Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 460


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Fire Dragon Monster Saint made a second punch, and the world’s membrane wall was distorted with a lot of cracks.

“Like what I expected, three punches are enough to burst the 1st floor world membrane wall.” Fire Dragon Monster Saint is standing above the ocean, with flames all over his body. If he wants to make a third punch, just in this brief moment, It saw a middle-aged man appear out of thin air.

“Li Guan?”

Fire Dragon Monster Saint instantly felt cold.

Cultivation is a long time, secretly honored as “Li Guan” of Number One Powerhouse in the world?

At this moment, it is a bit veiled.

“hong long long.” After Li Guan appeared, he reached out and grabbed.

Fire Dragon Monster Saint noticed that the surrounding heaven and earth were caught by the huge palm, and he could clearly see the pattern Path on the palm and the joint pattern Path on the finger. Several dozen li’s ‘heaven and earth’ completely became the plaything of the huge palm, and as the huge hand grasped, the piece of ‘small heaven and earth’ that was held was quickly collapsed by the grip, Fire Dragon Monster Saint despair Punch out a punch, a punch to break the imprisoned little heaven and earth.

Boom, Fire Dragon Monster Saint just blasted this most crazy punch, but could not shake the huge palm, and the huge palm was completely clenched.

“no !!!!” Fire Dragon Monster Saint’s eyes were full of despair and unwillingness. He looked up and watched the huge hands hold tightly. Under the force of the horrible void, it completely turned into powder, including its primordial spirit.


The little heaven and earth was crushed completely by the grip.

The ‘Fire Dragon Monster Saint’ inside this little heaven and earth is like an insect inside amber, crushed together with the whole little heaven and earth.

On the verge of death, Fire Dragon Monster Saint ca n’t understand it. How can human Manifestation Venerable ‘Li Guan’ appear?

He chose to blast the wall of the world here, only if he knew it, or even probed the surrounding 300 li in advance, and determined that there was no Daemon, he started here.

How come Li Guan suddenly appeared?


“you did good.”

“Good job.”

The Blacksand Paradise and Twin World Island Manifestation Venerables who were watching here from afar are quite excited and killed a Possession Monster Saint.

“It’s actually possible to appear out of thin air, I don’t know if it’s an ambush in advance, or there is a way to cross the void.” Meng Tiange said.

“Even if there is a way to cross the void, it should not be able to play a second time, because Primeval Mountain did not block another Monster Saint.” Bai Yaoyue solemnly looked at Heaven Prying Mirror, “Another Monster Saint ‘Monster Saint Zhongxuan ‘Has already ruptured the membrane wall of Human World, and is about to enter the World Gap. “

Monster Saint Zhongxuan fully contributes to blade.

Especially through the token, it senses that the Fire Dragon Monster Saint is dying, and it is crazy to split a long blade: “Fire Dragon is dead? Quickly, break for me !!!”

Struggling to split on the membrane wall of the World Gap with brilliant lights and vibrant colors, the ‘World Gap membrane wall’ that is slightly weaker than the Human World membrane wall, just two blades, it was suddenly split, and I saw the other side of the gap View.

“Go.” Monster Saint Zhongxuan immediately drilled into the crack and rushed into the World Gap.

It is afraid that it will be killed by humans later.


Li Guan, who has sect protecting treasures, can reach the Emperor threshold level with his strike. He will do his best to shoot at the critical moment, and even move to kill Fire Dragon Monster Saint.

For this, Qin Wu and Luo Tang are not surprised.

The two of them at this moment looked at another picture reflected in midair-Monster Saint Zhongxuan completely split through the two layers of the world’s membrane wall, and then swallowed into it.

“Monster Saint Zhongxuan has entered the World Gap.” Qin Wu illusory shadow and Luo Tang illusory shadow are both anxious.

“Unfortunately, we only have one void shift character.” Qin Wu illusory shadow said, “If there are two, Monster Saint Zhongxuan ca n’t escape.”

“Let’s watch Meng Chuan them next.” Luo Tang illusory shadow solemnly said.

In this battle, they cannot afford to lose.

Although there is a way to annihilate the world, annihilation will also kill hundreds of millions of people in the world. This will be a shame for every Daemon who survives on Primeval Mountain! The shame that can’t get rid of for life!

Meng Chuan, True Martial King, and King Qianmu, they and each of them, desperately want to intercept, and do not want to go to the “desperation” step.


World Gap.

“We can’t lose in this battle.” Meng Chuan sat cross-legged, holding a simple black mirror. “Can Master and Venerable intercept them successfully?”


Meng Chuan complexion slightly changed.

He senses the distance, the wall of the world is struck by strikes.

Through the mirror in your hand, immediately reflect the area you feel.

“Boom.” We can see that the area is distorted by void, obviously strikes from the outside.

“That’s that.”

Meng Chuan has no hesitation.


Instantly step on the Bloodblade Plate, silver mysterious lines also appear on both sides of Meng Chuan’s forehead, a sliver of silver lightning flashes around the head, and within both eyes also has silver lightning.


“Ancestral Cave of Monster also has only five void movers. The three of us came out together and spent a lot of work before we took out a void mover.” Ice Palace, Peng Sovereign said indifferently, “As long as Monster Saint One of them, Zhongxuan and Fire Dragon Monster Saint, entered the World Gap. The monster race team can use the void shift character to merge with them immediately to protect them heavily. “

“I have never used the void mover.” Emperor Xinghe said with a smile, “Now I let a 5th-layer Monster King use it first.”

“As long as you get the Cang Yuan Founder treasure, it’s worth it.” Peng Sovereign said.

void Move character, the move range is actually very wide.

formation suppression?

Block void?

The heaven and earth suppression of the world?

void Move character, almost ignore all suppression, and escape distance is also very far away, is a one-time treasure. Its value is equivalent to a “Six Tribulation Realm” level treasure weapon, and it is even more rare. With such a deep background like monster world, there are only five void shift symbols. ‘Ancestral Cave of Monster’ is also limited for each generation of monster race Emperor, impossible to allow these Emperor to squander the accumulation of monster race Old Ancestor.

In this way, it can be passed on from generation to generation.

“en?” Empress Xuanyue felt excited and smiled excitedly, “Monster Saint Zhongxuan entered the World Gap, and the monster race team has merged.”

“I saw it too.” Peng Sovereign slightly nodded.

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