Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 565


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Soon, Meng Chuan and Xueyu palace lord stood in the formation.

On this cave mansion journey, only the winner of them can reach the end.

Xueyu palace lord wears a light blue clothed robe, with light blue secret patterns on his face, and his eyes are like dark blue jade staring at Meng Chuan. His expressions are all extremely oppressive. However, Meng Chuan’s eyes were very calm. He knew the least about the cave mansion. His most important purpose was Peng Sovereign. Now that the goal is achieved, cave mansion treasure is an extra surprise that’s all.

In the far corner, Da Gu and Hei Old Demon Feng are both observing Meng Chuan.

Although the entire Goddess River is vast and vast, almost all of the five Tribulation Realm Supreme are well-known, but the white-haired man ‘Dongning’ in front of them is extremely strange, they have never heard of it before.

“A Primordial Spirit Tribulation Realm masters two Fifth Tribulation Realm rules. I have never heard of it.” Tai Gu whispered.

“Mastering the two Fifth Tribulation Realm rules, it has been a long time since we have stepped into Fifth Tribulation Realm.” Black Old Demon Feng also said, “I have never heard of it, it should be from a remote river area.”



A picture scroll appeared behind Meng Chuan, and the picture scroll unfolded, and in an instant it completely covered the entire formation area.

The ice domain displayed by the snow jade palace lord is also resisting, but the remaining power of the world is still pressing on him. The horrible oppression force is that a star will be crushed, and the snow jade palace lord The ice layer on the body easily resists oppression force.

“Really didn’t expect, I have another Fifth Tribulation Realm from the Sanwan River system, and it has been cultivated to such a realm.” Xueyu palace lord said calmly, “I heard about you from Peng Sovereign, I thought you It’s just a new Fifth Tribulation Realm. Who wants to have mastered the two Fifth Tribulation Realm rules. Have you ever gotten the chance of Cang Yuan Founder and entered the secret realm? How long has the cultivation been?”

Meng Chuan smiled: “The Golden Peng told you a lot.”

Xueyu palace lord eyes slightly narrowed.

From the low-level world cultivation to the present, he had to work hard for a chance and suffered countless hardships to survive until today. And Meng Chuan, Da Gu, who get the legacy of Old Ancestor, can easily get a lot of treasure opportunities from Old Ancestor’s legacy at the Fifth Tribulation Realm level! Xueyu palace lord naturally felt unfair, and felt that under the same conditions, Meng Chuan and Da Gu’s achievements would be far inferior to him.

He forgot that the background of the medium world and the higher world is strong, and it was also achieved by the ancestors after thousands of hardships.

Like Cang Yuan Founder, it is not easy to step out of the lower life world and cultivating into Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme. His life’s achievements have only given some help to the younger generations. But in the end, if the younger generation wants to have Great Accomplishment, they still have to rely on themselves. More than a million years after Cang Yuan Founder, the entire Cang Yuan World before Meng Chuan, even a four Tribulation Realm was never born.

Meng Chuan grew up to Fifth Tribulation Realm in a short time under the threat of monster race, which is already amazing. If the strength is weaker, I am afraid that he will die before he grows up.


The Xueyu palace lord suddenly moved.

crackle ~~~ Thunder lightning also appeared around Meng Chuan, and the instantaneous flow rate also changed, maintaining the advantage of 30 times the Time Flow Speed. Obviously, the snow jade palace lord has a greater impact on space-time.

Thirty times the advantage of Time Flow Speed, combined with movement speed, Meng Chuan’s body style is naturally amazing.

One of the two wants to get close, while the other dodges.

While dodging, Meng Chuan was surprised to find that Xueyu palace lord was able to keep up with him.

You have the advantage of Time Flow Speed. If you don’t have the advantage of Time Flow Speed, the opponent can get close easily.

“Under the suppression of my primordial spirit world, he can still appear anywhere within the formation in an instant, such a powerful void means.” Meng Chuan secretly praised.


A blood blade surrounds Meng Chuan, followed by the black light, with 36 blades in full.

Xueyu palace lord eyes shrank, as soon as it flashed beyond several thousands li, a black light still came to the front.

“Boom.” Xueyu palace lord brushed gently on the gloved palm, but the black light and the palm made a low crashing sound, Xueyu palace lord slightly frowned, but deliberately didn’t block the 2nd black light, letting it go The light struck him.


When the black light splits on the ice layer on the surface of the snow jade palace lord, every ice crystal in that ice layer contains a tiny void. The ice layer of the protective body contains hundreds of millions of tiny voids. When black light splits the ice, it also splits each and everyone tiny voids…… When the ice layer is completely split, it is split in the shallow blue clothed robe. on.

The robe is slightly sunken, and terrifying power is transmitted into the Xueyu palace lord within the body, and the body of the Xueyu palace lord can withstand the impact.

“What?” Meng Chuan found out that that blade of dying light not at all caused real damage to Xueyu palace lord.

Obviously, the body protection method combining the two rules is indeed powerful enough.

