Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 464


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Daemons such as Meng Chuan, King Ronghuo, King Qianmu, Serenity Sea King, Peng Mu and others are quietly following the monster race team.

King Qianmu looked far away, eyes shined: “Monster Saint Zhongxuan is out.”

“Come out?” Meng Chuan holds a black mirror, which clearly shows the scene of the core of the monster race formation. Old Ancestor Poison Dragon, Peacock Monster Saint, and Sacred Lord Qiansi are surrounded by a silhouette ‘Monster Saint Zhongxuan’.

“Monster Saint Zhongxuan must draw a map of the connection points. It must come out. It seems that the monster race does not want to drag on.” King Ronghuo said excitedly.

“It appears, we can fight again.” King Qianmu stared at the distance.

“It’s fake.”

A voice sounded.

Meng Chuan, King Ronghuo, Serenity Sea King, King Qianmu, and Peng Mu all turned their heads to see.

True Martial King sat cross-legged, black and white air flowed everywhere, and formed an air mass to wrap True Martial King. Meng Chuan They looked at the ‘black and white air masses’ in front of them and could not see the True Martial King at all.

“No need to doubt, it is a fake.” True Martial King voice continued to be heard in the black and white air masses, “It is to lure us out and consume our treasure.”

“Yes, this war lasted for more than 800 years. Now, at the most critical moment, will the monster race be impatient?” Peng Mu said.


Monster race team.

“Did they see through?” Peacock Monarch sound transmission wondered.

“Monster strength aura and primordial spirit aura are all perfectly disguised, and how can they see through it more than a hundred miles away?” said Old Ancestor Poison Dragon sound transmission.

Sacred Lord Qiansi looked away: “The Daemons in front of us are the strongest titled King Daemons of human beings, many of them are very old. It takes 20-30 years, most of them have reached the lifespan limit, and they have to die old. In the fight of World Gap, humans will become weak. And keep tracking, do n’t dare to relax … King Dongning also has no time to cultivating, dragging on for more than 20-30 years, the situation is beneficial to us instead. “

Like King Ronghuo, the remaining lifespan is only more than ten years.

Each and everyone, such as King Qianmu and Peng Mu, had to die for each and everyone within 30 years.

Human ’s secret technique makes many older generations of the titled King Daemon sleep for a long time and now wakes up, but these older generations of the titled King Daemon are too old. It took a long time to defend the city before World Gap spent sixteen years.

“If they are fooled and take the initiative to kill, it is naturally a good thing to spend the treasure. We may still be able to kill a few Daemons.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon sound transmission said, “If it is consumed … as per Emperor’s instructions, consume it 20-30 years. I have waited for more than 800 years. Do n’t worry about these 20-30 years. “

“Hahaha, if humans try their best, but find that this Monster Saint Zhongxuan is disguised as” Avatar “by Old Ancestor Poison Dragon, it will be wonderful.”

They quietly sound transmission.

However, with the passage of time, although the human Daemon has been following, he has never shot.

The monster race team is flying at super high speed, going to the World Gap everywhere.

human has followed.

Both sides are alert and do not dare to relax.

One day, two days, three days.

“We pretend to draw a connection point map, but the human Daemon has never shot.” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon sound transmission said, “It is enough to draw a map and walk through the World Gap in ten days. It ’s enough to draw a small half of the map. Are they watching? ”

“They are impossible to allow Monster Saint Zhongxuan to draw a map, and do not do it for three days. Obviously they are sure that the Monster Saint Zhongxuan in front of them is fake.” Peacock Monarch sound transmission said.

“How do I see if it is fake?” Old Ancestor Poison Dragon wondered, “I have a treasure from Emperor, and it’s pretty good to pretend.”

“Do not underestimate humans.” Peacock Monarch sound transmission said.


Human team.

“Three days.” Meng Chuan glanced at the black-and-white air mass, “senior brother should be almost the same.”

True Martial King is wrapped in black and white air masses, which has been the same for three days.

The most detailed plan of the World Gap battle. Among the titled King Daemon, only Meng Chuan and True Martial King are the clearest.

In black and white air mass.

True Martial King sit cross-legged, a peculiar grassman suspended in front of him, each grass woven into a “grassman” has densely packed runes on it, exuding a peculiar aura .

“Om.” True Martial King’s finger was a bit on the grassman, and a blood spot immediately appeared at the spot where it was clicked.

“Three days of worship, the time is full.” True Martial King through this grass man, can remotely sense another life-Monster Saint Zhongxuan hidden in a small paradise.

Why can he recognize that the “Monster Saint Zhongxuan” outside is fake.

Because the fate of this Cao Ren and Monster Saint Zhongxuan gradually began to converge, with the help of Cao Ren, the true Monster Saint Zhongxuan can be determined.

“The last stroke.” True Martial King said silently.

Sixteen years ago.

Before leaving World Gap.

“If Possession Monster Saint is hidden, you can’t get in touch. Then there is only one way.” Li Guan turned his hand, and a Cao Ren appeared in his hand, saying, “This is a Cao Ren of destiny. You can use it only if you have some insight, and with the help of it, you can kill Possession Monster Saint across a long distance. “

“I have no research on causal lineage.” True Martial King hesitated.

“On realm, you are the highest among the titled King Daemon. Even on skill realm, you are enough to compare with me and Qin Wu.” Li Guan said with a slight smile, “With your realm, you can clearly sense cause and effect. Just a little Research, you can use this fate. “

That’s true.

True Martial lineage reaches ‘Paradise Realm late stage’, which is comparable to ‘Paradise Realm Perfection’ of other Manifestation Venerables.

From entering the Paradise Realm, you can gradually sense cause and effect. The higher the realm, the clearer the induction. True Martial King is indeed very clear in induction. After a little insight, it is not difficult to just drive a treasure.

“Detailed usage method is in this booklet.” Li Guan handed True Martial King a booklet again, “This time in World Gap, you have the strongest strength and the strongest life-saving ability. Thunder bead, Destiny Grass Many treasures, such as people and soul pots, will be handed over to you. “

Li Guan stands beside Qin Wu illusory shadow, Luo Tang illusory shadow, and Meng Chuan. Obviously, the use of these treasures must be approved by the four controllers.

“Yes.” True Martial King took it.

“We will stop at Human World. If we can’t stop it, we can only rely on you.” Li Guan looked at True Martial King and then looked at Meng Chuan.

“Venerable rest assured.” Meng Chuan said.

“Master rest assured.” True Martial King said.


True Martial King looked at the grass man in front of him, and immediately pointed to the head of the grass man, seriously said: “Monster Saint Zhongxuan, you are today, be dead!”

This finger.

No hesitation.

The power of terror passes through all fingers and into the head of the grass man.


In a small paradise.

“Emperor makes me wait patiently, then wait patiently.” Monster Saint Zhongxuan sit cross-legged On the grass, there is only one creature in the small paradise.

Suddenly a mysterious attack came.

Strange and unpredictable, directly descended on the primordial spirit directed at him.

“This is-”

Monster Saint Zhongxuan only felt the consciousness boom. In the face of this mysterious and terrifying attack, its primordial spirit disintegrated and shattered directly, and was killed on the spot.

It is still sit cross-legged, but there is no more aura.


Meng Chuan and the others saw the black and white air masses spread out.

True Martial King ’s ‘grassman’ also completely exploded into fly ash.

“It’s done.”

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