Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 461


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Monster Saint Zhongxuan, looking at more than a dozen powerhouses such as side Peacock Monarch, Sacred Lord Qiansi, Old Ancestor Poison Dragon, and many 5th-layer Monster Kings in grandiose layout, can’t help but set their hearts.

The surrounding formations, even Monster Saint Zhongxuan, are difficult to see through.

“Emperor have spent a lot of thoughts. If I come here, these three formations will definitely die.” Monster Saint Zhongxuan secretly thought.

In the outermost thirty-nine Monster Kings, all wearing golden armor, there is a golden halo flowing faintly, and thirty-nine Monster Kings are scattered in the range of nearly a hundred miles, and they are in a mutual resonance.

At this moment, one of the heads of Monster King arched remotely: “Peacock Monarch, Daemon arrived five hundred miles away.”


The Capital Monster has a tight heart.

“He latent deep void, although I can wait for the formation of induction, but can’t stop it.” Bird Monster King reported.

“No need to worry.” Sacred Lord Qiansi smiled.


When Meng Chuan rushed to Monster Saint Zhongxuan, he was in the middle and found that the monster race team had come one step ahead.

So Meng Chuan instantly entered the deep void and tried to approach Monster Saint Zhongxuan.

“Demonic Awl can be used against Monster Saint Zhongxuan as long as it is close to 50 li.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “If the information is correct, Monster Saint Zhongxuan should be just Primordial Spirit 5th-layer, facing my Demonic Awl … … It will definitely die. ”

I own Primordial Spirit 6th-layer, and refined ‘Demonic Awl’ with 30% primordial spirit as the source, which is enough for terrifying Demonic Awl formidable power.

Monster Saint Zhongxuan is not a life-changing monster. A normal monster race, even the Tribulation Realm treasure guard primordial spirit, is impossible to carry its own Demonic Awl.


Meng Chuan is approaching quickly in the deep void.

“en?” Meng Chuan looked at the front, the deep void in front was completely frozen, centered around ‘Monster Saint Zhongxuan’, within 200 li, all the voids were frozen, and within this range, the surface void and deep layer void is frozen as one, and is forced to appear as soon as it approaches.

“Can’t get close to within 200 li?” Meng Chuan was shocked and could only back away temporarily.

Withdrawing to a distance of nearly 300 li from the opponent, Meng Chuan waved his hands and released many titled King Daemons such as True Martial King, King Ronghuo, King Qianmu.

“How is the situation?” The titled King Daemon didn’t quite clear the situation. Meng Chuan also found Path immediately after discovering it immediately, and hadn’t had time to introduce it yet.

“Look ahead.”

Meng Chuan pointed to the front, “Monster Saint Zhongxuan still managed to come to World Gap, and the monster race team immediately merged with it and arranged for a large formation. I can only barely judge … It should be the three formations cooperate with each other The formation range is mainly 200 li around Monster Saint Zhongxuan. The formation formidable power is very large. I dare not trespass. “

“Monster race is not clear about the corresponding connection point between Human World and World Gap.” King Qianmu wondered, “Monster Saint Zhongxuan entered World Gap, I am afraid he himself does not know, where will eventually appear in World Gap. Monster race How can it merge with it instantly? ”

“It is indeed an instant.” Meng Chuan said, “Monster Saint Zhongxuan drilled through the gap of the world and just landed. The monster race team is here.”


“How come together so quickly.”

“This is troublesome.”

Everyone was very upset.

I have played against the monster race before. It is clear that if the monster race is stuck, it is difficult to break.

“For this battle, the monster race is at all costs.” True Martial King is very calm, looking at it from a distance, “Monster race, even if it has some special means, it’s nothing strange.”

“How can we kill Monster Saint Zhongxuan?” King Beimu said.

“Must be close.” King Qianmu said.

“You have to resist the approach.” True Martial King thought, “I have a plan.”

All looked towards him.

“Three monster races, each of which has a very strong formidable power.” True Martial King said, “It’s definitely not possible to rely on us to punch hard. The most suitable way … I will first use Absolutes’ Boom the monster race formation into a passage straight into the depth of the formation, and then … and then … “

Listen carefully.

After listening.