“Awesome, can you dare to try hard against 36 blade?” Meng Chuan smiled and said, 36 black light besieged towards Xueyu palace lord.

“hmph.” Xueyu palace lord coldly snorted, is he really that stupid?

Just try the formidable power of a hard-resisting blade.

36 Blade strikes the body at the same time, and when the formidable power converges, he will also be hit hard.

The snow jade palace lord silhouette is like a ghost, flickering and unpredictable within the formation range. With his body style, 36 blood blade can attack him at the same time even with 30 times the Time Flow Speed… With his body protection means, it is clear that Bloodblade Plate threatens him very low.

Meng Chuan just broke through, and the combination of the two rules is too rough.

The snow jade palace lord is stronger, the two rules are more cleverly combined, whether it is body protection, attack, etc., are more subtle.


Xueyu palace lord displayed a killing move.

“Absolutely Cold” and “Void Territory”!

formation ten thousand li Frost appeared in the space, everything was completely frozen, Meng Chuan felt that the terrifying low temperature affected his fleshly body.

Freeze everything, make everything still.

This move formidable power is extremely large, and even if the Fifth Tribulation Realm can move under this move, the speed will be greatly slowed down. It’s just that Meng Chuan’s ‘primordial spirit world’ relies on the world’s secret treasure to resist most of the formidable power of the killing move of Xueyu palace lord, and the remaining impact is much smaller.

“Even if there is a primordial spirit world blocking and weakening my move, his fleshly body is weak, and I am afraid that the speed will be greatly slowed.” Xueyu palace lord slammed into Meng Chuan, and wanted to pierce with a blade. Meng Chuan’s head, “It’s over!”

Meng Chuan looked at him, but did not hide.


A black Demonic Awl flew out from Meng Chuan, and instantly hit the snow jade palace lord.

Demonic Awl Forbidden Technique!

Contains the Demonic Awl which is condensed from the source of 30% primordial spirit. The Demonic Awl is fast terrifying and can not hide. It directly pierces the body of Xueyu palace lord.

Xueyu palace lord trembled and his eyes widened!

For mortal, even for Venerable and Emperor, fleshly body cannot stop the attack of primordial spirit.

The fleshly body of Tribulation Realm Supreme has long been cultivating Perfection. One feature of Perfection fleshly body is that it can block primordial spirits! The stronger the fleshly body, the stronger the barrier. For example, Cang Yuan Founder, the secret technique of primordial spirit Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme, can’t even break his fleshly body block.


Primordial Spirit Tribulation has focused on this point and delved into ‘will shock’!

Like the blood-colored vertical pupil of that forbidden creature, at a glance, Xueyu palace lord and black Old Demon Feng have several breathing times unable to move even a little bit. This is pure will impact.


Xueyu palace lord only felt a bang, and the terrifying will impact made the consciousness a little confused, only a small part of his mind could barely deal with the outside world.


Black Demonic Awl collapsed into countless light spots, and almost all light spots returned to primordial spirit under the guidance of ‘Primordial Spirit Stars’.

Meng Chuan a single thought, another Demonic Awl condensed.

After reaching the primordial spirit Fifth Tribulation Realm, the immortality characteristics of primordial spirit become more obvious. Cultivating’Primordial Spirit Stars’method, nowadays, moves like’Stars’ are regarded as regular moves, and the three sources of loss are completely restored in an instant. . Relatively speaking, “Starlight” is inferior to the offensive of “Demonic Awl Forbidden Technique”.

“Boom.” “Boom.” “Boom.” “Boom.” “Boom.” “Boom.”…

Demonic Awl strikes again and again on the body of Xueyu palace lord, even if there is a fleshly body blocking it, it still impacts Xueyu palace lord’s will consciousness.

Just like a sledgehammer, boom~ boom~ crazy smash.

Demonic Awl shattered again and again, but condensed again and again, bursting out continuously!

The restoration of the ‘Primordial Spirit Stars’ method and the formidable power of ‘Demonic Awl’ make this move formidable power surprisingly large.

“What’s going on?” Xueyu palace lord only feels his head is buzzing, and can only allocate a very small amount of effort to deal with the outside world, and only 30% of the strength can be used.

“This is…”

Viewing this scene from a distance, Da Gu and Black Old Demon Feng were also shocked. They could see the Primordial Spirit Weapon’Demonic Awl’ flying out of Meng Chuan’s body again and again with naked eyes, attacking Xueyu one after another. palace lord.

Almost in the blink of an eye, he attacked more than ten times in a row.

The body movements of Xueyu palace lord have slowed down.

“It’s the psychic attack of the Primordial Spirit Tribulation.” Dagu eyes shrank, “The snow jade palace lord’s will is within the body, occupying a geographical advantage, and the fleshly body also has the effect of blocking. And Dongning’s will impact, Only the Primordial Spirit Weapon relying on it can actually make Xueyu’s strength greatly damaged?”

“With fleshly body blocking, can’t resist the will impact of Dongning attached to Primordial Spirit Weapon?” Black Old Demon Feng was also surprised. At the same level, such a scene is hard to see.

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