Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 562


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When stared at by the blood-colored vertical pupils of the huge head, Meng Chuan also felt the impact of the will suppressed.


This will is crazy and cold, with extreme malice, wanting to destroy Meng Chuan’s consciousness. But as a primordial spirit Fifth Tribulation Realm, Meng Chuan is very powerful in spiritual cultivation, and his ability to withstand the impact of will far exceeds the Fleshly Body Fifth Tribulation Realm.

At the moment of the impact, Meng Chuan’s instinctive mental resistance immediately resisted the impact.

“It is?” Meng Chuan was surprised. He carefully watched this huge, thousand-mile-high head with black bends, and watched the chains rooting everywhere in the head, completely confining the power of the head, “Is it a forbidden creature? “

This is the first time Meng Chuan has seen a forbidden creature.

The dossier left by Cang Yuan Founder focused on taboo creatures, which represent disasters, destruction, and sins.

In the vast foreign territory, there are many types of special life.

But there is one that is the most special, even more special than the pure-blood Dragon Race and Phoenix. It was even picked up by the Tribulation Realm Supreme from the ‘special life’ category, and it was called a ‘forbidden creature’!

Forbidden creatures, the reason for their birth is a mystery. It may be bred anywhere in the foreign territory, and the number is extremely rare.

Forbidden creatures become stronger, unlike all cultivators.

It becomes stronger, as long as it devours other lives. The more it swallows, the stronger it might be. Even the “taboo creatures” that reach the level of six Tribulation Realm can slowly swallow the lower life world. The “taboo creatures” of the Seventh Tribulation Realm level can swallow medium life. world. Even the legendary eight Tribulation Realm ‘taboo creature’ can swallow the higher life world.

It’s just the ‘taboo creature’ of the Eight Tribulation Realm, which is rarer than the normal Eight Tribulation Realm Supreme and can be ignored.

In addition to’swallowing life and becoming stronger’, it has another special feature, that is, its lifespan is extremely long.

Even to some extent, it can exist forever! Of course only the body exists forever.

Its body can always live without lifespan limit. But… Consciousness will eventually decay and collapse over the long years. A new consciousness will be gestated in the body. From the perspective of life, it is already a new life.

For taboo creatures to be strong, they must devour all cultivators, and even the world in the future. In the eyes of other lives, it is naturally a sin, so it is also called a sin creature.

It is the public enemy of all life.

“Catch the six Tribulation Realm’s taboo creatures alive.” Meng Chuan stunned, “The taboo creatures at this level are already Undying.”

If it is said that the “forbidden creatures” below six Tribulation Realm are not too difficult to kill.

Then reaching six Tribulation Realm, it is possible to hide the’life core’, and even if the body that fights with the enemy is annihilated again and again, it will quickly recover again and again. It is the body of Undying. It is not possible to kill or capture a six-Tribulation Realm forbidden creature unless you find the ‘Ming Core’. Therefore, the difficulty of beheading or capturing alive is too high.


Meng Chuan converged his mind and looked towards the other Tribulation Realm.

The arrogant and icy snow jade palace lord, the black Old Demon Feng with a smile, and the slightly curious Da Gu, these three and five Tribulation Realm Supreme were equally surprised at this moment.

“Faced with the gaze of the blood-colored vertical pupils, this strange powerhouse was not affected?” Xueyu palace lord and black Old Demon Feng were shocked for a few breaths before resisting the influence. They were prepared for it. Da Gu also took a breathing time to resist.

Where is Meng Chuan?

Totally resist.

“His spiritual cultivation is very strong. It may be primordial spirit Fifth Tribulation Realm.” Na Gu secretly guessed, but his eyes were bright, “Worth a good friendship.”

“primordial spirit Fifth Tribulation Realm?” Black Old Demon Feng smiled more enthusiastically.

The more the Tribulation Realm reaches the late stage, the rarer the Primordial Spirit Tribulation Realm becomes and the greater the role it plays.

“In Xia Na Gu, from Shura World.” Na Gu took the initiative.

“My name is Heifeng, and it’s cultivation in the Yufang River System.” Hehe Old Demon Feng laughed.

To this white-haired man, both of them showed kindness, but Xueyu palace lord remained cold and silent.

“Dongning, I have seen you all.” Meng Chuan also smiled.

Fifth Tribulation Realm powerhouse is very difficult to kill, so if it is not necessary, it will not forge vengeance.

