Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 462


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“This group of human Daemon, dare to come.” Peacock Monarch sneered.

“Nearly two hundred 5th-layer Monster Kings teamed up and easily crushed them.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon is confident.

Sacred Lord Qiansi is responsible for coordinating the formation, and immediately the sound transmission orders: “Be careful, since the human Daemon takes the initiative, he will take the opportunity to remove them.”


More than a hundred Monster Kings are staring at the killed human Daemons.

“hong long long ~~~”

The yin and yang discs are covered by protection. Meng Chuan has released a full twenty-four blood blades around the surrounding zhang range. The fire star furnace is also covered. Serenity Sea King, Nether King Tong, Dao Protector, Peng Mu And King Beimu are temporarily hiding in the fire star furnace.

The outside world is just standing with four silhouettes, Meng Chuan, True Martial King, King Qianmu, King Ronghuo.

“Be careful, you have to enter the scope of the formation.” True Martial King said.


Meng Chuan, King Qianmu and the others all watched carefully.

Bang ~~~

After the yin and yang discs fly into the formation range, a golden short lance with a handle is naturally condensed in the formation. These golden short lances cross the sky and penetrate into the True Martial Domain.

“This formation formidable power is a bit large.” True Martial King sound transmission said, the original Yin-Yang disk in the 10 li range was reduced to the Sanli range, and the Yin-Yang disk ’s resistance was greatly improved, causing those golden short lances to fly in The layer is weakened, and when the guards formed by the strikes on the twenty-four blood blades are finally left, only 20-30% of their power is left, and they are scattered directly.

Meng Chuan ’s Bloodblade Plate is the secret of protection.

rune formation is to escape for body protection! Expanded to the scope ofhundred zhang, the protection has declined, but it is still very out of the ordinary. If you rely solely on Meng Chuan’s Bloodblade Plate to resist the formation, there is no natural force. But with True Martial Domain weakening the ‘gold lance’ 70-80% formidable power, the Bloodblade Plate twenty-four blood blade is enough to protect the Daemon.

“hong long long ~~~”

The densely packed golden short lance strikes, and the Yin Yang plate and the twenty-four blood blade protect the Daemons against the advance.

“They could resist‘ golden light Killing Formation ’.” The Old Ancestor Poison Dragon looked away, surprised.

“The outermost formation, both protection and killing the enemy. The innermost two-formation is the guardian.” Sacred Lord Qiansi said with a smile, “Monster Saint Zhongxuan Do n’t worry, these human Daemons ca n’t get close to the hundred. Here. “


Yin and Yang disks and twenty-four blood blades sheltered the Daemons and entered the range of formation, which soon approached 150 miles.

Meng Chuan, they can see the Monster Kings in the distance at a glance, see Peacock Monarch, Sacred Lord Qiansi, Old Ancestor Poison Dragon, and see the ‘Monster Saint Zhongxuan’. But at such a distance, they have no choice.


When approaching to 150 miles, densely packed blade array appears in the void, and countless blade light circle after circle, layer after layer, completely protects the monster race in the innermost.

The yin and yang disk crushed a handle of the golden short lance, but when it hit the huge blade array, it was forced to stop and could not be approached.

“This blade array is mainly protected and resisted layer by layer. It cannot be rushed in by domain alone.” True Martial King said.

“There is no other way, just follow the plan.” Meng Chuan also said.


True Martial King and Meng Chuan glanced at each other.

Without the slightest hesitation, the plan began. Silver mysterious lines appeared on both sides of Meng Chuan ’s face. A sliver of silver lightning also appeared around him. Magical Power ‘Quicksand’ had already been deployed, changing the surrounding Time Flow Speed.

True Martial King is using a secret technique, and regardless of physical injury, true yuan explodes with full force.

bang! bang! bang! bang! bang! bang! bang! bang! bang! bang! bang!

With the slow improvement of realm, and the several exhibitions of ‘World Annihilation of Ten Absolutes’, this move has also become more perfect, especially with the help of the secret treasures, this move formidable power is also more terrifying.

The moment when the tenth boxing shadow and the front nine shadowy shadows converge, they lead the first nine fist strengths, condensing into the same strength, and undergoing a complete qualitative change, turning into a gray light beam.

“It’s this trick again.” Peacock Monarch eyes shrank, which once completely smashed the fleshly body by this move.

This gray and light column tears through the sky, fast as lightning, everything that seems to be ‘applied’ is disappeared.

The densely packed blade array was directly destroyed by the gray pillar of light.

A beam of light running through 50 li.

Strikes to the innermost distance from the position of Monster Saint Zhongxuan hundred miles, there is another formation in the rotating blade light formation, which is endless darkness … There are more dragon shadows walking in the darkness, that piece The darkness seemed completely cut off from the outside world.


