Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 590


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Qianshan Star.

“Master, congratulations.” Meng Chuan said with a smile toast.

“For more than a thousand years of cultivation, now I finally created the Heaven and Earth Realm secret art.” Qin Wu held a wine glass, looked at Meng Chuan, and exclaimed, “Meng Chuan, my Master, thank you. Because of you , I can learn the many secret art of Building of Stars, the war can end, and my obsession can be eliminated, so I can break through in the foreign territory Qianshanxing cultivation, and with your guidance. Otherwise, I am afraid of having Toss for hundreds of years.”

Meng Chuan shook his head: “Master, it is you who paid too much for your hometown! You became Venerable early, because of the war you could not break into the foreign territory, and it was delayed for nearly a thousand years.”

“We are all part of our hometown, and more people have given away.” Qin Wu said indifferently, “that many Daemons, all have given their lives. I can’t go to the foreign territory for just a thousand years and that’s all.”

“en.” Meng Chuan nodded, “Yes, too many Daemons have given their lives. By the way, the Monster Saint channel I have recently felt unstable.”

“Unstable?” Qin Wu was surprised.

“It is estimated that within a few decades, it will collapse, and Human World and Monster World will gradually move away from each other.” Meng Chuan nodded said.

“Are you going to stay away?” Qin Wu was a bit complicated.

This was once the most anticipated thing for human.

However, now, the Monster Saint channel has no threat to human.

With Meng Chuan in, the monster race doesn’t dare to invade at all, but needs to worry about being countered by human! Except for Meng Chuan…Human is far from the monster race in terms of the number of ordinary Daemons, and it is also difficult to resist invasion.

After all, in terms of the vast territory, monster race is ten times that of human, and the cultivation system is more complete, so the number of monster kings will naturally increase.

“Thousands of blood feuds, we humans can’t repay them.” Qin Wu still feels unwilling. For thousands of years, especially in the eight hundred years before the rise of Meng Chuan, human sacrifices have been too great, whether it is Daemon or ordinary mortals, Slaughtered like livestock.

“There will be a chance.” Meng Chuan said softly.

How can the blood debts of countless humans be repaid in units of ‘billion’ by just killing three leaders? even more how I have not even killed ‘Peng Sovereign’ so far.

“There is not much I can do now.” Meng Chuan said to the Master, “I can only prevent the monster race from entering the foreign territory and come out and kill one by one.”

Meng Chuan is in charge of the Sanwan River System.

Meng Chuan has a real body in his hometown, which is very close to the monster world. If the wall of the life world of the monster race breaks open, the moment the monster race comes out, Meng Chuan will sense it and will immediately intercept it.

Just like before…human Venerable didn’t dare to go out, and would be intercepted after going out.

Meng Chuan also banished himself as soon as he went out! Peng Sovereign, they are also hunting down, but they are a step slower.

“Master.” A voice came from a distance.

Meng Chuan turned his head and looked around.

In the distance, there is a silhouette of a red clothed woman in midair. It is Zhao Hongxiu. Zhao Hongxiu is in midair outside the range of this hill and dare not trespass.

“Red sleeves, come in.” Meng Chuan nodded.

Only then did Zhao Hongxiu flew into the range of the mountain, and dropped down to salute respectfully.

“Something?” Meng Chuan looked at her.

“Disciple today’s cultivation, I have some understanding.” Zhao Hongxiu looked at Meng Chuan, unable to hide his excitement, “Finally reached Heaven and Earth Realm.”

Meng Chuan’s eyes shined: “Heaven and Earth Realm?”

I accepted Gao Fang and Zhao Hongxiu as apprentices because of the cause and effect of’Pang Ming Senior’. Now the younger Zhao Hongxiu has reached Heaven and Earth Realm in skill and is now also Primordial Spirit 6th-layer. Her remaining lifespan is still very long… it is completely expected to reach the Primordial Spirit 7th-layer and become the Emperor before the end.