King Ronghuo unable to bear said: “True Martial King, you let me accompany King Qianmu to fight, I am naturally willing to fight. But you are sure about the killing move of Primeval Mountain?”

“I’m Primeval Mountain, with a deep accumulation, and naturally a somewhat powerful treasure.” True Martial King said, “Despite the peace of mind, I will do it when I say it.”

“King Ronghuo, I will also accompany you to act together, although rest assured.” Meng Chuan said with a smile.

“King Dongning and True Martial King both decided to do this, and we certainly agree.” King Qianmu nodded.

True Martial King slightly nodded, and sound transmission to Meng Chuan at the same time: “Junior brother Meng, I will ask you Primordial Spirit Avatar to go desperately later.”

Meng Chuan Primordial Spirit 6th-layer is only known to Meng Chuan and True Martial King in World Gap for the time being.

“Relax, even if both Primordial Spirit Avatar and Demonic Awl are smashed, I can afford it.” Meng Chuan sound transmission Road, Primordial Spirit Avatar has little effect, Demonic Awl smashing loss 30% primordial spirit The original impact is greater, It takes time to recover slowly.

“If you don’t do it, you will spare no effort once you do it, hoping to set the world in one fell swoop.” True Martial King looked far away.

“You guys, what are you confused about later, the action plan?” True Martial King looked towards the titled King Daemon.


Monster race.

“Human Daemon is in the distance and dare not move.” Peacock Monarch sneered.

“Monster Saint Zhongxuan.” Sacred Lord Qiansi said on the side, “Emperor told us, we came to World Gap, the most important task is not to kill Daemon, but to protect you. One Path protects you and allows you to draw A complete map of connection points. Once the map is drawn successfully, the human will be defeated. “


Monster Saint Zhongxuan nodded said with a smile, “As long as the connection point map is drawn, we will win, and wait a moment, I will draw the surroundings first.”

Monster Saint Zhongxuan looked everywhere.

It can watch the space-time fluctuations and watch the walls of World Gap and Human World.

Human World ’s map has been drawn, and the ‘world membrane wall location’ corresponding to each connection point is also confirmed. The world’s membrane wall is extremely mysterious and abstruse, and cannot be imaged. Only realm is high enough to sense these fluctuations and remember in the heart.

“Now you only need to draw a map of ‘World Gap’ and correspond to the position of the world’s membrane wall after one. Then, you can correspond to the Human World map.” Monster Saint Zhongxuan secretly thought, “Form a complete connection point map. “

Once successful.

The connection point of each and everyone in World Gap, which corresponds to Human World, will be clear.

This drawing is also troublesome.

Monster Saint Zhongxuan, reaching Paradise Realm late stage realm, still has the ability to draw.

Like Meng Chuan, only in the early days of Paradise Realm, standing inside the World Gap, it can more clearly sense the World Gap membrane wall. As for the connected Human World membrane wall, the induction is very blurred and cannot be drawn at all.

“This place is confirmed.”

Completely record the surrounding scenery image, and clearly determine the location in the void.

“Let’s go, the next place.” Monster Saint Zhongxuan said with a smile.

“Departure.” Sacred Lord Qiansi said, the entire monster race team started flying, but the formation was still maintained during the flight.


“Monster race has started.” True Martial King glanced at the titled King Daemon. “If there is no confusion, then we will start.”

Meng Chuan, Serenity Sea King, King Qianmu, King Ronghuo, etc. each and everyone are nodded.

They have no Path to return.

Human World failed to stop, so Monster Saint Zhongxuan came to World Gap. Then they are the last interceptors! They must succeed! Otherwise, Human World may be completely defeated, it will be endless darkness.

“It’s my pleasure to be able to join forces with you.” True Martial King said with a slight smile.

“Here is the titled King Daemon thousands of years ago, there is the peerless Heaven’s Chosen of the present age, sharing life and death with you, really happy.” King Ronghuo laughed.

Meng Chuan and the others also smiled, and the frozen Serenity Sea King also looked hot.

“Up.” True Martial King said.

The yin and yang disks in the 10 li range enveloped a group of named King Daemon, all rushing towards the monster race team.

“Human Daemon is here!” Prepared to go to another place and then draw the monster race team of connection points.

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