Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 563


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At the same time, the Sanwan River System.

In the depths of a mixed cave.

A Primordial Spirit Avatar from Meng Chuan came here. As the primordial spirit Fifth Tribulation Realm, the Primordial Spirit Avatar is powerful enough to dive deep into the mixed cave.


Meng Chuan was touched by a forbidden creature, and only felt that the blade of nirvana could ‘Heaven and Earth Realm Perfection’ at any time. At this moment, he also carefully comprehend the operation of the cave, because the source of the ‘blade of death’ is the cave.

Meng Chuan raised his head, and could see that wisps of light were swallowed by the mixing hole, and light could not struggle to get out of the black hole. At the same time, some matter in the foreign territory void was drawn into the mixing hole. As it deepened, the matter was completely Disintegrate.

The depth of the mixed cave seems to have infinite destructive power.

Swallow everything, destroy everything, and make everything a part of the darkness!

“Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme can usually reach the core body of the mixed cave. The weaker ones will completely disintegrate and become annihilated.” Solution, the foreign territory’s real body is also watching the huge head of the forbidden creature in the cave mansion, and the auras in his mind collide with each other.

A secret art, it is relatively easy to improve in Heaven and Earth Realm, you can go straight to Perfection.

The blade of nirvana… It has reached the Heaven and Earth Realm late stage for a long time, and the accumulation is deep. Now the inspiration has come. With the understanding of this secret art, it is continuously improved, and it is completely accomplished in just one hour.

“The combination of all forces is death.” Meng Chuan suddenly became clear.

Standing in the darkness deep in the mixed cave, Meng Chuan waved his hand, Tribulation Realm’s secret treasure ‘thunder Xingchenzi’ appeared on the side and flew out directly.

As soon as it flew out, it turned into a dark star.

Where you go, it turns into a black light! Just like the sassafras in space-time, wherever it is wiped, it will be completely annihilated.

Passed by silently, completely annihilating everything, making everything fall into silence. This all possesses part of the ‘death’ power of the mixed hole.

Others only thought it was a black light, but in Meng Chuan’s eyes, he saw the thunder stars turn into light and also into waves. The layers of formidable power were superimposed and completely unified, forming a sudden burst of destruction. , The extremely terrifying’Great Destruction’ further suppressed and condensed the formidable power, thoroughly condensing into a light… This is the final extinguishment.

This black light represents the most terrifying destruction.

Beyond the Great Destruction, surpass the most terrifying ‘Sun God Fire’ of Supreme Sun Star Chen.

The very terrifying move, fleshly body and primordial spirit all represent life, and the concept of move is the opposite of life, and it is indeed not suitable as the core of cultivation. “Meng Chuan has joy in his heart and created such a powerful move.

Endless Blade, which pursues extreme speed, is far inferior in terms of pure destructive power.

The well-known destructive power methods like ‘Sun God Fire’ and ‘Wind of Destruction’ are Endless Blades that exceed the ‘limit speed rule’. The blade of dying makes up for this weakness of Meng Chuan. Destructive power alone belongs to the rank of cream of the crop in Fifth Tribulation Realm secret art.

“It’s a pity that these two secret art are combined with each other, which is far from the Six Tribulation Realm.” Meng Chuan shook his head slightly.

According to historical experience.

Generally, the three Fifth Tribulation Realm rules of comprehend can be integrated into six Tribulation Realm levels with a high probability.

Good luck. One rule is pure Time lineage and the other is pure Void lineage. If the fit is extremely high, it is possible to merge into six Tribulation Realm levels by virtue of the two Fifth Tribulation Realm rules.

Just obviously…

Meng Chuan’s “Endless Blade” is purely time lineage, while “Blade of Nation” is both time and space. In fact, move with time and space is also common. After all, everything exists in space-time. The combination of these two secret art is a good fit, but it is far from achieving the sixth Tribulation Realm secret art.

“Create two Fifth Tribulation Realm secret art, and you will have a lot of confidence in the mysterious cave mansion.” Meng Chuan secretly thought.