“Heaven and Earth Realm?” Qin Wu smiled when he heard it. Not long after he had just passed through, this Zhao Hongxiu also broke through.

“What a coincidence.” Qin Wu said with a smile.

“It’s a coincidence.” Meng Chuan is nodded, feeling very happy. His Master and his discipline have reached Heaven and Earth Realm successively.


Meng Chuan’s cultivation is now considered smooth.

Endless Blade, nirvana blade, Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement, these three Fifth Tribulation Realm rules are indeed very suitable for combination, Meng Chuan comprehend a lot of combination methods, and its own strength is also advanced by leaps and bounds.

“I can feel that it is getting closer and closer to combining the six Tribulation Realm rules.” Meng Chuan stood on the highest mountain pavilion of Qianshan Star, overlooking the huge and prosperous city in the distance, but felt a sense of urgency in his heart. “Once the Six Tribulation Realm rules are comprehend, if the spiritual cultivation base is not enough, that’s all. If my spiritual cultivation base can also keep up, then, before long, the sixth Heavenly Tribulation will come.”

The shortcomings of the Primordial Spirit Tribulation environment are such that it cannot be delayed.

Under normal circumstances, the six Tribulation Realm rules are comprehend and the spiritual cultivation base is sufficient. It can be as short as a hundred years and as long as hundreds of years. The sixth Heavenly Tribulation is bound to come.

The short term is ‘a hundred years’, which is also a glimmer of survival under the Space-Time River rule operation, allowing Tribulation Realm to have time to refine the ‘world secret treasure’ of the six Tribulation Realm levels to prepare for Transcending Tribulation.

Like Fleshly Body Tribulation Realms, as long as the fleshly body is not upgraded to the corresponding level, it can be dragged forever. It is normal to delay the Transcending Tribulation for over 10,000 years.

“Can I survive the sixth Heavenly Tribulation?” Meng Chuan was not sure.

fleshly body Transcending Tribulation, depending on the strength, speed, life force, tenacious degree, etc. of the fleshly body, there are still many criteria for judging. Therefore, for those comprehend Emperor-level extreme secret art in history, it is safe to make a sufficiently complete Tribulation Realm fleshly body method. Can primordial spirit Transcending Tribulation? No one is sure.

“If the spiritual cultivation base is sufficient, then once the six Tribulation Realm rules are mastered, they must also be collected to Qiyue at the same time as a treasure for father and mother to prolong their lives.” Meng Chuan thought.

If you fail Transcending Tribulation, you will die.

If you die, many things have to be arranged in advance.

At this time…

Meng Chuan is actually a little hopeful. The spiritual cultivation base is lacking, so that he can cultivating fleshly body first, and fleshly body first reaches six Tribulation Realm. And you can improve your skill level. If you master more rules, the ‘primordial spirit world’ will be powerful enough in the future, and Transcending Tribulation will be relatively easy.

However, no one can control the progress of the spiritual cultivation base. Sometimes stuck means no breakthrough, sometimes it’s a change of mind.

“en?” Meng Chuan suddenly felt, “Cangmeng space? Fusui invite me over?”

thoughts move.

With the help of the imprint of primordial spirit left in the Cangmeng space, an incarnation is immediately formed in the Cangmeng space.


In the Cangmeng space.

Meng Chuan appeared here. At a glance, he saw two figures sitting there in the distance. One was ‘Black Old Demon Feng’ who had explored cave mansion with him, and the other was Fu Sui.

“East Brother Ning.” Black Old Demon Feng said with a smile.

Meng Chuan walked over.

“Sit.” Fusui, who was fat into a ball, sat there, pointing to the side, “Wait later, the tiger king will come.”

“Tiger King? The Tiger King from Heaven?” Meng Chuan sat down and asked.

The members of Cangmeng are scattered all over the Space-Time River, and now there are 801 in total. For example, Meng Chuan added six when he first joined.

That one is called the Tiger King.

