Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 463


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“Hidden into a small paradise.” Meng Chuan was anxious.

They guessed early.

But I still do n’t want to see this scene.

Meng Chuan They have prepared many plans, mainly in two directions.

The first direction: Monster Saint Zhongxuan needs to draw a map of connection points, to stay outside, then Meng Chuan ’s all their plans to reduce the distance from ‘Monster Saint Zhongxuan’ to within 5-10 li, once the distance is close A single ‘Demonic Awl’ can directly kill the target.

Second direction: Monster race is very cautious. Monster Saint Zhongxuan has been hiding in a small paradise, slowly consuming humans, and the difficulty of beheading immediately soars.

Now things are moving in a direction that humans do not want to see.

“Kill.” Suffocating anger in his heart, Primordial Spirit Avatar ‘Meng Chuan’ filled with killing intent, manipulating Demonic Awl.

black Demonic Awl crossed the sky in an instant.

A 5th-layer Monster King within the body was penetrated, and the Monster King eyes opened wide, but fell silently.

puff puff puff puff poo pu! ! ! ! !

Demonic Awl in the dark, madly passing through a Monster King within the body, now Meng Chuan Primordial Spirit Avatar is 70 li or so from Old Ancestor Poison Dragon, and his Monster King within five 10 li has a total of eight, although The eight Monster Kings panicked and wanted to retreat, but how fast ‘Demonic Awl’ was, and in the blink of an eye, they passed through the bodies of their eight Monster Kings.

The eight 5th-layer Monster Kings have three Primordial Spirit 3rd-layers, four Primordial Spirit 4th-layers, and one Primordial Spirit 5th-layer.

There’s no resistance in front of Demonic Awl of Meng Chuan. Demonic Awl easily penetrates and destroys their primordial spirit, all falling to the ground in fright and despair.

On the other side, the “King Qianmu” accompanied by Meng Chuan Zhenshen, True Martial King, and King Ronghuo also released Demonic Awl, killing seven 5th-layer Monster Kings within range. -layer Monster King also fell silently, without any resistance. In fact, in the face of Meng Chuan and King Qianmu’s ‘Demonic Awl’, even if Monster King is Primordial Spirit 6th-layer, unless there is a ‘Tribulation Realm secret treasure’ that has a strong protection for primordial spirit, or it is a special reliance, otherwise Can’t bear it.


Primordial Spirit Avatar Meng Chuan cast Demonic Awl, immediately blinked to retreat, and Demonic Awl quickly retreated in the direction of his real body.

But when retreating, he felt the surrounding heaven and earth solidified.

Terror force squeezes.

Primordial Spirit Avatar ‘Meng Chuan’ in the retreat can see a series of black dragon phantom rushing towards himself from all around, terrifying incomparable power, causing Primordial Spirit Avatar to collapse instantly.

“xiu.” Demonic Awl’s speed is very fast, but it flew back to Meng Chuan’s real body within the body in an instant, and Demonic Awl, as the Primordial Spirit Weapon, ignored these obstacles.

“Primordial Spirit Avatar is defeated.” Meng Chuan felt a pain in the primordial spirit, and there was damage to the primordial spirit.

Primordial Spirit Avatar is defeated, the impact is not too great.

Like the Primordial Spirit Avatar of Li Guan, if it is destroyed, it will take a few years to be completely restored. Like Meng Chuan has the inheritance of “Primordial Spirit Stars”, primordial spirit self-recovery is powerful, and it can be completely restored in one month.


Meng Chuan took True Martial King and they quickly retreated.

One black dragon phantom pounced, and a densely packed blade array strangled.

“pēng pēng pēng ~~~”

Collision between the two parties.

The human side quickly retreated and exited the dark formation.


The monster race formation formidable power is quite strong, but in addition to the outermost golden light lance formation, the remaining two formations are more defensive.

