Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 564


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Black Old Demon Feng looked at Meng Chuan cautiously, and faced any opponent Black Old Demon Feng would not carelessly, even if he dealt with the Fourth Tribulation Realm, he would deal with it carefully, and it was said that it was the Fifth Tribulation Realm.

A long, long time ago…

When he was the Fourth Tribulation Realm, he was invincible at the same level, and with his fierce temperament, he didn’t put any opponents of the same level in his eyes at all, but he fell into a big deal later.

That time was too costly, and he will never forget it.

Although he still claims to be ‘Black Old Demon Feng’ today, he is kind to all parties and is not easy to offend the same level cultivator. In terms of cultivation, they are also paying more attention to cultivating.

“I asked myself, more than thirty thousand years of cultivation, the accumulation is deep enough.” Hei Old Demon Feng is also in a complicated mood at the moment, “Who would think that Xueyu is much younger than me, but now he is further than me, mastering two Fifths. Tribulation Realm rules.”

“Compared with Xueyu and the others, my innate talent is still a bit inferior, and I still have to cultivating more carefully.”

The black Old Demon Feng stared at Meng Chuan, “Now, spare no effort to defeat this Dongning.”


Meng Chuan is standing in the formation, with a string of beads on his left wrist. That is the Seventh Tribulation Realm secret treasure “Thirteen World Beads” most suitable for Meng Chuan in the treasure house of Cang Yuan Founder.


A picture scroll unfolds behind Meng Chuan, and in the blink of an eye, it completely covers the entire formation area. This picture scroll itself is the “world secret treasure”, and the primordial spirit world with the world secret treasure as the carrier formidable power is even more terrifying.

Actually, this cave is only ten thousand li, which is a disadvantage to Meng Chuan. As Primordial Spirit’s Tribulation Realm Supreme, his primordial spirit world is enough to cover millions of li. Fleshly Body Tribulation Realm Supreme hopes to get closer and deal with the Primordial Spirit Tribulation environment at close range.


The suppression of the world is suppression from many levels, and the black Old Demon Feng feels a powerful suppression.

“primordial spirit Fifth Tribulation Realm.” Black Old Demon Feng was quite sure of this, and he moved without the slightest hesitation.

Turn into a afterimage to kill Meng Chuan.


There are faint thunder flickers around Meng Chuan, and I want to jump out of time to achieve the effect of ‘Time Freeze’.

A fish, swimming across the water, will leave ripples.

The bigger the fish! The greater the movement in the water.

Tribulation Realm powerhouses are “fish”, and space-time is water.

The stronger the Tribulation Realm powerhouse, the more terrifying the impact on space-time. Around the powerhouse, Meng Chuan wants to ‘jump’ out of the time point a hundred times more difficult.

Even ‘Time Acceleration’ has become difficult.

For example, in the face of Sixth Tribulation Realm Supreme, Sixth Tribulation Realm Supreme looked at it at a glance, and Meng Chuan allowed himself to gain several times the advantage of Time Acceleration, even if it was very good.

If it is Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme? At a glance, Meng Chuan’s space-time will completely collapse and he will be annihilated.

“At close range, under the influence of Five Tribulation Realm Supreme, I really can’t jump out of the time point.” Meng Chuan discovered this, “It can only maintain about fifty times the Time Flow Speed ​​advantage.”

Time Flow Speed ​​is relative.

Black Old Demon Feng spent a breath of time, but Meng Chuan experienced five ten breaths of time, and naturally had a huge advantage in battle.


The black Old Demon Feng immediately rushed to Meng Chuan, but found that Meng Chuan had easily dodged beyond several thousands li, which made the black Old Demon Feng immediately notice the huge difference in Time Flow Speed, “Fifty times the Time Flow Speed?” Then I can’t catch him at all!”

“So fast?”

“This Time Flow Speed…”

Dagu and Xueyu palace lord who watched the game in the distance were slightly surprised.

Fifth Tribulation Realm fights at the same level. Time Flow Speed ​​can have several times the advantage, which is very good, but Meng Chuan has achieved ‘50 times Time Flow Speed’ advantage, which means it is extremely strong in this regard.

“It seems that his cultivation method focuses on Time lineage. But he is too focused, and while gaining a huge advantage, other aspects are weak.” The black Old Demon Feng spread out.

huhuhu ~~~~

The raging black wind, grandiose, swept across the entire formation.

“My body of the black wind can be large or small, at least it can easily fill the entire formation, I see where you hide.” The mighty black wind quickly spread violently, thousands of miles, 3000 li… With.

Meng Chuan waved his hand: “Go.”

one after another The blood blade flew out.

Each blood blade quickly soars to the speed of light. With Time Flow Speed, it is even more terrifying.

each and everyone are extremely dazzling and bright, and at the speed of light, these blood blades formidable power are terrifying extremely.