“Yes, Tiger King should give me this face.” Fu Sui turned his head to look, Meng Chuan also sensed that he turned his head to look, and a silhouette condensed in the distance.

It’s a very thin silhouette.

In terms of height, it is slightly taller than the short fatty Fu Sui, but they are much shorter than Meng Chuan and Black Old Demon Feng, and relatively thin.

So of the four of them, this one is the thinnest.

Skinny silhouette, wearing a gray robe, with a baleful qi at the corner of his eyes.

In the foreign territory…you can’t look at a cultivator from the surface. The real strength of this thin silhouette is very terrifying, because of the special inheritance of Tianmeng Realm, it is even better than Jingyun Dongzhu.

“I have seen Brother Menghu.” Meng Chuan and Hei Old Demon Feng both said politely, because it was the first time they met Tiger Capital.

“Just call me Tiger King.” The thin Menghu was very proud, sitting on a chair that looked big to him, with his legs crossed on the chair, looked towards Fu Sui, “Fu lunatic, Why did you suddenly invite me over, and also said that you also invited the black Old Demon Feng and Dongning City masters to discuss a major event? Is there any relic of your major event that you want to explore?”

Fusui, he is most adventurous. He is well-known in the Cang League, but he has never had any big gains, and some small gains, but because of the many deaths, he has always been poor.

“Yes, relics.” Fu Sui’s eyes brightened, and his gaze swept across Tiger King, Meng Chuan, and Black Old Demon Feng.

“I am not interested in your adventures at all.” Meng Hu curled his lips, “Go, if you accidentally die a real body, you will lose a lot.”

“You go in and take a risk, if you feel you have lost? I will make up for you.” Fu Sui said.

Meng Chuan and Menghu were startled.


Each of them went in and died once, losing at least thousands of square meters. Fu Sui dared to open Haikou…said compensation?

“I have been in three times and died three times.” Fu Sui said seriously, “Brother Black Wind accompanied me once, and he died once.”

Meng Chuan became more curious after hearing this.

Three consecutive times? Died three times, and go in again?

He even promised to ‘feel a loss’ and he would make up for it. Obviously, the gains from this ruin are big enough.

“I will also go in this time.” Black Old Demon Feng also looked at Meng Chuan and Tiger King said.

“I’m interested.” The blindfold narrowed his eyes.

As long as you are not stupid, you can judge from the previous behavior of Fu Sui and Hei Old Demon Feng, this ruin has great benefits.

“East Brother Ning, my promise to you is the same.” Fu Sui said, “If you go in and feel a loss, I will compensate you. Of course, the treasures you two carry are more than 5,000 square meters. That’s too much. , I can’t afford it.”

“You will compensate us? Is there such a good thing?” Meng Chuan looked at each other.

“Of course, you must also promise me that in the ruins, the items left behind by the death of Black Wind and I will still belong to me and Black Wind.” Fu Sui said.

“Don’t worry.”

Meng Chuan and Menghu are nodded.

The other party died in the treasure left over, and they both disdain to grab it.

Meng Chuan is about to master the six Tribulation Realm rules, and in the bones is also extremely proud.

Fusui and Hei Old Demon Feng glanced at each other, and they were both slightly nodded.

The treasures left over from death belong to them. This is a very important one. Because before… the black Old Demon Feng gained quite a lot, and they were all lost in that ruin. Fu Sui has visited three times, and the treasures collected three times are also there. And they are also confident that as long as they enter, they will certainly not feel at a loss.

“This matter must not be spread out, only the four of us know about it.” Fu Sui continued, “After entering, we must not harm each other. As for the gains, each depends on ability. With these conditions, can the two agree?”

Meng Hu and Meng Chuan glanced, and they were both slightly nodded.

Both of them feel that this matter can be involved.

“Okay.” Menghu opened the mouth and said.

“Yes.” Meng Chuan also nodded. He also had some expectations for this mysterious ruin.

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