“Now other lives in the cave mansion have given up advancing.” The snake-tailed man said, his voice resounding throughout the cave, “Now you four need to compete for the last winner before the winner can enter the end of the cave mansion. , Get the most important treasure opened in this cave mansion.”

Taigu eyes shined, he knows how high the cave mansion is.

Meng Chuan, Xueyu palace lord, and black Old Demon Feng are also interested in Middle-Stage.

When they saw the six Tribulation Realm taboo creatures captured alive, their power was drawn to supply cave mansion. Meng Chuan knew that the master of cave mansion was not small.

“We have four, how do we compete? A melee?” Black Old Demon Feng asked.

“The master made the rules early.”

The snake-tailed man said with a slight smile, “I will preside over the game before the end. If the rules are not followed, I will expel him directly from the cave mansion.”

“And if you follow the rules, you can get a reward even if you fail.” The croaker said.

Meng Chuan, Xueyu palace lord, Hei Old Demon Feng, and Da Gu, the four of them, regardless of the high is innate talent, the arrogant, or the big background, obey the rules. In the cave mansion built by Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme, it is better to follow the rules.

The snake-tailed man turned his hand, and four stones appeared in his palm, two dark red and two pale white.

“I throw it casually, and these four stones will fly to you separately. If you get stones of the same color, they will be a group.” The snake-tailed man calmly said, “Each group will fight against each other until one party admits defeat or is cut. Kill, just to decide the winner. Then the winners of the latter two groups will fight again… to decide the final winner.”

After speaking, the four rocks were suspended high in the sky.


The invisible wave impacted the four stones, and the four stones rolled and collided, but they flew to Meng Chuan and the others with strange precision.

A pale white stone flies towards Meng Chuan.

Meng Chuan looked at the pale white stone in front of him, and noticed that there was also a pale white stone in front of the black Old Demon Feng. The black Old Demon Feng smiled and looked towards Meng Chuan: “East Brother Ning, it seems that you and I are the first Fight.”

Meng Chuan slightly nodded.

For the three in front of him, only Xueyu palace lord knows better.

Because I bought the information of the Sanwanhe powerhouse in the Eternal building, but Meng Chuan didn’t know the information about Old Demon Feng and Da Gu.

“You and me?” Dagu looked towards Xueyu palace lord. There were dark red stones in front of them, and obviously they needed to fight.

“According to the order of arrival here.” The snake-tailed man said, pointing to Xueyu palace lord and Dagu, “You two will fight first, as for the other two to watch the battle on the heads of the sinful creatures. Don’t interfere.”


Meng Chuan and Black Old Demon Feng all came to the huge head, and they were in the corner with the human snake-tailed man. At the same time, a formation rose, covering 90% of the cave, and also covering the snow jade palace lord and 闼. ancient.

The spectators are naturally outside the formation and cannot interfere with the battle.

“You two can’t leave the formation area before the outcome is decided.” The croaker said, “It’s time to start.”

The snow jade palace lord stood there, like an iceberg that could not be shaken, and at the same time the invisible cold quickly filled everywhere, flooding the entire formation area.

Taigu is the aura fully converged, allowing the cold to invade.

Neither party was in a hurry to shoot.

Because Meng Chuan is close to the huge head, he can see the one after another of the sinful creature’s teeth like a mountain. The aura leaked by this sinful creature is much stronger than before.

“The aura concept of this sinful creature is somewhat similar to the’Realm of Nirvana’.” Meng Chuan secretly thought.

The blade of nirvana was the first Meng Chuan to reach Heaven and Earth Realm, but it was found to be flawed and could not be used as the core rule of cultivating fleshly body and cultivating primordial spirit, so it has been deliberately slowed down.

“If I take the blade of nirvana as the core and cultivating fleshly body cultivating primordial spirit, my life form may be close to forbidden creatures.” Meng Chuan secretly guessed.

After Endless Blade reached Heaven and Earth Realm Perfection, he dared spare no effort cultivating blade.

After all, Tribulation Realm cultivation, the pursuit is to master space-time and all the rules under space-time.

Before the foundation is not strong enough, some rules cannot be studied in depth, and there will be many terrifying consequences.

Meng Chuan’s foundation is enough now… The blade of nirvana is still in the late stage of Heaven and Earth Realm, and it is only a bit away from Heaven and Earth Realm Perfection.

“Blade of nirvana, Heaven and Earth Realm Perfection?” Meng Chuan was feeling a taboo creature similar to “nirvana” aura, a lot of aura appeared in his mind, and naturally began to deduct the blade of nirvana, advancing towards Perfection .

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