True Martial Domain has shrunk to the scope of thehundred zhang, and there is a layer of heaven and earth protected by a “twenty-four blood blade”. Although it was crushed by many black dragon phantom and densely packed blade arrays, the impact was flying backwards. Out of the dark formation range, but Meng Chuan they also guarded not one drop of water can leak out.

“What should I do?” King Ronghuo anxiously said, “Monster Saint Zhongxuan is hiding, and it should be hiding in the small paradise of the Old Ancestor Poison Dragon. We have no solution at all now.”

“What are you afraid of, what is coming.” King Qianmu frowns saying, “Monster Saint Zhongxuan is hiding in a small paradise, we can’t touch it at all.”

“True Martial King, King Dongning, this time guided by your Primeval Mountain Lord, what should I do next?” King Ronghuo asked.

They are not afraid of death.

In the original plan, when rushing to the 70 li or so position, True Martial King should immediately reappear the ‘World Annihilation of Ten Absolutes’ pointing directly to the core of the formation, with the protection of the ‘fire-fire star Chen furnace’, King Ronghuo, King Qianmu They will also be thrown and continue to rush forward for the final stroke. If Meng Chuan’s Primordial Spirit Avatar is not dead, he will follow suit.

Whoever wants the monster race to see the explosion of ‘thunder bead’, immediately put away Monster Saint Zhongxuan. King Ronghuo Naturally, they no longer need to work hard.

“Next, you all listen to junior brother Meng.” True Martial King said while staring at Meng Chuan.

Meng Chuan is also staring at True Martial King.

The eyes of the two meet.

Primeval Mountain’s detailed plan, the treasure they carried this time, the two of them are the clearest.

It is also the core of the execution plan.

“Junior brother Meng, now we have no choice.” True Martial King looked at Meng Chuan.

Meng Chuan eyes slightly red, slightly nodded: “Okay.”


More than one hundred 5th-layer Monster Kings are arranged in large arrays. The two large arrays cooperate to protect the core Old Ancestor Poison Dragon and Peacock Monarch.

“The outermost‘ golden light formation ’has been broken, and the 36 Monster Kings in the formation have lost 15.” Sacred Lord Qiansi calmly said, “Fortunately, both internal protection formations are fine.”

“It’s really dangerous. I saw the terrifying explosion, and I knew it was not good.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon said, “At a critical moment, human beings may come up with some powerful treasures. I dare not gamble.”

Peacock Monarch nodded and said: “Protecting Monster Saint Zhongxuan is the most important.”


“Human retreated?”

The monster race side found that the human side retreated 150 miles away and retreated beyond the range of the two defense formations, and then hidden all aura and disappeared into the field of vision.


The formation of monster race has an invisible wave pervading everywhere, probing the surrounding five hundred miles.

“Human is about 160 li away from us, cautiously lurking, and has been following us.” Monster King, a silver armor respectfully said.

“My domain can also feel that they have been following.” Sacred Lord Qiansi sneered. “They no longer have a Path to retreat, and desperately want to prevent Monster Saint Zhongxuan from drawing a connection point map. Impossible really left. “

“Be careful.”

Old Ancestor Poison Dragon said, “They have been quietly following and staring, Monster Saint Zhongxuan is hiding in a small paradise, they are not in a hurry to start. But once Monster Saint Zhongxuan is released and find out the opportunity, they may suddenly kill. “

“Monster Saint Zhongxuan has been hiding all the time?” Peacock Monarch slightly frowned, “How can I draw a connection point map without hiding?”

“It is very important to draw a map of connection points, but its life is also important. If it comes out and is killed, we may all be angered by Emperor.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon said, “I think it is still necessary to report to Emperor first, let Emperor Decision. “

Qiansi and Peacock are also nodded.

This matter is too involved.

Drawing a map, for the monster race, the three major Emperor have paid a lot of effort and great price, and they will all have a big harvest.

For humans, it will be a nightmare.

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