Although he is a fleshly body primordial spirit, he is a newly promoted Fifth Tribulation Realm after all, facing the snow jade palace lord, Da Gu, and the black Old Demon Feng… He only has the confidence to save his life, and he did not defeat the opponent. Grasp.

Now the confidence is much greater.


In the mysterious cave mansion of the Yufang River System, in the cave.

Meng Chuan Primordial Spirit Avatar cultivating one hour in the mixed cave and completely breakthrough, and this mysterious cave mansion has only passed several breathing times.


Meng Chuan looked up at the huge head, his eyes lit up slightly.

Finally comprehend.

The blade of Nirvana has also reached Heaven and Earth Realm Perfection.

I have two secret art that reach the level of Fifth Tribulation Realm, but I want to improve it next time. Like “Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement” for so many years, it has not been able to climb to the level of four Tribulation Realm.

“East Brother Ning, who do you think the two of them will win?” Black Old Demon Feng laughed and said to the side.

“Da Gu,” Meng Chuan said casually, “After all, it belongs to Higher World Shura World.”

“I am also optimistic about Da Gu.” Black Old Demon Feng nodded.

They both watched carefully.


Xueyu palace lord stood there, and the cold was invading Na Gu.

“Since you don’t make a move, I’ll make it first.” Dagu smiled slightly, his silhouette blurred for an instant, and he had reached the front of Xueyu palace lord, and a black blade pointed towards Xueyu palace lord.

Xueyu palace lord this is the extend the hand palm. His palm wears golden gloves. The surface of the glove is covered with crystal clear ice. One palm presses the blade of the black blade. One press, one stab, the palm is It was pierced on Dagu’s chest, and his robe shook slightly without piercing.


A ray of blood-colored blade light thorns on Xueyu palace lord’s body.

In addition to the sharpness of the ice, that palm also has a more terrifying void mysterious, so it can forcefully penetrate his fleshly body.

“hua hua wow.”

The blood that has been flowing and fleeing made a sound: “I admit defeat.”

Xueyu palace lord then stopped.

Formation temporarily constrained the formidable power, and the slicker man also nodded and said: “A winner has been decided, and the two of you will be the next one.” It looked towards Meng Chuan and Hei Old Demon Feng.

Meng Chuan, Black Old Demon Feng slightly nodded, flew towards the center of the cave.

“Xueyu, what you hid is really deep enough.” Black Old Demon Feng said with a laugh, “Even comprehend the second Fifth Tribulation Realm secret art. We have friendship with you and I, but you keep hiding without telling me Me.”

“Why did I tell you?” Xueyu palace lord said coldly.

The black Old Demon Feng was taken aback for a moment, laughed twice: “It’s really your temperament.”

Xueyu palace lord and Da Gu also flew to the corner to watch the battle.

“Admire.” Dagu said with a slight smile.

“The fleshly bodies of your Shura World are quite powerful, shattering your fleshly bodies, but it is difficult to exhaust the blood of Asura.” Xueyu Palace Lord said.

Da Gu didn’t have any pride.

Even if the rules of the comprehend Fifth Tribulation Realm are profound mystery, the skills that can be used are different! From Shura World, life-saving ability is also famous.

But Old Ancestor’s help is also limited. When there is a big gap in realm, Dagu loses nothing.

Such as the pure-blood Dragon Race, the pure-blood phoenix on the Old Ancestor, and the Bloodline innate talent are extremely high. But when you encounter Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme, you have to bow your head obediently. Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme caught the pure-blood Dragon Race and the pure-blood phoenix refining out of the Bloodline. The two groups dare not say anything.

This is foreign territory void. After all, it depends on strength to speak!


The formation rises again. In the formation domain, Meng Chuan and the black Old Demon Feng face each other far away.

“As long as I defeat the winner of them, I can get the treasure of cave mansion.” Xueyu palace lord’s eyes are also a bit hot, “Hurry, I will succeed soon.”

He didn’t pay attention to the black Old Demon Feng.

Meng Chuan?

In the eyes of Xueyu palace lord, it is just a new Fifth Tribulation Realm, and it is not a big threat.

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