Endless Blade!


In the raging black wind, arms are growing.

Each Black Wind arm holds a weapon, either a spike, or a blade, or a sword, or a long spear, or a whip… all kinds of weapons simultaneously attacked Meng Chuan. As for the strikes of one after another Bloodblade, the black Old Demon Feng simply did not resist.


one after another The blood blades are torn apart in the black wind, strikes are in the void, and the wind scatters and gathers. These blood blades can’t hurt Old Demon Feng at all.

Instead, the weapon of Old Demon Feng continued to besiege Meng Chuan, and at the same time, the black wind itself also besieged Meng Chuan.

“The simple limit speed rule is still lacking in formidable power. When encountering the Fifth Tribulation Realm with strong life-saving ability, it will not hurt the opponent at all.” Meng Chuan judged, “However, Time Flow Speed ​​is fifty times faster. The advantage is already great.”

“Black Old Demon Feng has rich experience, masters a Fifth Tribulation Realm rule, and also has several four Tribulation Realm rules.” Meng Chuan now only relies on the suppression of the primordial spirit world and the advantage of Time Flow Speed. Dodged the siege of the opponent’s weapons.


Black Old Demon Feng was also skilled in speed, but when he met Meng Chuan, who was more slippery, he immediately roared.

With the roar.

The invisible wave spreads the entire formation everywhere, and also invades Meng Chuan.

“It’s over.” Meng Chuan also found that only relying on an ‘Endless Blade’ is really no match for the black Old Demon Feng, unless he uses the Seventh Tribulation Realm secret treasure ‘Thirteen World Pearls’ to be sure. But in fact, Bloodblade Plate is also the secret treasure of Six Tribulation Realm, and it is also the secret treasure of Life Source of Meng Chuan. Bloodblade Plate alone is enough to deal with the enemy. He will use the Thirteen World Pearls unless there are special circumstances.

For the first time against Fifth Tribulation Realm, after experimenting with Endless Blade, Meng Chuan came up with real means.


The blood blade surrounding Meng Chuan suddenly changed.

It still maintains fifty times the Time Flow Speed, but a blood blade instantaneously gathers the terrifying powers, and the endless powers are superimposed and unified to form a great destruction. It also condenses the great destruction and turns it into the black light. .

One after another black light!

“This is–” Xueyu Palace Lord, who was watching the battle, originally felt that everything was under control.

When a blood blade turns into one after another black light……

Xueyu palace lord felt jealous instinctively.

This black light is too terrifying.

It is much more terrifying than the blood blade that simply reaches the speed of light.

“This Primordial Spirit’s Tribulation Realm Supreme, called Dongning, masters two Fifth Tribulation Realm rules?” Dagu was also shocked, “Xueyu is better than me, and Dongning is better than me, but I can come In this cave, I can get a gift, and my goal has been achieved.”


“en?” Black Old Demon Feng also noticed something wrong, instinctively a weapon to resist the black light.


A blade and a long spear are all thrown away.

Even the black Old Demon Feng couldn’t hold the weapon during the fight, which shows the terrifying of the black light formidable power.

Except for the blade and the gun, it can block the black light. No other weapons can block the black light. In fact, this ‘black light’ theory is very flexible in terms of speed. It can be combined with the fifty-fold advantage of Time Flow Speed, which makes the black light too much faster and harder to resist or avoid.

chi!! !

The black light that the blood blade turns into, flies in the black wind surging everywhere in the formation.

The black light swept across one place, as if wiped one place, making the black wind in that place disappear completely.

“Not good.”

Many black winds converged in an instant, converging into the original appearance of the black Old Demon Feng, but he grows eight arms and holds eight types of weapons. After his size becomes smaller, the black Old Demon Feng’s protection is more perfect.

At fifty times the Time Flow Speed, one after another black light is too fast.

bang bang bang!! !

The weapons were thrown away one after another, and the black Old Demon Feng’s face also showed incredible color: “Can’t it be prevented?” One after another black light penetrated his body.

“I admit defeat.” Black Old Demon Feng even loudly said.

No way.

The formidable power of the formidable ‘Blade of Nirvana’, with fifty times the Time Flow Speed, naturally changed in quality, completely crushing the black Old Demon Feng, and he was only beaten.

“In the face of Xueyu and Dagu, I am at least sure of my life.”

“But this Dongning, the movement speed I am good at was restrained by him, and the body of the black wind may be annihilated if it lasts for a while. He restrains me most.” Hei Old Demon Feng realized this, and logically said He has cultivated for more than 30,000 years with various methods, but this mysterious white-haired man Dongning is really his biggest nemesis.


Then there is the last opponent left, Meng Chuan looked towards Xueyu palace lord.

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