Break through the 50 li blade formation, the formidable power is attenuated, and when it hits the dark formation, the gray pillar is completely collapsed, and only the dark formation is penetrated by thehundred zhang.


After the World Annihilation of Ten Absolutes was exhibited, True Martial King did not stop, but immediately threw a stream of light.

This stream of light, although not as good as a gray light column, is equally fast. When the residual formidable power of the gray light column hits the ‘dark formation’, the stream of light hits the dark formation.

“Explosion.” True Martial King’s remote sensing response, a single thought inspires.

Meng Chuan looked at the distance and looked forward to it.

The stream of light thrown by True Martial King is actually a bottle, and two ‘hound bead bead’ are hidden in the bottle. ‘Hang thunder bead’ is also one of the several treasures they carried this time. One.

Bang thunder bead, single formidable power is comparable to the strike of the Emperor threshold, enough to be comparable to ‘World Annihilation of Ten Absolutes’ formidable power, which can be easily inspired. Meng Chuan After all, they are a group of titled King Daemon, the treasure that can be used, and the formidable power is too large to be too rare.

This thunder bead is also flawed.

In the event of an outbreak, formidable power erupts in all directions.

“bang !!!!”

Meng Chuan, True Martial King, King Qianmu, King Ronghuo, and many of the titled King Daemons in the fire star Chen furnace all saw a huge explosion.

The explosion of two thunder beads caused the dark formation to be instantly broken.

Horrible formidable power, affecting all directions.

Tear the dark formation for a full twenty li or so, only to be exhausted. At the same time, it also impacted Meng Chuan’s side. After the explosion passed 50 li, they also overwhelmed Meng Chuan.

After passing 50 li … formidable power is greatly attenuated, and True Martial Domain is completely resisted.

True Martial King watched this scene, but took a ‘dan pill’ from his arms and swallowed it in one bite.

Tanmaru is ‘Invincible Divine Pill’, one that is enough for True Martial King to completely return to its peak state. For this most critical battle, Primeval Mountain also gave True Martial King three ‘Indestructible Divine Pill’.

“right now.” Just after the shock, Meng Chuan eyes shined, pedaling the Bloodblade Plate immediately wrapped True Martial King, King Qianmu, King Ronghuo and rushed forward in an instant.

Meng Chuan ’s Magical Power ‘Quicksand’ envelopes his companions within about one zhang.

spare no effort sprint!

The frontal formation was exploded by ‘thunder bead’ for a short time without any obstruction.

Even with people, Meng Chuan pedaled the Bloodblade Plate and flashed for more than two thousand miles. Less than a hundred miles away, almost in an instant, they rushed to the forefront of the explosion of ‘thunder bead’, only 70 li or so left from Monster Saint Zhongxuan.


Meng Chuan took the man and rushed to the same time as Seventy li or so from Monster Saint Zhongxuan. A stream of light flew out of him within the body, it was Primordial Spirit Avatar.

Primordial Spirit Avatar ‘Meng Chuan’, although there is no Magical Power, it can perform Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement, but it is faster than the fleshly body. It also reaches a flash of 300 li, and quickly rushed to the leftmost end of the explosion.

The explosion is fan-shaped.

At this moment-

Meng Chuan with True Martial King and King Qianmu in the real body is at the forefront of the middle, and Primordial Spirit Avatar rushes to the left.

“Kill.” “Kill.”

King Qianmu without the slightest hesitation to exhibit ‘Demonic Awl’.

Primordial Spirit Avatar ‘Meng Chuan’ also carries ‘Demonic Awl’.

The same Primordial Spirit 6th-layer, also spent 30% of the two ‘Demonic Awl’ smelted by the original source, attacking the Monster Kings within 50 li.

“Not good.”

It was originally full of confidence, but when the thunder bead blew into the dark formation and was invaded by twenty li or so, Old Ancestor Poison Dragon complexion changed, and immediately waved, Monster Saint Zhongxuan was already prepared, not resisting , Was directly included in the small paradise carried by Old Ancestor Poison Dragon.

“Has a small paradise been accepted?”

Primordial Spirit Avatar ‘Meng Chuan’ and King Qianmu are performing Demonic Awl at the same time, and they are desperate to reap their lives. It can be seen that Monster Saint Zhongxuan was disappeared, and he was completely cold.

True Martial King and King Ronghuo looked at this scene, and they all felt cold.

Their plan …

The most feared thing is this scene!

When the Old Ancestor Poison Dragon owns the ‘Undying Body’, Monster Saint Zhongxuan is included in a small paradise. Then they couldn’t touch Monster Saint Zhongxuan at all.

“What do you plan to do next?” King Ronghuo anxiously sound transmission.

“The plan has changed.” True Martial King looked ugly.

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