Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 459


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“Monster race teams hide aura and act quietly.” True Martial King said, “They want to hide, and it is difficult for us to find them.”

“There are nearly two hundred Monster Kings.” Serenity Sea King indifferently said, “So many Monster Kings, even if it is a simple move together, the formidable power is very scary to gather together, not to mention that they must have a coordinated formulation, Fighting head-on, it should be able to suppress us. But they hide … Obviously to cope with Possession Monster Saint. “

Meng Chuan They are nodded.


The nearly 200 Monster Kings, most of them are peak 5th-layer, and some of them have transformed lives to reach Manifestation-stage battle strength. Like Peacock Monarch and Sacred Lord Qiansi are all Manifestation peak battle strength. With so many Monster King cooperating with the formation, the formidable power is unimaginable.

“Our purpose is one, to kill the Possession Monster Saint.” True Martial King said, “finding the ‘Possession Monster Saint’ that burst the two layers of the world’s membrane in a short time is not easy for the monster race.”

“After waiting for so many years, this is the fight.” King Ronghuo’s eyes were fiery.

“If you kill your life, you must stop the monster race.” King Qianmu said.

Many of them have been sleeping for many years and are not far from the lifespan limit. For them, as long as they successfully stop the monster race, they can die with a smile.

“My junior brother Meng is the fastest in the world.” True Martial King said, “According to the original plan, we all hid in the paradise method treasure, carried by my junior brother Meng. Once the Possession Monster Saint strikes world membrane wall was found …… The junior brother Meng rushed to the fastest speed. “

“Block the monster race, the sooner the better, King Dongning can act alone to ensure the fastest.”

“King Dongning, it’s up to you.”

each and everyone smiled at Meng Chuan, Serenity Sea King also trusted to watch Meng Chuan.

“I Meng Chuan will not let everyone down.” Meng Chuan seriously said, other titled King Daemons hid in Paradise Magical Bead and let Meng Chuan bring it, this is the greatest trust in Meng Chuan!

If Meng Chuan is a traitor, give Paradise Magical Bead to the monster race, and the titled King Daemons will be taken away.

They believe in Meng Chuan!

If Meng Chuan is a traitor, one million Monster King has already raged Human World, and Human World will be miserable hundreds and thousands of times.

“whiz whiz whiz …” Monster Kings were successively moved into Paradise Magical Bead.

“junior brother Meng, everything is according to plan.” True Martial King looked at Meng Chuan.

“Relax.” Meng Chuan nodded, and also included True Martial King in Paradise Magical Bead.

As the controller of Primeval Mountain, this final plan of course Meng Chuan is of course clear. To use the treasure accumulated by Primeval Mountain, you also need to get the consent of Meng Chuan.

“Go to the center of the connection area between Human World and World Gap.”

Meng Chuan stepped on the Bloodblade Plate, flashed into the deep void, and hurried to the destination to squat.

The Monster Army is here. Possession Monster Saint may act at any time. He must be prepared.


Two days later, Human World.

In a small paradise.


Fire Dragon Monster Saint, Monster Saint Zhongxuan sipped wine.

“After drinking this last bottle of wine, we are going to act.” Fire Dragon Monster Saint put down his glass and looked at his friend Monster Saint Zhongxuan.

“It’s time for action. We have prolonged so many years of cultivating to the extreme of 5th-layer cultivating.” Monster Saint Zhongxuan said, “You will get the secret of Tribulation Realm. If you don’t act, Emperor will be furious.”

Fire Dragon Monster Saint slightly nodded, looking at my friend, seriously said: “This action, life and death are unpredictable, and mysterious, I hope both of us can succeed.”

“I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse, neither of us has returned to Path.” Monster Saint Zhongxuan said.

“Just put it together.” Fire Dragon Monster Saint’s eyes burned with flames.

“Put together.” Monster Saint Zhongxuan also grinned.

As a monster race, we are used to weak are prey to the strong from birth, used to desperately.

“After five hours, we will communicate with each other.” Fire Dragon Monster Saint said, Monster Saint Zhongxuan slightly nodded, followed by the two of them quietly leaving and moving to their respective destinations.


