by leaning beside Meng Chuan.

“Nine major city level?” Meng Chuan was surprised.

“A medium-sized World Gate in the Eastern Sea sea area has expanded into a large-scale World Gate.” Liu Qiyue said, “In short, although the world has peace and security in the past ten years, the World Gate has been slowly Increase. Originally the World Gate was mainly concentrated in land areas, but now the marine area is slowly increasing. “

Meng Chuan nodded: “Land is the Central Core of the entire Human World, and the four seas area is the edge of the world. Large-scale World Gates are gradually appearing in the marine areas, obviously the two worlds are getting closer and closer.”

Liu Qiyue is also slightly nodded.

“But don’t worry about it.”

Meng Chuan said with a smile, “Small and medium-sized World Gate, now we have not arranged Daemon guarding, arrange ‘monster servant’ to stare in secret. Large-scale city gates, super large-scale city gates only need to guard. With enough hands to guard, Human World can maintain peace and security. Human World and Monster World will get closer and closer. When they reach a certain level, they will gradually move away. Once they start to move away … the pressure will become lighter and lighter. “

“I don’t know when, the two worlds start to move away.” Liu Qiyue said.

“We will definitely see it in our life.” Meng Chuan said with a slight smile.

According to experience, it will begin to move away in hundreds of years.

The lifespan of the titled King Daemons is longer, plus they can sleep for thousands of years and still see the victory day.

“Oh, A’Chuan, how long will you stay this time?” Liu Qiyue asked.

“Three days.” Meng Chuan said, “After three days, King Beimu and I will meet at Primeval Mountain and go to World Gap together.”

“It’s hard work.” Liu Qiyue whispered.

“As long as you can win this time and completely solve the threat on the World Gap side,” Meng Chuan said with a smile, “In the future, you can maintain peace and security by keeping the World Gate.”

Liu Qiyue nodded.

“Go to bed early.” Meng Chuan lay down and said.

“en.” Liu Qiyue nodded, the husband and wife have been together for many years, naturally there is too much to say, and now it is only after the middle of the night that the rest begins.

2nd day, the snow stopped.

The sun shines on the white snow, and the reflections are a little dazzling.

Meng Chuan was already in the study, adjusted the paint, and began to prepare for painting.

Looking at Liu Qiyue outside the window sit cross-legged in the pavilion, the invisible heat wave spread everywhere, causing a lot of snow to melt, and a ray of flame turned into a little Phoenix in front of him, flying around.

“I promised Qiyue to paint one picture every year. In previous years, I painted in the World Gap. This year … just look at Qiyue painting.” Meng Chuan smiled and looked up at Liu in cultivating outside the window Qiyue, drawing his head down again.

For him, painting is relaxation and spiritual enjoyment. The strokes of Meng Chuan’s brushes are like Dragon Snake. The concept of Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement naturally blends in the strokes, which also triggers the primordial spirit of Meng Chuan, which is slowly blooming the rays of light. The higher the realm, the greater the impact on primordial spirit. Like those skill realm who can reach Paradise Realm, normal cultivating will naturally affect the primordial spirit, and most of the primordial spirit will naturally be upgraded to Primordial Spirit 5th-layer.

Such as True Martial King, Peng Mu, etc., Serenity Sea King is short in time and takes a little more time, and his primordial spirit naturally comes to 5-Layer.

Meng Chuan achieves Paradise Realm, and this realm is integrated into the brushwork. The brushwork contains the rule found mystery, which naturally touches the heart and affects the primordial spirit.

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