After five hours.

Fire Dragon Monster Saint and Monster Saint Zhongxuan have been separated by several tens of thousands of li, one in the Eastern Sea sea area and one in the North Sea sea area, which are more than two ten thousand li from the land.

“It’s life or death, is it fortune or misfortune, it’s up to the present.” Fire Dragon Monster Saint is standing in the middle of the ocean, teleporting with his token.

“It’s about to start.” Monster Saint Zhongxuan stands on a marine reef, also holding a token.

Contact each other.

weng! weng! weng!

Contacted three times. After the third contact, Monster Saint Zhongxuan and Fire Dragon Monster Saint all saw the madness in the eyes and made moves at the same time.

“Broken.” Fire Dragon Monster Saint threw a fist, which was like a meteorite meteor, very heavy, and the world’s membrane wall was twisted with a blow.

“Open.” Monster Saint Zhongxuan holding a black long blade, struggling to furiously, heaven and earth are two points hidden, tearing ~~~ world membrane wall twisted and trembling.


bang! bang!

Eastern Sea and Beihai areas strikes the world’s membrane at the same time, instantly alarming all Manifestation Venerable in the world.

“Eastern Sea and Beihai, each have a Possession Monster Saint!”

Bai Yaoyue, Meng Tiange illusory shadow and Mi Yu illusory shadow all looked at the Emperor-level treasure ‘Heaven Prying Mirror’, Heaven Prying Mirror showed two pictures at the same time, one was the ‘Fire Dragon Monster Saint’ filled with flames all over the body The scene of striking strikes the world’s membrane wall, one is the scene of Monster Saint Zhongxuan holding the blade in both hands and ripping the world membrane wall.

Xu Yingwu and Zhang Chun illusory shadow of Twin World Island looked at the secret treasure, and the same complexion greatly changed: “Look at their moves, five or six moves can burst the two layers of the world’s membrane, and they will take a breath. But they They are all far away from our severe tens of thousands of li, and we can’t keep up. “

On an island with tens of thousands of inhabitants in the North Sea, the Monster Extermination League on the beach is sit cross-legged. Master “Jing Fei” remote sensing should be in position, and the same complexion greatly changed: “Although I am in the North Sea, I am far from strikes. It ’s 8,000 miles away, I ca n’t keep up. ”


Nine Manifestation Venerables in the world, facing the surprise attack of two Possession Monster Saints, the Venerables of the other three parties have no time to stop.

And Primeval Mountain.

Li Guan, Qin Wu illusory shadow, and Luo Tang illusory shadow all looked at half-air, and two scenes of the North Sea and Eastern Sea were reflected in the void, clearly seeing Monster Saint Zhongxuan and Fire Dragon Monster Saint strikes the world at the same time.

“There are two Monster Saints, Monster Saint Zhongxuan and Fire Dragon Monster Saint.” Li Guan, Qin Wu illusory shadow, Luo Tang illusory shadow complexion changed.

“We can only block one.”

“Go.” Li Guan, holding a dark stone rune, instantly urged the dark stone rune. A large number of runes contained in the stone rune were lit, and void ripples enveloped Li Guan.

This dark stone rune is the ‘void move rune’, and Primeval Mountain is the only one left. It must be approved by all controllers. Meng Chuan, Qin Wu, Luo Tang, and Li Guan are four of them. This time, Primeval Mountain ’s treasure was taken out at all costs, just to stop the monster race.

In the era of Cang Yuan Founder, humans accumulated a lot of treasure.

After a long period of time, generations have consumed too much, and the younger generations have raised the threshold for use. There are still many treasures used up completely, and some have become orphans! For example, Meng Chuan ’s ‘Armor Stone Rune’ and Venerable Li Guan ’s use of the ‘void mover’ at the moment are all orphans. Of course, in terms of importance, the void shift character is still on top of Armor Stone Rune.


After prompting the void shift symbol, the void wave enveloped Li Guan, followed by disappeared.

Following up, the Eastern Sea outside three thousand li or so, not far from the Fire Dragon Monster Saint, Li Guan appear out of thin air.

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